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11 Travel Accessories To Relieve Back Pain and Improve Comfort

Every year, I resolve to fly less for work, but I still seem to spend half of my summer wondering exactly what kind of monster reclines halfway through meal service and what it is exactly that is making that kid cry so loudly. Well, it should come as no surprise that I have yet to find a product that instills in-flight manners in my fellow passengers, and as much as I love kids, even I can’t make them stop crying on demand.

However, I have discovered that a few choice products easily packed in my carry-on help make flights more comfortable and ensure I arrive at my destination ache-free and ready to enjoy my trip.

For me, the most intolerable thing about flying is lower-back pain. There’s not much I — a 6-foot-3-inch man — can do to alleviate all of that, but I have found that decent lumbar support makes a huge difference in my comfort. Honestly, I’d turn around and go home if I arrived at the airport with my pillow. It may sound silly, but this little pillow is a travel must-have for me as I have broken my back twice in the past and am prone to flare-ups.

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