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20 Best Christmas Movies on Disney+

We can *finally* stream “Home Alone” for free!

There’s a reason everyone’s talking about adding Disney+ to their growing list of streaming services, and we can’t blame them. The new app has nearly every classic and modern Disney movie ever made, and for a pretty reasonable price. (Find out how much Disney+ is here.) There are so many films for every occasion, but we’re particularly impressed with the number of holiday offerings that are available as soon as you sign up for Disney+. So we gathered just a few of the best Christmas movies on Disney+ for you to watch while you wrap the Christmas gifts, hang the stockings, or decorate the Christmas tree. You can expect all the nostalgic hits like Home Alone and The Santa Clause, of course. Or you may find that a Disney Channel movie or a Disney+ original like Noelle better suits your family’s mood. But there’s plenty of time before New Year’s Eve, so you could definitely take in every single Christmas flick Disney+ has in its massive catalog before the season’s through. We have to warn you though: The cheery Christmas songs and holly jolly messages may make this your merriest year yet. So make your favorite hot chocolate recipe, light the fire, and get ready for an unbeatable Christmas movie night—no “bah, humbugs” allowed!

It’s hard to make it through a December without streaming the Home Alone trilogy. It’s just not Christmas without the McCallisters!

Tim Allen gets stuck with Santa’s duties in the classic comedy about an estranged dad trying to get closer to his family.

Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader star in the Disney+ original Christmas movie about Santa’s kids and the pressure they feel about filling his shoes.

The Muppets are the stars in this retelling of the beloved Charles Dickens novel.

If magical is the mood you’re going for on Christmas day, then this live-action movie that takes place in the fantastical Narnia is a great choice.

There’s some debate about which Mighty Ducks movie is the best (cough, D2), but thankfully Disney+ has all three, so you can make an educated vote.

Equal parts spooky and seasonal, this classic tale is a good reminder of what really matters in life.

There’s something about Peter Pan’s imagination that makes him the ideal holiday mascot.

Star Wars has become a Christmas tradition for many families, and Disney+ has all the movies available for an out-of-this-galaxy marathon.

The latest of Disney’s live-action remakes is available exclusively on Disney+. We suggest watching the original first, and following it up with a screening of the newest version.

All your favorite Beauty and the Beast characters are back (except for Gaston) in the holiday sequel to the popular princess movie.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas took a break from his Home Improvement duties to play a spoiled school kid in the comedy that also stars Jessica Biel.

Many have forgotten how charming the original cartoon really is, and we’re here to remind you that it makes for wonderful post-Christmas dinner viewing.


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