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New York Declares State of Emergency After Finding Polio Virus in Wastewater

New York declared a state of emergency Friday after detecting polio virus in Long Island wastewater. The discovery in Nassau County, Long Island, signals a more extensive virus spread within the state’s population.

$34B of US Real Estate May Be Fully or Partially Underwater by 2050

Rising waters due to climate change could engulf $34 billion in US real estate within the next 30 years.

Judge Rules Elon Musk Can Use Whistleblower Claims in Twitter Lawsuit

Twitter paid $7 million to former security head Peiter Zatko before he filed a whistleblower complaint against the company. A judge has ruled that Zatko’s allegations can be part of Musk’s defense in his legal battle with Twitter.

More Plaintiffs Join Lawsuit v. NCAA Claiming Student Athletes Deserve Pay

Former Villanova University football player Ralph “Trey” Johnson sued the N.C.A.A. in November 2019, claiming that college athletes should be considered employees at the schools they play for under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Airlines Commit to Providing Meals and Hotel Rooms After Canceled Flights

Pete Buttigieg, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation, put pressure on major airlines to improve their customer service policies when passengers face flight disruptions.
lord of the rings

Original ‘LOTR’ Cast Stands in Solidarity With ‘Rings of Power’ Cast Amid Racist Backlash

The original cast of “The Lord of the Rings” movies are standing in solidarity with the diverse cast of Amazon’s new series “Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.”

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World News

Mikaya Heart Holistic Healer

How Expanding Our Consciousness Helps Us To Overcome Fears And Develop Compassion | Mikaya Heart

We are frequently held back from realizing our full potential by fear and other negative emotions. According to holistic healer Mikaya Heart, these limiting factors can be overcome if we gather our courage and commit to the process of dealing with them.

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As Floods Hit Pakistan, Millions Are In Search For Help

In over a decade, millions of Pakistanis are fighting for their lives and searching for aid as they are overwhelmed by the scale of the disaster.

Ukraine Celebrates Their Independence Day With A Careful Look Towards Russia

This Wednesday, Ukraine celebrated their Independence Day which also marked the 31st anniversary of when the country voted to break off from the Soviet Union.

At Least Eight People, Including Five Americans, Injured In Jerusalem Shooting Terror Attack 

Around 1:30 am local time Sunday, police responded to reports of a “terrorist armed with weapons who shot at a bus and vehicles in a parking lot near the Old City of Jerusalem.” The attack took place near the Western Wall in Jerusalum’s Old City, where the shooter targeted a bus in the area. 

Ugandan Government Shuts Down LGBT+ Organization, Members Call The Move A ‘Clear Witch Hunt’ 

Uganda’s government this week decided to shut down operations of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), a non-governmental organization that works on improving LGBT+ rights in the nation. The government released a statement in which they explained that the group was operating illegally in the country. 

U.S. News

Green The Rooted Bridge

How A Social Worker Has Helped To Bring Awareness And Accessibility To Maternal Mental Health | Amy Green

Pregnancy and postpartum can be wonderful experiences, but they can also have a significant impact on the birthing person. Depression and anxiety could strain the new parent, leaving them lost and afraid. That potential outcome is why NCCC founder Amy Green has strived to provide birthing parents support and education to help them overcome mental health struggles.

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President Biden Announces New Student-Loan Forgiveness Plan To Help Millions

President Biden’s new student-loan plan will help relieve millions of Americans from debt.

Donald Trump Pleads The Fifth, Won’t Answer New York Attorney General’s Questions

On Wednesday, former President Donald Trump invoked the Fifth Amendment and will not answer any questions under oath in New York Attorney General Letitia James' civil investigation, which is looking into whether Trump's organization misstated valuable assets.

Following Trip, Nancy Pelosi Offers Support To Taiwan Despite Threats, Criticism

Following a trip to Taiwan that made her the first U.S. Speaker to visit the country in more than 25 years, Nancy Pelosi voiced her and her delegation's continued support despite the trip heightening tensions between China and the U.S.

Wildfire Near Yosemite National Park Becomes California’s Largest This Year

Firefighters are continuing to battle against what is now the largest California wildfire this year, one that has forced thousands to evacuate while destroying 41 homes and other buildings near Yosemite National Park, according to officials.

Business News


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The Long Awaited “Edit” Button Is Finally On Twitter

Twitter announced that they would finally be adding an edit button for those who have may type something a little fast and accidentally tweet without reading what they wrote. 
electric car

Honda and LG Team Up To Build An EV Battery Plant In The United States

In a recent press release, Honda Motor and LG Energy Solution revealed that they are planning to invest $4.4 billion in order to build a new battery production plant for electric vehicles. 

One Third Of Households In The United Kingdom Facing Poverty Due To Rising Energy Costs 

According to campaigners from the United Kingdom, nearly one third of households in the nation will face poverty by the winter due to increasing energy costs and paying bills that are expected to rise in price even further with the new year. 

Illinois Amazon Warehouse Employees Allege Racially Hostile Work Environment 

The employees are alleging that they’ve experienced corporate abuse, racial discrimination, and retaliation. 

Culture News


Visual Effects Artists Speak Out Against Marvel Mistreatment 

Individuals who have worked for Marvel’s visual effects department say that the company constantly had high demands and would overwork employees for little money to create the movie magic.

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Lance Bass and Danielle Fishel Tease New Movie That They Are Working On About Their Past Relationship

In a recent episode of “Pod Meets World,” Lance Bass guest starred and teased that “him and fellow actor Danielle Fishel have been working together to create a movie that recounts their time together.

AI Rapper FN Meka Dropped From Capitol Records After Being Called Out For Racial Stereotyping 

Capitol Records has dropped AI rapper FN Meka and offered its “deepest apologies to the Black community,” after the virtual celebrity was criticized for perpetuating racist stereotypes. This comes just 10 days after the record label signed FN Meka. 

Following Backlash, Hulu Will Begin To Accept Political Advertisements

Following backlash from Democrats, Hulu has gone back on its decision to reject political advertisements focusing on hotly-contested issues like the Jan. 6 insurrection, abortion, and gun control. It's just the latest political debacle parent company Disney has found itself in this year.

California’s “Late Start” Mandate For Middle and High Schools Offers Mental Health Benefits

A mandate in California has gone into effect that will see middle schools be able to start no earlier than 8:00 a.m., while high schools can start no later than 8:30 a.m. It comes as an effort to help students — who are currently at all-time high levels of stress — receive much-needed sleep, which will in turn help learning and attentiveness.

Entertainment News


‘The Godfather,’ ‘Misery’ Star James Caan Passes Away At 82

Actor James Caan, famously known for his roles in "The Godfather," "Misery," and "Elf" passed away Thursday at the age of 82. Caan leaves behind a legacy of memorable performances that helped to solidify him as Hollywood's "tough guy."

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Taylor Swift Teases New Album “Midnights” At MTV Video Music Awards

Sunday night marked a historic night as Taylor Swift became won the biggest award of the night, Video of the Year. 

Olivia Wilde Speaks Out For The First Time Over Being Served Child Custody Papers At CinemaCon

As Wilde was getting ready to show some footage for the new movie, she was handed an envelope which was originally perceived as containing a script. Within the envelope actually contained child custody papers that were from her former partner, Jason Sudeikis. 

Sorry, Streamers: Disney+ Subscription Cost To Rise 38% In December

Disney has announced it will be raising the monthly ad-free subscription price of Disney+ to $10.99, a 38% increase, on Dec. 8th. To keep the same price, users will have to opt into an ad-based tier, which will launch on the same day.
comic con

San Diego Comic-Con Mandating Masks And Health Pass Screenings To Attend 

According to the set of health and safety protocols, all convention attendees must provide vaccine verification that proves they’ve received at least two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, or proof of a negative test taken within 72 hours. 

Health News


Inside A Neurologist Professor’s Progressive Research On Traumatic Brain Injuries In Veterans | Dr. James Russell Couch, Jr.

For many veterans, the fight doesn't end when they step off the battle. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can cause significant cognitive, behavioral, and physical damage. However, thanks to research from experts like Dr. James Russell Couch, Jr., more analysis is being found on these afflictions while providing a pathway for better treatment and awareness.

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A Single-Dose ‘Polypill’ Found To Be A Life Saving Drug

A three-in-one drug combo was recently found and it helps those who have a history of heart attacks find a new way to stay healthy. 

Study Finds Regular Physical Activity Could Reduce Covid-19 Risk 

According to a data analysis published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, regular exercise can lower the risk of developing Covid-19 or getting seriously ill when one contracts the virus. The data suggests that about 20 minutes of exercise a day yielded the greatest results. 

U.S. Declares Monkeypox A Public Health Emergency

On Thursday, the federal government declared the ongoing monkeypox outbreak — which has now affected 7,012 Americans — a public health emergency in an attempt to help strengthen responses. With that declaration, additional money will be directed toward resources for the virus.

Following Unanimous Vote, CDC Recommends Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine

Novavax's COVID-19 vaccine has been approved by the CDC, allowing it to hit the public. Unlike Pfizer and Moderna's vaccines, Novavax's utilizes lab-made spike protein copies and adjuvant, which might be more appealing to those unsure of mRNA technology.

Lifestyle News


How To Keep Safe And Hydrated During The Intense Heat Waves

With millions of Americans under heat advisories and temperatures not expected to cool off anytime soon, it's important to know how you and your family can continue your daily activities while maintaining safety and health.

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Movie Theater’s Across The Country Celebrate “National Cinema Day” With Cheap Tickets

All across the country, movie tickets are only going to cost $3 for National Cinema Day.

Protected: How To Make Travel Easier On Yourself And On Your Body

While you are on all your traveling adventures, it could take a toll on both you and your body. It’s important to take care of yourself to ensure that you have the best trip possible. 

How To Help Your Pets And Wildlife Stay Cool During The Final Month Of Summer 

Rising temperatures around the world are impacting pets and wildlife greatly this year. Pet owners are doing everything they can to keep their furry friends cool and safe for the remainder of the summer, but it’s important to think about the wildlife animals that are also enduring this heat. 

US Pools Closing Amid Nationwide Lifeguard Shortage 

Major cities throughout New York, Chicago, New Orleans, and many others are announcing reduced hours of operations for public pools, or just shutting down entirely due to the shortage of lifeguards. 

Real Estate News

best places to live

The Best Places To Live In America This Year 

Real Estate company Niche has released their fifth annual report of the Best Places to Live in America, which includes a number of different categories including the most affordable places in the nation to live. 

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For sale

The Housing Market Is In A Recession And What It Means For Those Looking To Buy A House

Over the last few months, the housing market was at an all time high between high demand, surging prices and low interest rates.
housing market

Home Sale Cancellations Seeing Highest Rates Since Start Of Pandemic

According to Redfin, 60,000 home sale cancellations occurred in June, the highest mark since March and April of 2020. It's a rate that rose from 12.7% in May and 11.2% from this time in 2021 and is a result of recently raised mortgage rates.
background check

Florida Landlord’s Required To Background Check Workers Under New ‘Miya’s Law’ 

The new law requires all landlord’s to use a consumer reporting agency (online databases) to screen prospective employee’s criminal records and sex offender registries within all 50 states and the District of Colombia. 

Study Shows ‘Yellowstone’ Show Has Had Giant Impact On Montana Economy, Real Estate

A study found that Paramount's popular "Yellowstone" show has greatly helped both the economy and real estate industry in Montana, as ranch properties are seeing their values soar. Meanwhile, the overall population growth has shot up thanks to the state's amazing scenery and isolation.

Science News

shark sign

Why Sharks Have Been Roaming Closer To The Shore This Summer 

Summer beachgoers have had to be extra cautious this summer as several reports of shark bite injuries and general sightings of ocean predators off the Northeast coast of the US have become prominent. 

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black hole

NASA Releases Footage Found From A Black Hole That Leaves An Ominous Sound

In a recent tweet from NASA, they revealed some mysterious audio from a galaxy cluster that can be found 240 million lightyears away from Earth.

UK Approves Updated Covid-19 Vaccine From Moderna, Targets Omicron And Original Strain 

The United Kingdom has become the first nation to approve an updated version of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine booster, meant to target the omicron strain as well as the original virus that first appeared in 2020. 

James Webb Space Telescope Experiences ‘Significant Uncorrectable’ Damage From Meteoroid

NASA has reported that a meteoroid hit the James Webb Space Telescope, causing “significant and uncorrectable” damage to one of the main panels the telescope uses to look into deep space. 
white house

White House Covid-19 Response Coordinator Explains Why Some Americans Don’t Trust The Science

Dr. Ashish Jha, the White House’s Covid response coordinator, recently spoke at the Aspen Ideas Festival and explained why Americans continue to grow less trusting of medical advice from experts. One of the biggest reasons cited is due to a lack of representation in the scientific/medical field. 

Sports News


MLB Trade Deadline: Which Pitchers Or Hitters Could Be On The Move?

With the MLB deadline approaching, a number of players — including Juan Soto, Willson Contreras, and Luis Castillo — could be attempting to help bring home a championship for a new team come October.

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Jimmy Garoppolo’s Return To The 49ers Could Mean Bad News For Trey Lance

The 49ers recently signed a new one-year contract over the course of the 2022 NFL season with Jimmy Garoppolo.

Dallas Cowboys’ Tyron Smith Out Of Season Until At Least December Due To Knee Injury

Right before the opening of the season, the Dallas Cowboys will be starting out without their Pro Bowl left tackle Tyron Smith. 

Grading MLB’s Biggest Offseason Moves At The Season’s Midway Point

With the baseball season at the All-Star break, let's look in and see of some of this offseason's biggest signings have panned out for both the teams and players around the league.

Boston Celtics Complete Comeback As They Steal Game 1 Of NBA Finals Away From Golden State Warriors

Facing a 12 point deficit at the start of the fourth quarter, the Boston Celtics roared to life, scoring 40 points in the final 12 minutes to overcome the Golden State Warriors, 120-108, in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Helping Boston was their terrific three-point shooting (21-for-41).

Technology News


Amazon Acquires Roomba Maker iRobot For $1.7 Billion

On Friday, commerce titan Amazon announced it acquired iRobot, the maker of the Roomba vacuum, for $61 per share in an all-cash transaction that will equal a total of $1.7 billion. It will join Amazon's already impressive collection of smart devices.

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Asus Reveals New Foldable Tablet/Laptop Hybrid

Roughly seven months ago, Asus announced that they would be creating the first foldable 17in tablet that can also become a laptop. 

The Newest VR Headset To Be Released In October From Meta

On Thursday, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed the latest addition to his line of virtual reality headsets will be making their debut in October.

Anti-Vax Dating Site Could Expose Data From Over 3,500 Users Due To Bug 

“Unjected” is a dating site specifically made for individuals who are not vaccinated against Covid-19. According to reports from the Daily Dot, the site failed to take basic precautions when it came to keeping users’ data secure, which left sensitive personal information exposed and vulnerable to potentially anyone. 

GLAAD Report Shows Social Media Giants Aren’t Doing Enough To Protect LGBTQ Users

According to GLAAD's Social Media Safety Index (SMSI), all five major platforms scored below 50% when it comes to their approach toward both protecting, and helping to properly represent, users from the LGBTQ community.

Travel News


Lost Luggage Seeing A Surge During Summer Travel Months

As travel picks up across the country in the wake of relaxed COVID-19 protocols, so are mishaps. According to data by the Department of Transportation, airlines misplaced almost 220,000 bags in April, up from 127,000 a year ago.

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Fall Vacations Increase By 40% As People Search Online For A Getaway

With the summer months coming to a close and the crisp autumn breeze begins to fill the air, people are still looking for that perfect getaway. 

Domestic Airfare To Drop 40% In Fall Months After Pricey And Demanding Summer Travel

According to Hopper, domestic airfare will drop to $286 in August, down 25% compared to May's airfare and over 10% from July's. Meanwhile, September and October will see drops of about 40% ($238 for a domestic round-trip) from the peak summer months.

Despite Increased Prices, OAG Study Shows Travel Demand Remains Strong

According to a survey by OAG, travel demand is sky high (as are the prices). 27% more people are traveling this summer than in the summer of 2021, while 63% of travelers have booked or are planning to book international flights, up from 49% last year.
Flights Cancelled

Airlines Set To Cancel Thousands Of Flights Due To Staffing Shortage

Due to a pilot shortage, airlines have had to endure sizeable hits to their flight schedules. Southwest Airlines has cancelled 20,000 flights from June to Labor Day, while Delta Airlines has stated it will be cutting 100 daily flights from July 1 to Aug. 7. While rules are being loosened to help buffen the workforce, it doesn't look like a quick fix.