Corporate Culture

6 Sure Signs That You Love Your Job and Work in a Great Company Culture

For too many companies, the energy targeting increased profits and rapid scaling is misdirected into a focus on innovation, creativity, and invention. These, of course, are critical outputs in the pursuit of business expansion.

They are not the answer alone, however. Leadership is. More specifically, leadership that inspires the entrepreneurial spirit that has driven so many impactful ideas and guided them from inspiration to successful business.

Race car drivers will tell you they don’t focus on being fast; they focus on being smooth, and smooth begets fast. For leaders, focusing on culture begets long-term business success.

Reggie Aggarwal, who founded event tech company Cvent, focuses intently on maintaining the culture of his company with an emphasis on fostering intrapreneurship — a system that encourages employees to think and act like individual entrepreneurs and empowers them to take action, embrace risk, and make decisions as if they had founded the company themselves.

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