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7 Things Mental Health Experts Wish Everyone Knew about Therapy

Misconceptions about mental health and therapy prevent many people from talking to a professional. Although one in four Americans report seeing a counselor during their lifetime, according to a 2018 survey conducted by the Barna group, individuals who seek counseling are most likely to have family members who attend therapy. Those who haven’t known anyone who goes to counseling are much less likely to receive treatment.

Individuals who don’t have family members attending therapy may not understand the purpose of treatment. Or, they may be skeptical about the effectiveness of therapy.

Clearing up misunderstandings about therapy might encourage more people to talk to someone about their mindset. Here are seven things mental health experts wish everyone knew about therapy:

No one ever says, “She’s weak. That’s why she goes to the dentist to get her teeth cleaned.” After all, we appreciate people who take care of their teeth.

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