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5 Hottest Places To Travel In 2020 For Your Best Vacations

In less than a month we will be in a new year, and for many of us, that means a reload of our vacation days. If you’ve got kids, it means another spring break and assorted school vacations. For all of us, it means another spring, fall, summer and winter, so no matter what your leisure preferences, schedule or the type of travel you enjoy, it means another year full of exciting possibilities.

But for as long as I have been covering travel, a quarter of a century, there has always been an Iceland of the moment, a place that gets hot from media buzz rather than concrete reasons. If you haven’t been to Italy or Hawaii, by all means go, but if you are looking for something new, consider the places that are emerging as the new timely hotspots. There are limitless great possibilities when it comes to travel and you should go wherever your heart takes you – it’s not a Place A is “better” than Place B thing. But there is also an argument for being ahead of the curve, and when you see lists of heavily over-touristed spots such as Venice, Bali and Barcelona, you can’t help but wish you had gone years ago – when they first became “hot.”

Japan: The hottest of all the red-hot destinations, Japan has broken tourism records the past couple of years in a row and has been enjoying a perfect storm of tourism appeals that have elevated it onto the cover of just about every travel magazine. The big one is the 2020 Olympic Games, and after they view the country’s photogenic culture on TV, spectators will want to go. Japan has also benefited in just the past few years from an explosion of interest in its amazing skiing, arguably the best in the world, and certainly the snowiest. This has spiked interest in once off-season winter travel, and it shows no sign of slowing as Western brand resorts from Park Hyatt, Hilton, Club Med and Ritz-Carlton pour into Japan’s ski resorts. Many other new luxury hotels have opened both in and far beyond Tokyo, and more are coming, including the city’s second Four Seasons.

Japan has also benefited enormously from the recent rise of interest in all things culinary, and while still very unrepresented in this country beyond generally mediocre sushi and to a lesser degree ramen, Japanese cuisine is incredibly varied, artistic, and like skiing, arguably the world’s best. It’s also an easier place to get to then ever before, with more and faster direct flights and a big expansion of Tokyo’s nearer and more user-friendly Haneda airport. In a world increasingly rocked by violence, protests and disease outbreaks, it remains one of the safest places you can go, both from a crime and health perspective. Finally, for those seeking out a vibrant Pacific Rim urban experience, Tokyo will likely pick up traffic lost by Hong Kong and its authoritarian crisis (as will Singapore and Taipei).

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