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5 Things This Health-Obsessed Millionaire Does Every Day to Stay in Shape

For 2020, I’ve decided not to make any overwhelmingly large New Year’s resolutions. As the health-obsessed CEO of Hint Water and a busy mother of four, they often feel too far away and daunting.

Instead, I’m sticking to my existing daily routines — and improving them by adding simple, incremental changes. Research from Stanford University even suggests that breaking down ambitious pursuits by concentrating on small “sub-goals,” rather taking massive steps, is more effective.

Below is a glimpse into my daily routine, along with the few tiny upgrades I’ve added. It’s only been a little over a week since I’ve started, but I’m already noticing extraordinary improvements in my happiness, health, and productivity.

The moment I get up every morning, I check my emails and notifications for just a few minutes, and then put it away. Some might advise against this, but allowing myself a limited amount of phone time helps me resist the temptation of checking it too often the rest of the day.

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