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Why Non-Binary Emojis Are Essential To Promoting A More Inclusive Society

Emojis are commonplace in text messages, chats and have even…
Small Business Meeting

Survey Reveals US Small Business Confidence Is Improving

A new survey conducted by CNBC and Survey Monkey has revealed…

Is BP’s Bold New Pledge To ‘Reinvent’ The Oil Firm A Step Too Far?

In the continued fight against climate change, global oil firm…

Americans Flock to Fiji, And You Can See Why

Each year millions of us like to travel somewhere new for our…

Apple Is Still Slowing Down Old iPhone’s

New models of the Apple iPhone are released almost yearly, be…
'Buy, Rent, Sell'

Should You Rent or Sell Your Home?

Many people find themselves in the position of having an additional…

World News


Far-Right Canadian Candidate Maxime Bernier Gains Traction

Like the President, he is infamous for using Twitter as a political weapon, and has been accused of posing a danger to his country's system of government.

Over Two-Thirds of Migrants Have Experienced Extreme Violence

This week the medical charity Doctors Without Borders (MSF) have…
Pope Silhouette

Pope Francis Makes Public Plea To Save The Amazon, And The Planet

"We are water, air, earth and life of the environment created by God. For this reason, we demand an end to the mistreatment and destruction of mother Earth."

Top 5 Greenest Countries In The World

Here are some of the greenest countries on the planet currently, maybe we all can learn a thing or two from them. 
Planet Earth

A Life on Our Planet is Sir David Attenborough’s Legacy To The World

Sir David Attenborough is widely known and respected across the…

U.S. News

Podium Speaker

Andrew Yang Stands Out in a Crowded Field

Andrew Yang is not a typical presidential candidate. For one, his signature campaign promise, at first glance, seems patently absurd - if elected, he promises to institute what he calls the "Freedom Dividend," a promise to give every American adult $1,000 a month, for free, no strings attached.
T-Mobile Store

T-Mobile Approved To Takeover Smaller Rival Sprint

A US judge has approved plans by T-Mobile to buy Sprint in what…
Lake Adirondack Park Mountains

Fun Things To Do In Upstate New York

New York City is an amazing and beautiful metropolitan that actually holds up to all the hype it gets, however, upstate New York is like NYC’s middle-child sibling, and it’s time we stop neglecting her! 
No Guns Sign

Florida’s ‘Red Flag’ Law Deemed a Success, Despite Being Used Inconsistently

Two years ago a gunman entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High…
Los Angeles California

Underrated Things To Do In Los Angeles

There’s plenty to do in LA beyond just TMZ bus tours and posting pictures of smoothie bowls on Instagram.

Business News

Apple Store

Tim Cook: Building on an Almost-Superhuman Legacy

Though he was a relatively unknown figure before Steve Jobs’ death, Cook, who considered Jobs a close friend and mentor, was nevertheless integral in the company’s success since he joined Apple in 1998.
Carbon Footprint

Is Your Business Doing Enough? How You Can Reduce Your Carbon Impact As A Business

Environmental impact is a topic that is highly discussed in the…
TikTok on Screen

How TikTok Is Transforming Brand Marketing Strategy

Since its rebrand from, TikTok has exploded onto the…

Grad Who Earned $200K in Scholarships Starts Business To Help Others

Justin Black and Alexis Lenderman officially launched The Scholarship…
Business Men with Tablet

How To Successfully Upgrade Your Companies Technology

Now that the world has fully adapted into a digital age, where pretty much anything and everything can be accomplished via the internet, in order to run a successful company, you need to be successfully using online resources as well.

Culture News


Queen Latifah Receives W.E.B. Dubois Black Culture Medal

Legendary rapper, actress, songwriter, producer, and philanthropist Queen Latifah was honored on Tuesday October 22nd 2019, at Harvard University with the W.E.B. Dubois Medal for her contribution to black history and black culture.
England Red Buses

The US Has A New Love For English Accents and Culture

Americans are demonstrating cases of ‘anglophilia’, a love…
Valentines Day

The History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day as a holiday is synonymous with love, romance…
College Couple Walking

‘Establishing Their Independence’: Experts, Students Weigh In On College Dating Culture

Young adults — arguably in their social and physical peaks…
Self Love

Self-Love This Valentines

February for couples and singles alike, is a month of the anticipated or dreaded Valentine’s Day. For many, whether coupled or single there is a pressure to meet the demands of the celebratory day.

Entertainment News

Red Carpet

Lana Del Rey Mourns Her Loss of Patriotism on New Record

Del Rey’s newest album is her most mature—and perhaps her most pessimistic—to date.
Movie Film

Ten Books Hitting The Screen in 2020

The movie industry is ripe with book adaptations which are estimated…
HuLu App

Why 'Shrill' Needs To Be The Next Show You Watch

While a lot of the show’s success should be credited to Aidy Bryant herself, her co-star, Lolly Adefope, is owed some dues as well. Adefope has discussed her role in the past, stating that “playing an overweight and gay black woman depicted without any cliches is more than a little refreshing.”
Golden Oscar Award

Oscar Nominations for 'Marriage Story' and 'The Irishman' Are a Huge Win for Netflix

Netflix creates plenty of award-winning television shows, but during 2019 they truly outdid themselves in the film category. Two (technically three) Netflix films earned nominations at the Academy Awards, becoming one of the studios with the most nominations.
Game of Thrones

Was The Final Season of Game of Thrones George R.R. Martin’s Dummy Test?

The smash-hit HBO TV series, Game of Thrones, took over our screens…

Health News

Health Quote

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Uncovering the Secrets to a Happier, Healthier Life

Dr. Sanjay Gupta has proven that the occupations of journalism and medicine can have very much in common.
Lactose Intolerance

65% of Amercians Suffer From Lactose Intolerance

According to research from the National Institute of Health,…
Heart Healthy Diet

5 Healthy Habits That Can Help You Live A Decade Longer: Study Suggests

Once the study was concluded, researchers determined that healthy habits make a huge difference in terms of life expectancy, and not in the obvious sense.
Breast Cancer Awareness

To Stop Cancer, You Must Spot Cancer

Over 75 community members, most from the St. Louis area chapters…
Little Girl with allergies

Natural Ways To Tackle Hayfever

Spring is fast approaching and with it the new blooms as Mother…

Lifestyle News

New York City

Casey Neistat: The Original Lifestyle Vlogger

Anyone who has seen any of Casey Neistat’s hundreds of YouTube videos knows the man lives an active lifestyle.
Business Woman Stretching at desk

Exercises To Fit A Stationary Lifestyle

Many people find their lifestyle becoming inevitably more and…
Woman with Morning Ritual

How To Adopt A Healthy Morning Ritual

When we first wake up, it’s easy to get caught up in the fact that we’re getting up due to an alarm, and not by choice, which is frustrating.
Tattooed Business People

Does Having A Tattoo Affect Your Job Prospects?

The tattoo industry is booming; US citizens spend around $1.65…
Happy Valentines Day

Tips For A Perfect Valentine's Day From A Relationship Expert

Valentine's Day Origins: Fox News spoke to expert Nikki Lewis…

Real Estate News

Luxury Real Estate

Hollywood's Top Real Estate Agent On The Future Of Wellness Homes

Celebrity and luxury real estate expert, Kofi Nartey, is leading the newest real estate trend of “wellness” homes, but what exactly does that mean?
Real Estate Investing

How To Start Investing In Real Estate

If you’re a novice in the world of real estate investment but are interested in building your portfolio and ability to strategize ways of making a profit, then these basic tips will steer you in the right direction before taking the leap. 
Austin Texas

Austin’s Booming Real Estate Market

House prices in Austin, Texas are predicted to rise steadily…
NYC Real Estate

Antonio Vendome NYC Uses His Real Estate To Embrace Humanity

Antonio Vendome, popularly known as 'Nino', is a real example of a person who carries the American dream in his heart. At barely 10 years, Antonio Vendome NYC was doing shoe-shining, but he since has risen to become a renowned real estate developer and investor.
Happy Couple Moving into Home

The Real-Estate Scene For Young Buyers

Generational name-tags seem to have taken place as an inherent…

Science News


Jane Goodall: Discovering the Hidden Complexity of Primate Life

Too few of us know the story of Goodall’s journey from a child in London to world-renowned primatologist, and many of us are not aware of her ongoing contributions to environmentalism and conservation to this day.

Neanderthals Buried Their Dead With Flowers, According To New Discovery

Recently, in the Shanidar Cave located in Iraqi Kurdistan, archaeologist’s discovered Neanderthal remains that appeared to be over 70,000 years old; a discovery as monumental as this hasn’t occurred in over 20 years.
Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctica Just Reached Its Highest Temperature – Again

The protected landscape of Antarctica has long been set aside…

Molecular Switch Mechanism Explains How Mutations Shorten Biological Clocks

Understanding the molecular mechanisms of our internal clocks…
Man Hunting

Can Wildlife Join The Fight Against Illegal Hunting?

Trophy hunting, poaching and the illegal trade of animal products…

Sports News

Baseball Field

David Ross Becomes The New Chicago Cubs Manager

The Cubs announced on Thursday that they will be hiring former catcher David Ross, 42, as their new manager. The decision came after the Cubs now-former manager, Joe Maddon announced his move to manage the Angels from this point forward.
Football 2

Rivers Departs Chargers After 16 Years

The Los Angeles Chargers have parted ways with veteran Philip…
Formula One

Now Formula One Is Falling Victim To Coronavirus

The cancellation of the Chinese Grand Prix has caused much concern…
Tokyo Olympics 2020

How The Coronavirus May Impact The 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics are nearly five months away, and growing concerns over the worldwide coronavirus outbreak has fans, athletes, and authority figures scrambling to ensure the safety of everyone in Tokyo within the coming months.
Tennis Balls with Racket

Tackling Homophobia in Tennis

The sports community is steadily tackling the homophobic culture, but how much progress is being made in tennis? In recent years, many people have praised the diversity which is apparent in tennis, particularly addressing the variety of cultures, countries and ages now embraced by the historic sport.

Technology News


Henk Rogers, Who Brought Tetris to the West, Plans to Save the Planet

Rogers, who introduced Tetris to the West, has his sights set on even greater ambitions - namely, traveling to the moon and Mars and protecting the Earth from environmental collapse.
Cancelled Stamp

What Will The Tech Industry Do With Mobile World Congress 2020?

The much anticipated Mobile World Congress had little choice…
Online Banking

How Safe Are Online Banks?

Fintech continues to transform the way we handle our finances…
Tech Team

9 Things to Know About How Technology and Data Help Your Investment Decisions

Investment decision makers are voracious consumers of data – and today they consume it at greater speed and volume, and with greater efficiency, than ever before.
Smart Devices

Get The Most Use Out Of Your Smart Devices

Making simple upgrades and adjustments to the ways in which we implement this technology in our personal and professional lives can make all the difference in terms of productivity. 

Travel News


Ann Marcer And The Girls Of Nepal Who Changed Her Life

Ann Marcer was your average 67 year old primary school teacher. As she approached 40 years as a teacher Marcer was eagerly preparing for retirement with her husband. However, just two months before she was set to retire, her husband suddenly died.
Airplane Landing

This Tiny Change To Flight Paths Could Cut Plane-Induced Climate Impact in Half!

New research from Imperial College London has revealed that if…
Asian Traveling with mask

What To Do If Your Travel Plans Are Affected By The Coronavirus Outbreak?

As the impact of the Wuhan coronavirus continues to play out…

Texas Sues California Over Law Banning Official Travel To Anti-LGBTQ States

The state of Texas has filed a lawsuit in the U.S. Supreme Court over California prohibiting state-sponsored travel to states with laws that are discriminatory against LGBTQ people.
Seville Spain

Where To Go On Your Next Solo Vacation

Solo-travel may not seem like it would be your top priority, however, there’s something truly gratifying about wanting to go out into the world and experience something new by yourself, and then actually doing it.