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Food Bank

Celebrities Rally Round To Help Tackle Coronavirus Pandemic

Celebrities from fashion, music and screen have come together to help the world tackle the Coronavirus pandemic by providing support for medics and food banks that are directly helping with the crisis.
Construction Workers

Pressure On U.K. To Curb Non-Essential Construction Work During Coronavirus

Uncertainty over whether self-employed construction workers should continue working on building sites across the U.K. has led to mounting pressure for a decision to be made over what should be considered ‘essential’ work.
Norway 2

Why The Nordic Countries Are The Happiest in The World

The world’s happiest cities have been revealed in the 2020 World Happiness Report and it seems that four of the five Nordic countries have been listed in the top ten. Helsinki in Finland ranked first on the list with Aarhus in Denmark (2nd).
Prescription Medicine

America to Reduce Number of Medicines Bought From China

Following the threats from China to cause serious problems with America receiving any pharmaceutical products from them and therefore pushing the country into a ‘mighty sea of coronavirus.'
Wooden Cut Smiley Face

America Increases Its Position In The World Happiness Report

While the world is struggling to cope with the fact that coronavirus has worked its way around the globe, leaving hundreds of thousands of people ill as well as thousands of fatalities, there is still positivity to be found.
Video Chat

Technologies To Help Your Gatherings Go Digital

Lock-downs, self-isolations and social distancing in the fight against the coronavirus is a necessary step. In the digital age, keeping in contact with others whilst maintaining sensible social distancing couldn’t be easier.

World News


Far-Right Canadian Candidate Maxime Bernier Gains Traction

Like the President, he is infamous for using Twitter as a political weapon, and has been accused of posing a danger to his country's system of government.
Coronavirus Spreads around World

U.K. Escalates Response To Coronavirus Pandemic With Widespread School and Leisure Closures

As the U.K. continues to battle with growing numbers of confirmed Coronavirus cases, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that schools, colleges and universities will now be closed, along with many leisure facilities, in a bid to reduce social gatherings.
Coronavirus Mask

How Has COVID-19 Affected The World

When Coronavirus first hit the news in January many nations around the world believed that it would be an illness that would soon pass and we could continue our lives as normal.
UK vs Virus

United Kingdom Extends Measures To Combat COVID-19 Outbreak

The United Kingdom is projecting to shut down all their schools this Friday until further notice as their main response to the coronavirus pandemic.
Russia Flag

Russian President Set For Another Presidential Term

Russian president Vladimir Putin has alluded to the fact that he may run for president again following the end of his tenure in 2024 after putting forward a motion for changes to Russia’s constitution.

U.S. News

Podium Speaker

Andrew Yang Stands Out in a Crowded Field

Andrew Yang is not a typical presidential candidate. For one, his signature campaign promise, at first glance, seems patently absurd - if elected, he promises to institute what he calls the "Freedom Dividend," a promise to give every American adult $1,000 a month, for free, no strings attached.
Woman with Hand Sanitizer

Gin And Vodka Distilleries Are Now Making Hand Sanitizer To Cope With Coronavirus Pandemic

Thanks to some help from NYC’s relief efforts, some distillery companies that are based in Brooklyn are attempting to keep their facilities open by making artisanal hand sanitizer to deliver to their customers when they place any liquor/beer orders. 

What’s Happened To Former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens?

Two years ago the former governor of Missouri Eric Greitens resigned due to scandalous revelations, however he has since been cleared by a state ethics panel of any wrongdoing.
Disinfecting Wipes

Don't Flush Your Disinfectant Wipes After You're Done Using Them

As we know, the best way to prevent the spreading of the COVID-19 virus is through regular hand washing and constant disinfecting. Disinfecting wipes are the easiest way to ensure that your surfaces are clean and virus-free.
Coronavirus Disease

Donald Trump Plays Down WHO Figures On Global Death Rate of COVID-19

President Trump has played down the global death rate figures expressed by the World Health Organization (WHO) in a live television exchange, where he claimed he did not believe the figures were as high as 3.4%.

Business News

Apple Store

Tim Cook: Building on an Almost-Superhuman Legacy

Though he was a relatively unknown figure before Steve Jobs’ death, Cook, who considered Jobs a close friend and mentor, was nevertheless integral in the company’s success since he joined Apple in 1998.
Amazon Building

Amazon Coping With Warehouse Coronavirus Outbreaks In Over 10 Facilities

Amazon warehouse workers are currently enduring a huge wave of coronavirus cases appearing throughout the various factory locations in the United States. According to media reports, at least 11 facilities have reported having workers who tested positive for the virus.
Self-Employed Woman

Concerns For The Financial Security of American Self-Employed Workers

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt businesses across the world, there has been widespread concern for the financial security of self-employed workers. The rise of ‘Gig Economy’ in recent years has led to a surge in self-employed workers across all sectors.
Disney Parks

Walt Disney Confirms Theme Parks Closure Around The World

Coronavirus has affected many businesses across the world due to staff being too unwell to work or customers not wanting to head to crowded areas. But while we all thought COVID-19 could only affect humans, it turns out mice can be affected too.

Major Corporations Giving Out Bonuses To Cope With Coronavirus Impact

“We know millions of Americans who are usually employed at this time are temporarily out of work, and at the same time we’re currently seeing strong demand in our stores.”

Culture News


Queen Latifah Receives W.E.B. Dubois Black Culture Medal

Legendary rapper, actress, songwriter, producer, and philanthropist Queen Latifah was honored on Tuesday October 22nd 2019, at Harvard University with the W.E.B. Dubois Medal for her contribution to black history and black culture.
Earth Wearing Mask

Are We Naturally Built To Fear Change?

As a species, we rely on people staying healthy and alive. It’s a race for the survival of the fittest and part of our natural instinct is to avoid disease and any threats to our health. This survival mechanism could in part explain why so much panic is occurring now.

Books For Refugees

In the wake of World Book Day as children put away their costumes, we bookmark another year of celebrating our favorite stories, magical worlds and complex characters.

Musician David Olney Silently Slipped Away On Stage During Performance

Highly acclaimed singer-songwriter David Olney peacefully slipped away during a live stage performance at the age of 71. He was participating in the 30A Songwriters Festival in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.
Feminine Products

Tennessee vs Scotland On Tampon Tax

Menstrual products in America, the United Kingdom and many other countries around the world are classed as a luxury item rather than a necessity and thus taxed at a higher rate.

Entertainment News

Red Carpet

Lana Del Rey Mourns Her Loss of Patriotism on New Record

Del Rey’s newest album is her most mature—and perhaps her most pessimistic—to date.
Man Listening to Music at Home

Musicians Come Together To Serenade Fans During Self-Isolation With Live ‘At-Home’ Sessions

Chris Martin from popular band Coldplay kicked off a heartwarming new concept of intimate live performances from home, designed to support the public as they battle with the impacts of the Coronavirus outbreak and particularly the challenges of self-isolation.

Why Billie Eilish’s Stance Body Shaming is Ground-Breaking

‘What I like about dressing eight-hundred sizes bigger than I am, is that it gives nobody the opportunity to judge what your body looks like. I don’t want to give anyone the excuse of judging… I want layers and layers and layers.
Two Girls Working Out at Home

How To Keep Yourself Entertained During Quarantine

Binge-watching your favorite shows and taking on some new hobbies are just two general examples of ways you can keep yourself busy during times of quarantine, so what should you try today?
Female Singer Silhoutte

Bad Guy By Billie Eilish Crowned As Bestselling Global Digital Single Of 2019

Bad Guy was first released in March 2019 and it became an instant global hit, achieving top chart positions in over 15 countries, generating sales of 19.5 million and becoming the second most streamed song on Spotify worldwide during the whole of 2019.

Health News

Health Quote

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Uncovering the Secrets to a Happier, Healthier Life

Dr. Sanjay Gupta has proven that the occupations of journalism and medicine can have very much in common.
Elbow Bump

Herd Immunity - What Is It?

What has made COVID-19 particularly troublesome is that it is a completely new virus which as humans, we have not been exposed to before. This means that no one has any immunity to it and it can therefore spread extremely quickly through communities.
Coronavirus Blood Test

Loss Of Smell And Taste Deemed New Symptom For Coronavirus

These two ailments have recently become two signs of potential COVID-19 infection based on multiple cases in which those who contracted coronavirus described their symptoms as including a lack of smell and taste. 

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia May Be Preventable, Per Study

The paper, entitled ‘A casual mechanism for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia’, was published this week in the journal ‘Nature Reviews Cancer’ and found that acute lymphoblastic leukaemia is caused by a two-step process.
Social Distancing

What Does ‘Social Distancing’ Really Mean?

As Coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, there are many phrases being discussed by officials, and you may have seen much discussion around the term ‘social distancing’. But what does this mean exactly and how does it work in practice?

Lifestyle News

New York City

Casey Neistat: The Original Lifestyle Vlogger

Anyone who has seen any of Casey Neistat’s hundreds of YouTube videos knows the man lives an active lifestyle.
Vitamin D

The Importance Of Keeping Your Vitamin D Levels Up

Working from home and self-isolation measures resulting from the spread of COVID-19 means that people will be spending more time indoors than usual, and for an undetermined period of time.
Sleep Hygiene

Sleep Hygiene – Guidance For A Good Night Sleep

According to Iowa State University, data collected from 165,000 individuals from 2013 to 2017, showed that an increasing number of Americans have trouble falling and staying asleep.
Mothers Day

Why Mother’s Day Isn’t Always A Time For Celebration

Mother’s Day takes place in the UK on March 22nd and in the US on 10th May and whilst this is a time for many to thank the mothers in their life for their love, care and support, it is sadly not always a time of celebration for everyone.
Health Food

Healthy Lifestyle Choices To Boost Your Immune System

While it is of the utmost importance that you contact your health provider anytime you feel like you may be showing symptoms, there are things you can be doing in your everyday life to make sure your immune system is running to the best of its ability. 

Real Estate News

Luxury Real Estate

Hollywood's Top Real Estate Agent On The Future Of Wellness Homes

Celebrity and luxury real estate expert, Kofi Nartey, is leading the newest real estate trend of “wellness” homes, but what exactly does that mean?
Closet Organization

Home Organization Tips To Make Life Easier While You Self Quarantine

Trying to participate in stay-at-home activities that stimulate both your mind and body will actually make you feel more productive, and what could be more productive than re-organizing and cleaning up your home?
Real Estate Investing

How Is Coronavirus Impacting The U.S. Real Estate Market?

The growing pandemic is undoubtedly rocking global economics and the U.S. housing market is not immune to its effects either. In fact, experts are suggesting that real estate is already feeling the effects.
House Plants

Healthy House Plants

Whether you have a garden, balcony, communal area or no garden at all, house plants add a pleasing touch of nature to your home. Many plants have many bonus attributes that can be practical and beneficial to health.

Why Upcycling Is The Latest Home Decor Craze

Living more sustainably is a concept which is becoming increasingly more mainstream and this fueling a rising interest in the concept of upcycling. In fact, at the 2020 London Fashion Week, the theme of upcycling was evident on the runways.

Science News


Jane Goodall: Discovering the Hidden Complexity of Primate Life

Too few of us know the story of Goodall’s journey from a child in London to world-renowned primatologist, and many of us are not aware of her ongoing contributions to environmentalism and conservation to this day.
Blank Computer

Donate Your Unused Computer Power To Help Fight Coronavirus

If you aren’t a healthcare worker or a research scientist, you might be feeling a little helpless in the fight against Coronavirus. However, there is a way that you can help right now and you can do it all from the comfort of your home.
Air Pollution

COVID-19 Pandemic Indirectly Leading To A Reduction In Air Pollution

The coronavirus pandemic has been causing a lot of industries to completely shut down, which is indirectly benefiting the environment.

Is It Time To Redefine The Rat?

As a society, we have thousands of inbuilt perceptions of animals. Civilization after civilisation has decided which animals are vermin, which are sacred and which are obsolete.

Researchers Break Down Potential Impact Of COVID-19 Treatments

Researchers concluded that they’re monitoring this situation constantly, and paying special attention to China and South Korea, where the virus first began spreading and also where the case numbers are beginning to decrease already

Sports News

Baseball Field

David Ross Becomes The New Chicago Cubs Manager

The Cubs announced on Thursday that they will be hiring former catcher David Ross, 42, as their new manager. The decision came after the Cubs now-former manager, Joe Maddon announced his move to manage the Angels from this point forward.
Football 2

NFL Free Agency’s Biggest Deals So Far

The NFL’s decision to go ahead with its free agency period, despite rapidly growing fears of the impact of COVID-19 throughout the nation, received mixed reviews, but fans will be happy.

NBA Teams Making Pay Cuts And Shifting To Four-Day Work Week Amid Coronavirus Concerns

The Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Devils made an announcement stating all full-time employees and players who are making a set salary will be subject to temporary pay cuts and will be moving to a four-day work week as a result of the coronavirus.

COVID-19 Grinds Sporting World to Screeching Halt

The sporting world has been thrown into disarray as various events, leagues and competitions have been cancelled or postponed due to growing concerns over the spread of COVID-19. The virus has quickly become a huge public health crisis across the world.

Buccaneers ‘All-In’ on Tom Brady As New QB

The NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers are ready for a fresh face at the quarterback position and are ready to go ‘all-in’ for New England Patriots star Tom Brady in the upcoming free agency market, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Technology News


Henk Rogers, Who Brought Tetris to the West, Plans to Save the Planet

Rogers, who introduced Tetris to the West, has his sights set on even greater ambitions - namely, traveling to the moon and Mars and protecting the Earth from environmental collapse.
Coronavirus Testing Kit

New Coronavirus Testing Kit Provides Vital Answers To The Spread Of The Virus

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to take a hold in countries across the world, a new Coronavirus testing kit is helping to identify who has already had the disease, in an effort to better understand how the virus is penetrating the global population.
Medical Masks

Tim Cook Says Apple Will Donate 'Millions Of Masks' To Healthcare Organizations

Tim Cook, the CEO of major tech company Apple, recently tweeted that the corporation will be donating millions of masks to healthcare professionals in the United States and Europe within the following weeks.

The 5G Future

As 5G starts on its rising journey, rolling out across countries around the world. What could it mean for the future and is it more than the next generation of mobile networking?
Woman Using Face ID

Facial Recognition Technology Used in India To Identify Participants of Major Riot

Facial recognition technology has been used in India by law enforcement agencies as a means of identifying the perpetrators of a violent riot which took place in the capital last month.

Travel News


Ann Marcer And The Girls Of Nepal Who Changed Her Life

Ann Marcer was your average 67 year old primary school teacher. As she approached 40 years as a teacher Marcer was eagerly preparing for retirement with her husband. However, just two months before she was set to retire, her husband suddenly died.
Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Among Growing List Of National Parks Closing Due To Covid-19 Concerns

Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks have officially been closed down until further notice due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
Coronavirus Test Positive

Should You Travel During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Unless you have been living under a rock you will have noticed that there is a virus heading around the world, taking many victims with it and leaving many dead. Although guidelines are changing regularly.
Private Jet

‘Posh Panic’ As The Super-Rich Jet Off To Luxury Holiday Homes To Escape Coronavirus

When most people think about self-isolating in light of the escalating global Coronavirus crisis, they are likely to be considering which essential items they want to stock up on and which TV shows they want to catch up on while relaxing.
Broadway Sign

During Times Of Quarantine, Streaming Services Bring Broadway To You

Thanks to certain online servers, art and culture lovers everywhere can now make their way to their favorite Broadway plays and operas that are now closed off to the public.