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Tom Brady

Tom Brady To Join Fox Sports As Lead NFL Analyst Following Career

Following his playing career, quarterback Tom Brady will be joining Fox Sports as their lead NFL analyst. While the terms of Brady's contract were not disclosed, the New York Post reported it to be a 10-year, $375 million deal, making him the top annually paid sports broadcaster.
Baby Formula Shortage

White House Working “24/7” To Address Baby Formula Shortage

With baby formula seeing a crippling shortage due to supply chain issues and a facility shutdown — sending families across the nation into panic — both the White House and FDA have ensured they're doing everything possible in order to alleviate the situation.
Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine 

FDA Places Strict Limits On Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine 

“We recognize that the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine still has a role in the current pandemic response in the United States and across the global community. Today’s action demonstrates the robustness of our safety surveillance systems and our commitment to ensuring that science and data guide our actions.”

Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Defamation Trial Continues: Social Media Blurs The Lines Between Fact And Fiction

Celebrity exes Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are currently engrossed in a multimillion dollar defamation trial. Depp has sued Heard for $50 million on defamation charges after Heard implied Depp abused her during their marriage, leading to him losing work and social standing. Heard has also counter-sued for $100 million.
Janis Isabel Carreras

A New Skin Protectant Could Be A Gamechanger In The Fight To Prevent Skin Cancer | Janis Isabel Carreras

While the summer months bring plenty of fun outdoor experiences, the Sun can spoil a day — and a lifetime — thanks to skin damage that could lead to diseases like Melanoma. Dedicated to ensuring people are protected against those kinds of possibilities, Janis Isabel Carreras has created a new skin protectant that touts versatility and accessibility.
Dr. Ellen Jane Killebrew

Despite Gender Stigmas, A Cardiologist Overcame Obstacles To Bring Improved Care To Women | Dr. Ellen Jane Killebrew

Dr. Ellen Jane Killebrew isn't a stranger to opposition. Throughout her life, she's faced much prejudice in her journey through cardiology. However, she's overcame every obstacle with a passion, all while teaching others the necessities of healthy eating and exercise.

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World News

Gloria Bieber

Using Aura Photography, A Psychic Is Able To Help Clients Learn About And Balance Their Energies | Gloria Bieber

Through years of training, visions, and challenges, psychic Gloria Bieber has been able to help clients see their strengths and weaknesses by identifying their physical auras through aura photography.

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World Military Spending Hits $2 Trillion For First Time In History 

In 2021, global military spending hit an all-time high of $2 trillion, according to a report from a leading defense think-tank in Sweden. This also marks the seventh consecutive year that collective spending on the military has increased from the previous year. 

Ukraine Could Lose Half Of Its Economy Due To War, According To World Bank 

The World Bank released a report this weekend that stated Ukraine could lose almost half of its economy this year as a result of Russia’s invasion and the ongoing war between the two nations. The bank estimated that the country’s GDP could decline by 45.1% this year

New Report Details Gruesome Russian War Crimes In Ukraine 

Human Rights Watch released a new report detailing a multitude of war crimes committed by Russia within the first weeks of its invasion of Ukraine. The report was published Sunday, and cited the US accusing Russia of war crimes, and Kyiv accusing Moscow of genocide. 

Ukraine Leader Seeking Peace ‘Without Delay’ In New Talks With Russia 

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that the nation could declare neutrality and potentially accept a compromise on contested areas in the east. He also claimed they’re willing to offer security guarantees to Russia to “secure peace without delay.”

U.S. News

Taking On The Nation’s Educational System To Benefit Children With Special Needs: The Jonathan Foundation’s Inspiring Story

Raja Marhaba has two children with learning disabilities, and spent the entirety of their youth fighting the school system to get her kids the help they needed to thrive. After fighting for over two decades and being taken all the way to federal court to get her kids help, Marhaba is using all that she’s learned to benefit other families in similar situations through The Jonathan Foundation for Children With Learning Disabilities (and beyond).

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Russia Releases U.S. Marine Veteran As Part Of Prisoner Exchange

Despite heated tensions, Russia and the U.S. have announced a prisoner exchange that will see former Marine Trevor Reed — sentenced to a nine year prison term in 2019 — freed in exchange for pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, who had been convicted of conspiring to move cocaine into the U.S. and promptly sentenced to 20 years.
Young College Student

Biden Administration To Erase Student Debt For 40,000 Borrowers

In attempts to ease student loan debt, the Biden Administration and Department of Education have made changes to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF) that would see 40,000 borrowers become eligible to have their debt immediately discharged, while 3.6 million more will move closer towards forgiveness.

U.S. Targets Putin’s Daughters, Russian Banks In New Round Of Sanctions

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine now in its sixth week, the United States has continued to remain on the financial offensive by announcing additional sanctions on a number of Russian individuals — including Putin's two daughters — while toughening penalties against some of the country's largest banks.

U.S. Opens Second COVID-19 Boosters For Americans 50 And Up

On Tuesday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized an extra dosage of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine for Americans 50 and up — plus certain younger age groups that are higher risk for COVID-19 — given that it's been four months their last vaccination.

Business News

Elon Musk Has Plans For Twitter As The Company’s Largest Shareholder

The richest man in the world, Elon Musk, has become Twitter’s largest shareholder with a 9.2% stake in the company. Musk immediately took to Twitter to announce some of his plans for the social media site.

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Netflix on Phone

Netflix Stock Drops After Company Loses Subscribers For First Time In Over 10 Years

In the first quarter of 2022, Netflix announced that it lost 200,000 subscribers, and it expects to lose an additional two million in the second quarter. It's the first time the company has lost subscribers in a quarter since October of 2011. The news of Netflix's losses sent stocks down nearly 25% in after-hours trading.

New Data Reveals How The End Of Covid-19 Pandemic Protocols Could Negatively Impact US Healthcare 

Whenever the Covid-19 pandemic ends, the US healthcare system may be disrupted greatly due to the amount of hospital systems who have been able to acquire new technology and resources to keep up with temporary emergency measures throughout the pandemic.  
Uber App on Phone

Uber Reaches Deal With Yellow Taxis In NYC

Due to a shortage in drivers and an upsurge in food delivery requests, Uber will now be listing New York City taxis on their app in an attempt to benefit both parties, which have had a heated rivalry since the transport company's debut now over a decade ago.
Uber Lyft

Uber And Lyft Now Adding Fuel Surcharges To Rides As Gas Prices Continue To Rise 

Uber and Lyft announced this week that customers will be paying more for rides temporarily, as both companies are now adding a surcharge to deal with the rise in gas prices nationwide. 

Culture News

Disney Refusing To Cut LGBTQ Scene In Doctor Strange 2 For Saudi Arabia

An official from Saudi Arabia has said that while the nation is not planning on banning Doctor Strange 2 for its inclusion of a 12-second scene referring to a lesbian character, they’re still trying to get Marvel to cut the scene.

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Author’s Guild To Launch Banned Books Club To Spotlight Censored Works

The Author's Guild, in partnership with the book club app Fable, has announced the launching of its year-long, virtual monthly "Banned Books Club" that will shine light on works — both fiction and nonfiction — that have been recently banned from school classrooms or libraries in the U.S.

Disney Resorts To Allow Mickey Mouse, Other Characters To Hug Visitors Again In Coming Weeks

Disney Parks Blog has announced that as early as April 18, traditional character greetings will be reintroduced at California's Disneyland, Florida's Disney World, and on Disney cruises. This means that guests will be able to hug and get close to costumed characters during pictures and greetings, a practice that hasn't been allowed for over two years.

Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters Drummer, Found Dead At 50 

The Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins was found dead in his hotel room on Friday afternoon, just hours before the band was set to perform at Colombia’s Estéreo Picnic festival as part of its South American tour.

Antarctic Explorer Ernest Shackleton’s Ship, Endurance, Discovered After 107 Years

On Wednesday, the team of maritime archaeologists and technicians announced the finding of the vessel Endurance, lost in 1915 during an Antarctic expedition led by British explorer Ernest Henry Shackleton. According to the expedition, the Endurance is in fantastic shape despite its long disappearance and the conditions endured.

Entertainment News

Will Smith’s Oscars Slap Was Outrageous, Controversial, And Entertainment Gold

Will Smith's Oscars slap of Chris Rock over a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith's baldness has created a whirlwind of drama and controversy. However, it's ironically just what the Academy Awards needed to shake off their underperforming telecasts.

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Golden State Warriors Launch Golden State Entertainment To Produce Documentaries, Music, And Events

The Golden State Warriors have announced the launch of Golden State Entertainment (GSE), a new affiliate company that will be used to create original content and tell compelling stories that are rooted in the world of sports and entertainment. David Kelly will be the Chief Business Officer of Golden State Entertainment.

JoJo Siwa ‘Didn’t Get An Invite’ To Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 

One of the most popular faces who normally attends/performs at the KCA’s is JoJo Siwa, who’s fans were disappointed to see she wasn’t in attendance. 
The Oscars

Beyoncé, Billie Eilish, Reba McEntire To Perform At 2022 Oscars

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPSA) announced Tuesday that Beyoncé, Billie Eilish, Reba McEntire, and Sebastián Yatra will be on hand to perform four out of the five original songs nominated for this year's Oscars. All of the singers are first-time Academy Award nominees.

Zoë Kravitz Discusses Losing ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Audition 

Zoë Kravitz is receiving amazing reviews for her performance as Selina Kyle/Catwoman in Matt Reeves’ “The Batman.” However, this is not the first time Kravitz has attempted to enter the DC Caped Crusader universe. 

Health News

How ‘Wrist Assured Gloves’ Sent Wrist Troubles Away and Kept Workout Passions Alive | Paula Wilbert

For Paula Wilbert, an injury to her wrists put a dagger into performing her favorite yoga and exercise workouts. However, a solution she found has not only put those concerns to rest, but transformed into a booming business.

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Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine 

FDA Places Strict Limits On Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine 

“We recognize that the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine still has a role in the current pandemic response in the United States and across the global community. Today’s action demonstrates the robustness of our safety surveillance systems and our commitment to ensuring that science and data guide our actions.”

New Study Finds Humans Need Better Therapies, Not Just Antidepressants 

The study showed that depressed individuals who aren’t medicated, but in a stable and consistent therapy program have been able to have a greater quality of life in the long run when it comes to their mental health. 

E-Cigarettes Using Synthetic Nicotine To Go Under FDA Regulation

This past Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gained the power to regulate e-cigarettes and other products that utilize synthetic nicotine. Previously, companies had used synthetic nicotine to skirt around FDA restrictions on tobacco-related products.

BA.2 Subvariant Nows Makes Up 72% Of New COVID-19 Cases

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Nowcast, the BA.2 strain made up 72.2% of cases within the U.S. from March 27 to April 4. Across the globe, Omicron accounted for 99.8% of COVID-19 cases within the last week, with BA.2 making up 93.6% of that.

Lifestyle News

It’s Never Too Late To Believe In Yourself: One Woman’s Story Of Going From Retired Banker To MasterChef Winner

Irini Tzortzoglou was bored of retired life, so at the age of 60 she decided to enter the famous cooking competition MasterChef, which she ended up winning. Now, Tzortzoglou is living her best life as a chef, writer, and public speaker.

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With Rising Prices, Here Are Some Ways To Save For Easter Activities

Last year, Americans spent over $21 billion on Easter, and with prices rising due to inflation and the Ukraine conflict, it's looking like 2022 will trump that number. However, you shouldn't fret: there are more than enough ways to save money while adding some creativity and fun to your planned Easter activities.
Fashion Designer

Alexa Chung Announces The Closing Of Her Fashion Label Due To ‘Challenging’ Conditions 

Celebrity TV presenter and influencer Alexa Chung has announced that she is closing her fashion label of the same name after five years.

How Rotary Phone Toys Managed To Stay Relevant Throughout The Rise Of Smart Technology

Although we’re living in a new era of toys and technology, certain nostalgic items like the classic rotary phone have continued to sell and be played with worldwide. While actual rotary phones may no longer be in style, the toy is still holding its place in the market. 

Small Pets Are At Risk Of Heatstroke As Temperatures Rise

Animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, chinchillas, and others need to be protected from extremely hot and humid environments.

Real Estate News

Universal Parks and Resort To Build 1,000 Affordable Units Amidst Florida Housing Crisis

With Florida in the midst of a housing crisis that has seen rent in some locations increase by 37%, Universal Parks and Resort is stepping up by announcing the pledging of 20 acres that'll be used to create a community of 1,000 affordable/mixed-income units, providing stability and work opportunities for those in need.

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According To Report, Real Estate Closing Costs See Rise In 2021

According to a April 21 report by CoreLogic's ClosingCorp, real estate closing costs rose by 13.4% in 2021, which moved the average extra fees for a single-family home to around $6,905 when including transfer taxes. The average U.S. home price also increased by more than $50,000 last year.

Virtual Real Estate Marketplace Launching In Metaverse 

Origin is a technology company that is gearing up to launch a virtual real estate marketplace in the metaverse that can be done across multiple blockchains. Origin is providing a singular marketplace for users to buy, sell, and trade land in the metaverse, as well as physical homes sold as NFTs. 

New Report Shows Keys To Maximizing Real Estate Earning Potential 

McKissock Learning has revealed a new guide of income statistics from licensed real estate professionals across the United States as a means of keeping track of trends, and highlighting the methods that are maximizing agents' earning potential.

Russian Oligarchs Could See U.S. Real Estate Properties Seized As Part Of Sanctions

On Wednesday, the Biden Administration announced the creation of a new task force — named "KleptoCapture" — that will enforce U.S. sanctions on Russian oligarchs that have helped to fund Putin's deadly endeavors. Oligarchs have formed a large presence in New York City, buying millions in real estate.

Science News

Hubble Space Telescope Captures Most Distant Star Ever Recorded; 28 Billion Light-Years Away

The Hubble Space Telescope captured a single star that is 28 billion light-years away, the furthest it’s ever captured a glimpse of. The star could be between 50 to 500 times bigger than our sun, and is likely millions of times brighter, according to a study published in the journal Nature.

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China Gearing Up To Conduct Asteroid Deflection Tests In 2025

China is currently drafting a planetary defense plan that will aim to alter the orbit of a potentially threatening asteroid. The plan involves a kinetic impactor test that will help researchers develop new systems to counter potential threats posed by asteroids.

Thousands Of New Viruses Discovered In The Ocean, According To New Study

More than 5,000 new virus species have been discovered throughout our world’s oceans after researchers analyzed tens of thousands of water samples looking for new RNA viruses, or viruses that use RNA for genetic material. 

US Covid-19 Infections Likely To Rise Again, According To Fauci 

Dr. Anthony Fauci said this week that a likely rise in Covid-19 cases will probably not result in a full-scale surge, or prompt a renewal of widespread health and safety procedures. 
Planet Earth

Solar Orbiter Spacecraft Is Now Halfway Between The Earth And Sun 

A spacecraft known as the Solar Orbiter has been traveling from the Earth to the Sun. The spacecraft is now officially halfway between the two, according to a report from ESA, meaning it is now 46.6 million miles from the Sun itself. 

Sports News

Thanks To San Francisco Giants’ Alyssa Nikken, Women Coaching In MLB Is More Possible Than Ever

On April 12, San Francisco Giants' first base coach Antoan Richardson was ejected from the game. In his place step assistant coach Alyssa Nikken, who became the first woman to coach in a Major League Baseball game. The historic achievement drew praise and hope for more women roles down the line.

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NBA Playoff Preview: Suns Look For Finals Redemption, While It’s Anyone’s Game In The East

The NBA playoffs begin Saturday, with plenty of teams vying for a championship. Among the intriguing first-round matchups include the Boston Celtics against the Brooklyn Nets, who are hoping to have their big three of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Ben Simmons finally together.

DeShaun Watson And His Ground-Breaking Deal Amid Hot Topics At NFL Owners Meetings

The NFL owners meetings have seen a number of topics discussed, with the most heated being Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson and his fully guaranteed $230 million contract. Watson's deal — despite his legal troubles — could forever change the league's financial structure.

MLB Free Agency: Kris Bryant, Freddie Freeman Nab Massive Deals

With the MLB season inching closer, deals are heating up. Third baseman Kris Bryant signed a seven-year, $182 million contract with the Colorado Rockies, while first baseman Freddie Freeman signed a six-year, $162 million deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

NFL Sees Flurry Of Moves Topped Off By Russell Wilson Trade, Aaron Rodgers Extension

While NFL free agency doesn't start until March 16, the fireworks are already kicking off. Nine-time Pro-Bowler Russell Wilson was traded by the Seattle Seahawks to the Denver Broncos for a huge package that includes two first-round picks, while four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers announced his return to the Green Bay Packers for the 2022 season.

Technology News


Historic Union Vote For New York Amazon Workers Is Just The Beginning

In a recent interview, The Teamsters’ new president said that organizing Amazon is “vital,” as the company has “total disrespect” for its workers and their efforts to unionize to better protect their rights as employees. 

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Instagram Now Allowing All Users To Tag Products As Ads In Posts

Instagram is now allowing all users to tag products in their posts, enabling any photo to act as an advertisement. Originally this feature was only available for content creators who make their income by selling products through their Instagram posts.
Google with Magnify Glass

Russia Blocks Google News, Citing “Unreliable Information”

Russia's communication, information technology, and mass media regulator Roskomnadzor has blocked Google News, accusing them of promoting “unreliable information” in regards to the invasion of Ukraine according to Interfax. Google has previously all commercial activity in the country.

EU, U.K. To Open Antitrust Investigations Into Ad Bidding Agreement Between Meta, Google

EU and U.K. regulators have opened parallel antitrust investigations on tech titans Google and Meta for a possibly illegal ad bidding agreement that took place back in September of 2018, which eliminated competition between the two and allowed for a controlling of the market.

Donald Trump’s New “Truth Social” App Begins With Stumbles, Reaches #1 On Apple Store

Former President Donald Trump's "Truth Social" app launched this week. It attracted thousands to download it, boosting it up to the top spot on the App Store. However, only those who preordered the app can use it, while others are placed on a waitlist. Despite the low amount of users, the app experienced technical difficulties from the get-go.

Travel News

With A Colorful New Look And Identity, Condor Airlines Reopens Routes To U.S.

Condor Airlines, which have caught the attention of the travel world due to it's colorful rebranding, has announced the restoration of non-stop routes from the U.S., marking the first time this has happened since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

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CDC Adds No New Destinations To Highest Travel Risk Category, Though Airfare Set To Rise

For the first time in months, the CDC has not added any new destinations to its "very high" risk category of travel. The absence of additions is a welcome sight to a category that currently contains 115 destinations, which includes popular tourist spots like France, Turkey, and Spain.

US Unlikely To End Covid Testing Rules For International Travel 

Vaccinated travelers have found it much easier to book and experience travel again, however, US travelers returning from abroad must still present negative Covid-19 test results before they’re able to safely return.
Vietnam Coronavirus

 CDC Adds Vietnam to List Of Highest-Risk Travel Destinations 

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) added Vietnam to it’s Level 4 risk category for travel this week. Level 4 is the highest-risk level when it comes to traveling during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
Cruise Line on Water

CDC Lowers Cruise Travel Warning From “Very High” To “High”

For those who can't get enough of setting sail, a worry-free cruise world looks to be — slowly — coming back. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has announced it's lowered the travel warning of cruise ships from "very high," which was declared back on Dec. 31, to "high." At the time of the upgrade, Omicron had been slowly upticking COVID-19 cases, which would eventually culminate in a pandemic-high 3.8 million cases worldwide on Jan 21 (along with a seven-day average of 3.2).