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50 Years Ago, Fermilab Turned To Bubbles

In the Aug. 17 SN: A menagerie of neurons, Boston fights wicked high tides, liquid magnets, today’s truly global warming, ploonets, the origins of mammalian chewing and more.

BUBBLY PAST  This futuristic, metal ball was Fermilab’s 4.5-meter bubble chamber. Decommissioned in 1988, it’s now a prominent art piece called the Bubble Chamber Sculpture at the laboratory.

Use by visitors is expected to be especially large at the National Accelerator Laboratory now under construction at Batavia, Ill…. NAL staff and consultants agree that the laboratory will need a large bubble chamber, and it now plans to build one in collaboration with Brookhaven National Laboratory. — Science News. August 16, 1969

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