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5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips To Keep Blood Sugar Levels Low

Type 2 diabetes is a medical condition characterized by the uncontrollable build-up of sugar or glucose in your bloodstream. This happens when the cells in your body are unable to respond well to insulin as it normally should.

During the later stages of the ailment, the body may not be able to produce enough insulin that can help transfer glucose from the blood into the cells. This is a necessary process as the cells need glucose to be used as fuel or energy.

As a result, glucose could build-up in the bloodstream and could cause various chronic symptoms and lead to possible serious health complications. Expert dieticians say, however, that type 2 diabetes can efficiently be managed by eating a healthy diet, losing weight, and regular exercise.

According to dietician Juliette Kellow, it is possible to delay and even stop the development of type 2 diabetes. The key is making some changes to your lifestyle.


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