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Why Experts Believe Gardening Is Good For Both Your Physical And Mental Health 

There’s been a growing amount of research surrounding what we can do for ourselves at home to continue to practice good physical and mental health habits. After the last year, we’ve all had to adapt our lives to make sure that we’re constantly stimulating our brain, and moving our body to ensure that we remain as healthy as possible. 

Experts Claim Americans ‘Don’t Realize How Lucky We Are’ In Terms Of Covid-19 Vaccines

About 53% of all Americans are currently inoculated with at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine while about 44% of the population is now fully vaccinated, according to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Hidden Costs That All US Homebuyers Should Be On The Look Out For This Year

According to market reports, almost half of all US homes on the market are currently selling within a week of being listed, and prices are continuing to climb in almost every part of the country. 

Harvey Weinstein Will Be Extradited To Los Angeles To Face Additional Sex-Crime Charges 

Harvey Weinstein is set to be extradited to Los Angeles to face sex-crime charges, a judge ruled this week. During the initial extradition hearing, prosecutors claimed they would likely be transferring Weinstein to California for the first half of July.  

Brooks Koepka And Bryson DeChambeau’s Feud Won’t Be Brought To The US Open 

Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau have been making social media headlines this week as the two exchanged some heavy competitive words between one another on Twitter. 
Disneyland Sign

Disney’s US Parks To Remove Mask Mandates For Vaccinated Individuals 

Starting this Tuesday, June 15th, both Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and Disneyland in Anaheim, California, are lifting their mask mandates for fully individuals who decide to visit their parks from this point forward. Disney also revealed that they won’t even be asking for proof of vaccination. 
World Health Organization

WHO Says New Covid-19 Cases Continuing To Outpace Vaccination Efforts 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced this week that the Covid-19 virus is still spreading at a faster rate than the vaccines are being distributed. With the recent creation of the G7 vaccine, the WHO is hoping to share a billion doses with poorer nations who haven’t had access the way that the US has. 

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World News

World Health Organization

Independent WHO Panel Report Claims Covid-19 Pandemic Was Preventable 

An independent panel with the World Health Organization (WHO) claimed that the Covid-19 pandemic was completely avoidable if world leaders acted appropriately when it first began. 

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Hundreds Arrested In Global FBI Sting Operation Using Undercover Messaging App 

Law enforcement agencies announced this week that hundreds of criminal gangs around the world have been divulging plans to move large drug shipments and carry out killings on a messaging app that was secretly being run by the FBI. The agency said that this was a “global sting operation that dealt an unprecedented blow to organized crime in countries around the world.”
The White House

President Biden ‘Committed’ To Two-State Solution For Israel And Palestine 

Secretary of State Antony Blinken claimed this past Sunday that…
Israeli Flag

President Biden Supports Ceasefire In Call To Israeli Prime Minister

President Biden spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this Monday, marking their second phone call within a week. The president has expressed his support of a ceasefire after receiving pressure from fellow Democrats who are urging him to do more to stop the senseless violence. 
Red Coronavirus Virus

India Reports More Than 343,000 Covid-19 Cases In A Single Day 

India’s total number of Covid-19 cases has surpassed 24 million this week as the country continues to fight off a devastating second wave of infections that has overwhelmed and overrun its healthcare system. 

U.S. News

The White House

Biden’s Stimulus Plan Relieves Lower-Income Americans Of Heavy Taxes

The relief law also extends the federal boost for unemployment benefits as well as food stamps and other aid programs for struggling renters and homeowners throughout the country. The overall goal of this relief package was to specifically help lower-income households who have been hit the hardest by the pandemic. 

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Ohio Set To Open One Of The Largest Solar Factory Complexes In The World 

The company known as First Solar revealed plans this week to double its manufacturing in the United States by building a new factory in Ohio. This construction would give Ohio the largest solar factory complex in the world outside of China. 
Texas State Capitol

Texas Lawmakers Present Permit-Free Gun Carrying Law To Governor 

Texas legislators approved the final version of a bill that will allow residents to openly carry a handgun without a permit. Now, the bill is making its way to Governor Greg Abbott’s desk for his review and signature. 
New York Times

New York Attorney General Investigating Trump Organization In A ‘Criminal Capacity’ 

Letitia James, New York’s Attorney General, has been conducting a civil probe into the Trump Organization for two years now. According to a spokesperson from James’s office, the attorney general is now looking into the company in a “criminal capacity.” 
Man in Prison

Prosecutors Seeking Hate Crime Charges And The Death Penalty For Atlanta Spa Shooter 

Robert Aaron Long, a 21-year-old white man, was indicted on murder and domestic terrorism charges this Tuesday for the Atlanta-area spa shootings. Prosecutors also claimed that they are planning to seek the death penalty and increased hate crime charges, according to court records. 

Business News

The American Dream: How American-Made Goods Are Helping A Nation Heal | Duluth Pack

Within the past year of the pandemic Duluth Pack, the oldest canvas and leather bag manufacturer in the United States, stepped up by making sustainable PPE equipment for the nation’s healthcare industry.

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Apple Addresses Privacy Concerns, Says Siri Will No Longer Send Requests To Main Servers 

Apple announced this week that they will no longer be using Siri to send requests to its servers as a means of speeding up how quickly the AI voice assistant is able to respond, as well as addressing multiple privacy concerns from users. 
Amazon Building

Amazon Closing In On Deal To Acquire MGM Studios For Almost $9 Billion 

Amazon is close to finalizing a deal to acquire MGM Studios, one of the largest studios in the entertainment industry. The studio is famously known for owning films such as the James Bond Franchise, and a multitude of popular TV series. The deal is currently estimated to be valued between $8.5 billion and $9 billion. 
Group of Protestors

Millionaires Protest In Front Of Jeff Bezos’s Homes In Support Of Taxing The Rich 

A group of millionaires took to the streets this Monday to protest in front of properties owned by the richest man in the world, billionaire Jeff Bezos, in New York and Washington. 
Facebook Phone App

Facebook’s Ban On Donald Trump Will Continue To Hold 

Facebook’s oversight board ruled this Wednesday that its suspension of former President Donald Trump was justified following his role in the January 6th insurrection attack on the Capitol building. 

Culture News

Man Listening to Music at Home

Paul McCartney Joins Call From Musicians To Change Music Streaming Payments

Over 150 musicians signed an open letter to change the 1988 Copyright Act which prevents many musicians from receiving proper payments for their work on streaming services.

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Eric Carle Fought Publishers Over ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar,’ Remembering The Legendary Author 

Eric Carle, genius artist and brilliant creator of numerous classic children’s books, unfortunately passed away this week at the age of 91. Tributes have been flooding social media from adults, celebrities, and children alike, all of different ages, but all impacted by the work of Carle’s creative imagination. 

Prince William And Harry Speak Out Against BBC And ‘Deceitful’ Treatment Of Diana

Prince William spoke out against the BBC this week for “contributing significantly to her fear, paranoia, and isolation felt by [his] late mother, Princess Diana,” in the years before her death.

Matthew McConaughey Is Apparently ‘Making Calls’ About Running For Texas Governor

According to reports, Matthew McConaughey is seriously considering a run for Texas Governor after sources claimed that the “‘Dallas Buyers Club’ star has been quietly making calls to influential people in Texas political circles as he mulls a run for governor.”
Colorful Music

Billie Eilish Is Publishing Her Old Family Photos Ahead Of Her New Album’s Release 

Billie Eilish became one of the world’s biggest stars by the time she was 14-years-old. As the young singer gears up for the release of her sophomore album, ‘Happier Than Ever,’ she’s taken to social media to share some never-before-seen old family photos.

Entertainment News

How Choirs Have Kept The Music Alive During The Pandemic

Being in a choir is believed to be one of the most unifying group activities one could participate in, however, during a pandemic where the Covid-19 virus is spread through respiratory droplets in our breath, choirs have had to sacrifice what they love doing the most for the sake of safety.

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Friends: The Reunion recapped

Despite finishing almost two decades ago, Friends has stayed fresh in the hearts and minds of many millions across the globe. After 17 years with no follow up series or film, Friends: The Reunion finally satiated fans’ need for more content from the world’s most popular sitcom. Although this was the first time that all six cast members have been seen on screen together since the series finale in 2004, the chemistry and love between Kudrow, Cox, Aniston, LeBlanc, Schwimmer and Perry is clear to see from the start of the show.

Marilyn Manson Wanted On Warrant For Assault Against Videographer 

There is currently an active arrest warrant for Marilyn Manson in Gilford, New Hampshire for two counts of assault dating back to 2019. 
Gold Award Trophy

NBC Won’t Air 2022 Golden Globes As Actors Return Their Awards 

Tom Cruise has joined a list of influential Hollywood figures speaking out against the Golden Globes, and Hollywood Foreign Press Association more specifically. Cruise returned three of his Golden Globes in protest after criticisms revealed all the issues the HFPA were causing in the industry. 

Ellen DeGeneres To End Her Talk Show In 2022

Ellen DeGeneres announced this week that she’s planning on ending her long-running daytime talk show in 2022. 

Health News

How Holistic Medicine Is Revolutionizing The Way We Take Care Of Ourselves | Dr. Norman Shealy

More people are turning to non-traditional means of treating their medical needs after realizing that conventional medicine only provides temporary solutions to their long-term ailments.

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Experts Claim Americans ‘Don’t Realize How Lucky We Are’ In Terms Of Covid-19 Vaccines

About 53% of all Americans are currently inoculated with at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine while about 44% of the population is now fully vaccinated, according to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

CDC To Hold Emergency Meeting Over Rare Heart Inflammation Side Effect In Covid Vaccines 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced this week that they will be holding an emergency meeting on June 18th to discuss reports of heart inflammation following doses of both the Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines. While the CDC claims that these reports have been rare, they’re still higher than initially expected, hence the meeting. 

Delays In Adolescents Receiving Their Covid-19 Vaccinations Could Hinder US Recovery

Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, an expert epidemiologist, recently spoke to the press about how some US populations are seeing an amazing increase in vaccination rates, while other groups in the nation are experiencing lags in their distribution, especially among adolescents, which could lead to a major delay in the country’s recovery as a whole. 
Scientist Holding Moderna Vaccine

Moderna Says Their Covid-19 Vaccine Is Safe For Adolescents 

Moderna announced this Tuesday that their Covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective in adolescents. The company is basing the announcement after completing phase 2 of 3 of a trial of 3,732 children aged from 12 to 17 in the US. 

Lifestyle News

Apple Watch and Iphone Activity

How Technology Is Helping People Live A Healthier Life

Thanks to a wide variety of technology, it’s never been easier for people to start making healthier choices in their day-to-day lives.

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Etsy Buys Clothing App Depop In $1 Billion Deal 

Popular online retail giant Etsy announced this week that they would be purchasing Depop, a British secondhand fashion resale app that works like eBay, but specifically for clothing; the app is mainly used by the younger generation as a means of purchasing vintage clothing and custom made pieces. 
Post-Pandemic Covid-19

Post-Pandemic Lifestyle Tips For Living Your Best And Healthiest Life 

As more and more Americans continue to receive their Covid-19 vaccinations, states are continuing to ease up on pandemic restrictions to allow vaccinated individuals to get back to a certain sense of normalcy this summer. 
Sleep Hygiene

Middle-Aged People Who Sleep Less Than 6 Hours A Night At Greater Risk Of Dementia 

According to a dementia study that used data from 10,000 volunteers, middle-aged people who regularly sleep six hours or less each night are more likely to develop dementia when compared to those in the same age group who get seven or more hours every night. 
Fashion Designer

Urbody Is A New Non-Binary Underwear Company That Wants To ‘Degender’ Fashion 

The founders of Urbody created their company with one thought in mind, wanting to degender the binaries that exist within the fashion industry. They claim that the future of the fashion industry is gender-free clothes for everyone. 

Real Estate News

How ‘Instagrammable’ Immersive Experiences Are Shaping Commercial Real Estate

Ari Rastegar is the CEO of Rastegar Property Company, a real estate company focused on value-oriented properties. Rastegar recently wrote about how these types of “instagrammable” locations will likely be a major player in rebuilding the industry as the pandemic comes to an end within the next year or so. 

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New Home Sales In The US Fell 6% Last Month As Construction Costs Continue To Rise 

The US experienced a 6% fall in home sales throughout the month of April, partially due to the fact that construction and other additional costs that come with buying a home have been on the rise as the pandemic continues. 
Luxury Home

Home Construction Projects At An All Time Low Since Pandemic Began

The US is currently facing a historic shortage of homes for sale,…
Real Estate Technology

New AI Tool Writes Real Estate Descriptions Without Ever Stepping Inside A Home 

A Canadian startup called Listing AI is using new cutting edge artificial intelligence technology to write up computer-generated descriptions that can be surprisingly compelling. Users simply tell the AI software some key details about their home and the technology does the rest. 
UK Homes

UK Homeowners Struggling To Complete Interior Renovations Due To Labor Shortages

An industry-wide labor shortage in the United Kingdom is causing a multitude of homeowners to be left waiting for months longer than usual for bathroom and kitchen renovations/installations.

Science News

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

CDC Expected To Meet About J&J Vaccine Pause

The CDC and FDA are meeting to discuss the six blood clotting cases among people who received the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine.

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NASA SpaceX Launch

US Space Force Launches Satellite That Can Detect Missiles

The US Space Force launched a billion-dollar missile-detection satellite into orbit this week. After a minor 24-hour delay due to faulty temperature checks, the United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket lifted off from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Space Force Station at 1:37 p.m. E.T. on Tuesday. 
Abstract Outer Space

Why ‘Space Junk’ Is A Growing And Dangerous Problem 

China’s space agency made headlines this month after debris from a rocket launched by them crashed harmlessly into the Indian Ocean this past weekend, however, the 20-ton section of the rocket originally was thought to land in a major city and cause severe damage.
Pfizer Building

FDA Permits Use Of Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine For Kids 12 And Up 

The Food and Drug Administration announced this week that they approved the use of the Pfizer and BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine for kids aged 12 and up; previously the vaccine was only approved for individuals 16 and older. 
Pfizer BioNTech Vaccine

Restaurant Workers Are Wearing Bracelets To Prove They’ve Been Vaccinated 

One restaurant in Philadelphia is attempting to make its customers feel more comfortable about returning to normalcy by requiring its vaccinated employees to wear a bracelet that makes it clear they’ve received their immunizations. 

Sports News

F1 Race Car

Drivers Penalized After Photoshoot Causes Crash At Indy 500 Practice 

An attempted photo opportunity almost turned fatal during the opening lap of the Indianapolis 500 practice after Colton Herta crashed into both Scott McLaughlin and the wall at more than 200 mph. 

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Tokyo Olympics Will Likely Be A Fan-Free Event 

The president of the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee alluded to the strong possibility that the 2021 Summer Games will likely bar local fans from attending.
Tokyo Olympics

80% Of Japanese Residents Oppose Hosting The Olympic Games Due To Covid-19 Concerns 

As Japan continues to battle a fourth wave of coronavirus infections, citizens are making their voices heard and telling authority figures that they don’t agree with hosting a worldwide event that will prompt individuals traveling from all over the world to one contained stadium location/ Olympic village. 

Kentucky Derby Winner Medina Spirit Fails Drug Test, Trainer Suspended 

Bob Baffert is the trainer currently suspended from entering any horses at the Churchill Downs racetrack, additionally, the track is debating invalidating his horse, Medina Spirit’s, win at this year's Kentucky Derby if the horse’s failed post race drug test is upheld. 

Green Bay Packers General Manager Claims Team Is ‘Committed’ To Aaron Rodgers 

General Manager Brian Gutekunst spoke about Rodgers after ESPN reported that Rodgers was disgruntled with his team and apparently told some members of the organization that he doesn’t want to return to the Packers. 

Technology News

Congress Questions Tech CEOs Over Role In Capitol Riot

Sundar Pichai of Google, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, and Jack Dorsey of Twitter all testified before two committees of the House of Representatives on “social media’s role in promoting extremism and the rampant spreading of misinformation” regarding the pandemic, Covid-19 vaccine, and election process.

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Jeff Bezos Is Going To Space

Jeff Bezos announced this week that he would be joining the flight crew on their first mission using the New Shepard rocket ship from Bezos’s space company, Blue Origin, on a trip to space. The flight is currently scheduled for July 20th; 15 days after Bezos will resign as CEO of Amazon. 
Miami Florida

Florida Governor DeSantis Targets Social Media Platforms In Newly Signed Bill

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is targeting social media platforms ina newly signed bill that’s meant to monitor how social media platforms moderate online content. 
Twitter on Phone

Twitter Researching New ‘Twitter Blue’ Paid Premium Service 

If this service does come into existence, planned features would include the ability to save and organize tweets into specific collections, which expands on Twitter’s current bookmark feature which organizes your saved tweets chronologically. 
Apple Store Logo

Apple Invests $45 Million In Gorilla-Glass Maker For Future Products

Apple announced this week that they will be investing an additional $45 million in US-based Corning Incorporated, the maker of Gorilla Glass. 

Travel News

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaii Updated Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

Hawaii is one of the most popular destinations that people want to fly to once the Covid-19 pandemic improves, here’s how the island’s are preparing.

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US Airline Companies Want Government Leaders To Lift Covid-19 Travel Restrictions 

Major airline companies are urging the United States government to move quicker when it comes to lifting travel restrictions between the US and Europe. Many countries within the European Union have opened up their borders for international travel, causing many US airline leaders to urge our nation to do the same. 
European Union Flags

What Vaccinated Americans Need To Know If They Want To Travel To Europe This Summer 

As more Americans receive their Covid-19 vaccinations, many are planning their first vacations for when the world begins to reopen more. On May 19th, the European Union voted to ease Covid-19 restrictions for travelers from Covid “safe” countries, as well as vaccinated foreigners from nations that are deemed “unsafe,” like the US. 
Couple Camping

Why The Travel Industry Thinks Glamping Will Save The Tourism Sector This Summer

Bookings for camping and glamping locations all around the nation have been reaching record levels, as more people are ready to get back to some level of safe travel this summer now that more people are being vaccinated. 
Airplane Taking Off

Airline CEOs Urging Governments To Open Travel Between US And UK

Several large airlines based in the United States and United Kingdom have called upon their government leaders in an attempt to revive air travel between the two countries.