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EU Flag

EU Ready to Work With Biden to Settle Long-Running Trade Disputes

The European Union (EU) has this week acknowledged a move made by the new US government to refrain from imposing additional tariffs on EU goods as part of a long-term dispute over aircraft tariffs, and said it was ready to work with the Biden administration to resolve trade disputes.
Flag of China

BBC News Banned in China

BBC World News has been banned from airing by the Chinese government, a week after Beijing threatened retaliation for the recent decision to revoke China’s state-owned CGTN’s British broadcasting license.
Apple Store

Apple Is Creating A Magnetic Battery Pack Attachment For iPhones

Apple has announced that they are currently working on a magnetically attached battery pack for its newest line of iPhone models. This wireless accessory would charge the phone the same way a chargeable case would. 

Walmart Raises Wages For Over 400,000 US Workers 

Walmart has announced that they would be raising the wages for 425,000 of its 1.5 million US workers, and will be investing $14 billion in speeding up distribution networks to help workers better cope with the demands of the Covid-19 pandemic.

NASA Celebrates Landing Of Perseverance Rover On Mars 

NASA’s Perseverance rover landed on Mars this Thursday after a seven-minute long plunge through the atmosphere which left scientists at the edge of their seat.
Police Car

Bruce Springsteen Charged With Drunk Driving

It has been revealed that Bruce Springsteen was arrested in a national park in New Jersey in November last year on charges of driving under the influence.

World News

Doctor Holding Coronavirus Vaccine Syringe

Covid-19 Vaccine Delays Are Hindering Europe’s Pandemic Recovery

Health officials in Europe are threatening legal action against the two vaccine makers as a means of introducing export controls on doses.

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Coronavirus Vaccine in Bottles

Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine Proven To Reduce Symptomatic Covid-19 In Real World

Researchers in Israel this week announced that Pfizer-BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine has appeared to reduce symptomatic coronavirus infections by more than 90% in the real world now that more and more populations are receiving their doses. 

Lying About High-Risk Travel In England Can Get You Up To 10 Years In Prison 

England announced new Covid-19 travel and border policies this Tuesday that state anyone arriving in the country and found to have lied about a recent trip to a country on the British government's travel ban list could face up to 10 years in prison.
Sputnik V Vaccine

Russia’s Sputnik V Vaccine Is Safe And Effective Against Treating Covid-19 

Russia announced this week that their Sputnik V vaccine is 91.6% effective against symptomatic Covid-19, and 100% effective against severe and moderate cases of the disease.
COVID-19 Economy

New Covid-19 Variants Could Pose Major Threat To Global Economy In 2021

According to the International Monetary Fund, the pandemic could potentially hinder a global economic turnaround this year despite the slew of mass vaccination programs being implemented throughout the world and various levels of stimulus packages helping assist some countries. 

U.S. News

The White House

President Biden Orders Pandemic Supply Chain Review For 4 Key Industries

Joe Biden will sign an executive order this week that will call for the review of global supply chains responsible for providing pandemic gear to the nation.

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Capitol Rioters Using Trump As An Excuse In Court 

While Donald Trump himself was recently acquitted by the Senate for inciting an insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th, after being the first president to be impeached by the House twice, his supporters aren’t finding themselves so lucky.
The White House Podium

Biden Administration To Begin Admitting Asylum-Seekers Forced To Wait In Mexico By Trump 

The Biden administration has announced that they will be allowing migrants into the US who have been forced to remain in Mexico while their asylum cases are processed due to a Trump-era policy.

Major Conservative Attorney Claims Trump Impeachment Trial Is Constitutional

Conservative attorney Chuck Cooper, most recently known for being the lawyer for former national security adviser John Bolton, has gone public with his argument that the Senate impeachment trial of former president Donald Trump is solidly grounded in the Constitution and should proceed as planned. 

NY Doctors Perform First Double Hands And Face Transplant 

This Wednesday, doctors at NYU Langone Medical Center announced that after 23 long hours in surgery they had performed the first successful face and double hands transplant on 22-year-old Joe Dimeo.

Business News

Texas Storm Exposes Just How Unprepared US Energy Grids Are For Climate Change

Electric grid regulators throughout the US are claiming that the nation must develop new and vast supplies of energy storage to cope with future climate change related incidents.

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Pfizer and UPS Reveal Q4 Earnings

Pfizer and UPS have each reported 2020 Q4 earnings in announcements made this week. Signs were good for both firms as they both reported positive news, due in some part to them collaborating to provide vaccinations across the country.
Baby Food

Toxic Metals Found In Major Baby Food Brands, Congressional Report Finds 

Levels of arsenic, lead, and other toxic metals, that have been proven to harm brain development, have been found in many popular baby food brands, according to a congressional report.
JetBlue Airplane

American Airlines, Southwest Signal For More Aid Amid Record Losses

American Airlines Group Inc and Southwest Airlines Co posted their largest ever annual losses this week and both signalled for additional aid from the government as the airline industry continues to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic.
Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Johnson & Johnson Single-Shot Covid-19 Vaccine 85% Effective Against Virus 

Johnson & Johnson announced some promising news this week, claiming that their single-shot Covid-19 vaccine is proving to be 66% effective at preventing symptomatic disease and 85% effective against preventing severe illness. 

Culture News

Justin Timberlake Apologizes To Britney Spears Following Conservatorship Exposure

After the New York Times documentary was released last week the public has been scrutinizing the industry, media, and multiple individuals within it that helped lead to the demise of Britney Spears.

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Britney Spears Star

Britney Spears’s Conservatorship Case Heading Back To Court 

The legal battle over Britney Spears’s finances and conservatorship is heading back to Los Angeles court this Thursday, just days after a new Hulu documentary sparked widespread outrage over the controversial guardianship the pop star has been living under.
Football in Lit Up Stadium

7,500 Health Care Workers Given Free Tickets to Super Bowl

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has announced that the league has invited approximately 7,500 vaccinated health care workers to the Super Bowl to ‘thank and honor them for their continued extraordinary service during the pandemic.’
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Man Falsely Imprisoned For 37 Years Receives Helping Hand From Super Bowl Hosts

After spending almost 37 years incarcerated for a crime he did not commit, Florida man Robert DuBoise naturally encountered a few issues while trying to reintegrate himself back into society. When three Tampa Bay Buccaneers players heard his story, they were compelled to lend their hands in DuBoise’s reintroduction to free life.
Westworld Show

Actress Evan Rachel Wood Among Victims Accusing Marilyn Manson Of Grooming And Abuse

Evan Rachel Wood, most famously known for her role in Westworld, has now publicly accused Marilyn Manson of “horrifically abusing” her for years. In an Instagram post from Wood she detailed the allegations and named Manson by his stage and real name of Brian Warner. 

Entertainment News

Music Recording

Taylor Swift Says She’s Going To Start Releasing New Versions Of Her First Six Albums

The re-recordings have been in the works for some time now after Swift has been battling over the ownership of her master recordings.

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Remembering Salsa Icon Johnny Pacheco, Who Passed Away At 85 This Week

Johnny Pacheco was the co-founder of Fania Records, a trailblazing salsa music label that was one of the first of its kind. Unfortunately, this week Pacheco passed away at the age of 85 due to complications caused by pneumonia.
Golden Globe

Historic Day For Female Directors as Golden Globe Nominations Announced

After the release of the Golden Globe’s nominations this week, history has been made for women in the film and television industry. For the first time ever, the awards show has nominated three female directors for best director, an important moment for those calling for increased recognition of the work of women in Hollywood.

HBO Announces Four-Part Docuseries On Woody Allen Allegations 

One of the most controversial figures in Hollywood will have his life, and all of the allegations made throughout his career, explored in a four-part HBO docuseries called ‘Allen v Farrow.’

Pamela Anderson Marries Bodyguard She Hired For Lockdown

Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson has revealed how happy she is after a Christmas Eve wedding to her bodyguard. The 54-year-old actress married Dan Hayhurst in a small ceremony at her home on Canada's Vancouver Island. This is Anderson’s fifth marriage,

Health News

How CBD Has Changed The Way We Look At Cannabis And Improving Our Health | Casco Bay Hemp

Casco Bay Hemp is one of the top CBD retailers in Maine, but their fundraising efforts that work to educate the world on the benefits of hemp is what really makes them so popular.

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Doctor Holding Coronavirus Vaccine Syringe

Vaccine Providers Pledge 240 Million Covid-19 Vaccine Doses By The End Of March 

Johnson & Johnson has joined Pfizer and Moderna in their commitment to the US to provide a total of 240 million vaccine doses by the end of March.
Older Woman Getting Covid Vaccine

Vaccines Could be Available to the General Public in April, Fauci Says

The general public may be granted access to Covid-19 vaccines as soon as April and the country may be able to have most Americans inoculated by the middle or end of the summer, Dr. Anthony Fauci said this week.

Scientists Want To Use Artificial Intelligence To ‘Predict The Next Coronavirus’

A team of scientists are working to use artificial intelligence (AI) to work out when another novel coronavirus could emerge. The researchers are using a combination of fundamental biology as well as machine learning to get a better grasp over where these viruses come from. 
Syrigne of Covid Vaccine

UK Study Seeks to Find Efficacy of Combining Vaccines

Scientists in the UK have begun the world’s first ever study to examine whether different coronavirus vaccines can be used together safely for two-dose regimens, a tactic which could potentially provide extra flexibility and even boost protection against the virus if approved.

Lifestyle News

FetchaADate Meet Pet Owners

Niche Dating Sites Are Helping People Find Love In The Most Unique Ways | FetchaDate

Dating Apps that focus on individual passions are rising in popularity, one of the most unique being FetchaDate, a dating service used for pet-owners to find love.

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Two Hearts

Valentine’s Day Date Night at Home

There may be a multitude of reasons why a couple decides to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home, and why not?
Girl Working at Home

Joint and Muscle Pain From Home Working

The increase in home working has led to an increase of people, young and old, suffering with various muscle and joint pains. 

What Is ASMR And How Is It Helping So Many People Relax?

ASMR refers to the pleasurable feeling one gets from certain noises or sensations. Have you ever gotten a tingle down your spine from the sound of a hair buzzer coming close to your ear? Felt relaxed while listening to the waves crash on the beach? That’s ASMR. 
Black Lives Matter Paper

President Biden’s Work in Racial Injustice

Joe Biden recently became the 46th President of the United States of America and his first weeks of presidency have been full of executive orders addressing issues such as climate change, COVID-19, racial inequality and more. Seventeen of which were signed just hours after his inauguration.

Real Estate News

Cybersecurity Real Estate

Real Estate Agencies Creating ‘Incident Response Plans’ To Prepare For Potential Cyberattacks

The amount of personal information exchanged during a real estate transaction makes the industry especially vulnerable to these kinds of online attacks.

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Real Estate Home & Keys

Common Real Estate Myths

Whether you are looking at buying your first home, selling your first home or purchasing your next home you’ve probably come across some common Real Estate myths during your time on the property ladder.
NYC Real Estate

How Commercial Real Estate Will Advance In 2021 Thanks To Digital Marketing 

While the administration hasn’t announced a concrete plan on how they intend to do so, digital services that help businesses monitor their carbon emissions is already proving to show success for the commercial real estate sector.
Organic Vegetables

The Benefits Of a Home Vegetable Patch

If you are a fan of Michelle Obama, you may have recently seen her Instagram post that pictured a basket of fresh vegetables, sent to her by the new First Lady, Jill Biden, from the White House Garden which was planted by Michelle in 2009 as part of her initiative to promote healthier eating amongst American families.
Smart Home Controller

How Eco-Friendly Home Appliances Can Improve Your Home

There are plenty of home improvements that you can make to your home to become eco-friendlier and reduce your carbon footprint. These can be big changes – such as switching energy providers or installing solar panelling, to small changes such as opting for LED lighting, composting or purchasing sustainable products.

Science News

Covid-19 Variants Causing Scientists To Rethink Vaccine Strategy

Top vaccine scientists throughout the world have made it known that current Covid-19 vaccine rollout programs need to be reexamined after variants of the virus are proving to be more resistant.

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COVID19 Test

New Covid Symptoms Identified in a UK study

A new study has identified four new symptoms in a study of COVID-19. Currently, health bodies across the world, although slightly varied, generally report a fever or high temperature, a new continuous cough, and changes to your sense of taste and smell as the classic and main symptoms of COVID-19.
Moderna Covid Vaccine

US Just Officially Purchased 200 Million More Covid-19 Vaccines 

When President Joe Biden took office a few weeks ago he promised Americans that his administration would be purchasing another 200 million Covid-19 vaccine doses; 100 million from Pfizer and 100 million from Moderna.
Positive Covid Test

New Research Finds COVID Mortality Has Dropped Since The Pandemic Began

For more than a year now the world has been battling with the global COVID-19 pandemic, and although there has been many a time where hopes that the virus spread may be easing, many countries have faced second and third waves causing tighter restrictions to be put in place.
UK Covid Variant

Is The UK Coronavirus Variant Deadlier?

There have been several new variants of the COVID-19 virus since its emergence in Wuhan in 2019 and mutations are expected in any virus. The rate of mutation in SARS-CoV-2 is apparently low compared to other viruses such as the flu. However, viruses have the opportunity to mutate as more and more humans become infected with the virus.

Sports News

Football Stadium Field

Super Bowl LV Most Streamed Game In NFL History

In general, this was the least-watched Super Bowl in recent history, but it was the most streamed game in NFL history, likely due to the multitude of platforms that now exist and offer live television for its users.

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Female Tennis Player

Serena Williams To Face Naomi Osaka In Australian Open Semi-Finals 

Serena Williams produced a stellar performance at the Australian Open semi-final against Simona Halep this past week, granting her the opportunity to face Naomi Osaka in Thursday’s semi-final.

Houston Texans Quarterback Deshaun Watson Officially Requests Trade

Star quarterback Deshaun Watson has officially requested to be traded away from the Houston Texans, per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. The 25-year-old 2017 first round pick signed a four-year contract extension worth $177.5 million with the franchise last summer.
Super bowl

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Crowned Super Bowl Champions

An NFL season unlike any other has culminated the same way it has six times previously. Tom Brady, now 43, earned his seventh Super Bowl victory, two more than any other player in the history of the NFL. This time it was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who became the first team to host, then win, a Super Bowl in their own stadium.
2021 Super Bowl

Super Bowl Matchup Set: Buccaneers Will Host Chiefs

Despite the most challenging year in its history, the NFL has managed to deliver a complete season and the time to look forward to the Super Bowl is upon us again. It will be the first Super Bowl to be played in a team’s home stadium as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers host last year’s champions the Kansas City Chiefs at the Raymond James Stadium.

Technology News

Facebook App on Wood Background

Facebook News Ban In Australia Blocks Pages For Fire Services And Charities

Facebook made the sudden decision to block people from sharing the news in Australia, which has led to a multitude of government organization and service group pages to be completely removed from the social media platform.

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Global Travel Map

Denmark’s Offshore Wind Island

Denmark has recently announced its majority stake in the world first artificial ‘energy island.’ The offshore wind farm will be built in the North Sea, 50 miles or 80km offshore west of the Jutland peninsula.

Pigs Can Play Video Games? Study Shows ‘Remarkable’ Level Of Mental Flexibility In Species

According to a new study published in ‘Frontiers In Psychology,’ pigs are proving to have a remarkable level of behavioral and mental flexibility after scientists tested the ability of four pigs to play a simple joystick-enabled video game.

Social Media Site, Bebo, Makes Comeback

Some will remember the name Bebo, a social media website circa the early 2000’s, similar to the now-extinct Myspace where users could create customized profiles and interact with friends.
Phone Using Spotify

New Spotify Technology Can Recommend Songs Based on Your Emotions

Spotify has patented technology which will allow it to make more accurate music recommendations. The technology can analyse your voice and suggest songs based on a variety of information such as your emotional state, gender, age and accent. The patent was first filed in 2018 and granted on the 12th of January.

Travel News

Travel Industry Is Bracing For A Slower Recovery Than Expected In 2021

The tourism industry has been one of the most heavily impacted sectors of the US economy, and while 2021 was initially looking hopeful in terms of recovery, experts aren’t as convinced now. 

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Glamping’s Rise In Popularity Could Be The Answer To Vacationing This Summer 

Glamping and camping endeavors have increased greatly within the past year thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the fact that the virus forces all of us to stay a part, camping has given people the perfect opportunity to get out of their house and travel while remaining safe and healthy. 
Travel during COVID

What Could Post-Vaccine Travel Look Like?

We may know that international travel is off the table for some time, but that does not stop us dreaming of the day that the pandemic is over and we can jet off to new places.
UK Passport and Mask

Travel Out of The UK Must Be Deemed Essential

The global COVID-19 pandemic has placed an indefinite hold on much of the tourism industry, thousands of planes have remained grounded throughout prime travel periods as less people have been able to travel due to COVID restrictions. For those countries that allowed travel, some implemented quarantine rules for those entering or leaving the country.
Woman Traveling in Greece

Top Tips From A Travel Agent On Booking Future Vacations 

Nadine Cresswell-Myatt is a travel journalist who recently published the best tips she’s ever received from a travel agent before, so here are some things to keep in mind the next time you have the opportunity to leave your house for a while.