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4 Tips That Will Immediately Up Your Cocktail Game

Erika Frey, a certified sommelier and specialist in spirits who teaches cocktail classes at the Boston Center for Adult Education (BCAE), said it’s not hard to serve something new if you just think outside the box.

“I love the experimentation of it,” Frey said about creating cocktails.

Frey will teach the class, “Boozy Summer Treats: Milkshakes & More” on Aug. 8 at the BCAE. Ahead of her class, she offered four tips for upping your cocktail game the next time you entertain.

“Cocktails don’t have to be spirits,” Frey said. “When we think of the traditional cocktail, we think of the very heavy, high-alcohol spirits. You can do a beer and wine cocktail.”

While teaching a beer cocktail class at the BCAE, some of her students were surprised by the cocktails she created with beer.

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