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College Dorm Room

Is A Dorm Room More Important Than A Textbook? The College Housing Issue

If you are or were a college student in the United States, then you most likely know that a majority of your tuition bill is actually room and board costs. More times than not, this aspect of tuition is the most expensive, and tends to be double the cost of standard attendance for most universities. 
Music Festival

Remembering Woodstock: Seeing Past the Idealism

It may be impossible for an event like Woodstock to happen again today, but nothing, not even the original event itself, could live up to the fantastical mythology that has been created around it.
Fire in the Amazon

Fighting Fire With Fire: How Smoke From Fires In Africa Are Keeping The Amazon Alive

"There have been a total of 72,843 fires in Brazil this year, with more than half in the Amazon region. That's more than an 80% increase compared with the same period last year. The Amazon is also often referred to as the planet's lungs, producing 20% of the oxygen in the earth's atmosphere"
Opioid Crisis

Could the US Opioid Crisis Have Been Prevented?

On average, 130 Americans die every day from opioid overdose, and this number continues to rise. As such, many are left wondering why the government has been so slow to act, what additional actions can be taken to address the epidemic, and what factors contributed to the genesis and expansion of the crisis.
Baseball Game

DON’T Take Me Out To The Ball Game…

Has baseballs meaning changed so much that fans are giving up hope? It’s not only the older fans that are upset, but retired players as well feel that the game’s meaning has changed, minimizing the technical skills of the players and shifting the goal of the game to be about who can get the most home runs. 
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe?

The relationship we currently have with artificial intelligence is highly complex. But as technology inevitably improves, and artificial intelligence becomes even more deeply ingrained into our lives, the number of problems it creates will only expand.

‘Follow Your Dreams’: How One Woman’s Road To Financial Success Is Inspiring The World | Theodora Uniken Venema

Throughout our lives, we’re raised on the idea that we’re meant to go to school, graduate, get a job, and work until retirement. Theodora Uniken Venema knew from a young age she was going to break that mold, and now wears many career hats to prove it. While she’s most well known for her successful career in finance, real estate, and international investing, it’s her passion to never give up on her own happiness that inspires the people around her.

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World News

God’s Anointed House: How One Ministry Is Using Faith To Help You Find Your Purpose | Pastor Revella Booker Pugh

After this past year, it’s safe to say many of us have been left uncertain when it comes to our path in life. Many have been turning to their faith to help guide them through these troubling times, including Pastor Revella Pugh, who shepherds God Anointed House, a ministry focused on helping others find their purpose, and live a truly fulfilled life through their faith.

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Smoggy Air Pollution Forces India to Close Schools, Consider Lockdown

Due to heavy smog and air pollution, India has announced school and coal-burning plant closures in New Delhi. Additionally, the country is also considering a lockdown in order to provide some relief for pollution. However, some have criticized the idea, saying it wouldn't accomplish much — if at all — while also interrupting the lives of millions. India has struggled with pollution for decades, as they possess 22 of the top 30 most-polluted cities in the world.

Migrants And Troops Gather At Poland-Belarus Border, Heightening Tensions

Tensions continue to build at the Poland-Belarus border, where 3,000-4,000 migrants have attempted to breach the Poland fencing. The EU, NATO, and U.S. have all accused Belarus of directing Middle Eastern migrants to the border in order to create a migrant crisis as an act of retribution for sanctions leveled against the country due to human rights abuses. The EU has called the massing of migrants as "hybrid warfare," and plans to lay down more sanctions against Belarus.

Israel’s NSO Group, Creator Of Pegasus Spyware, Put On U.S. Blacklist

The U.S. Department of Commerce has announced that Israeli software company NSO Group, along with three other foreign companies, have been put on the U.S. Entity List, which restricts export and import trades. The U.S. states this was done due to NSO engaging in cyber activities that actively worked against governments. NSO is the creator of Pegasus, a spyware program that is able to infiltrate phones and access phone calls, messages, photos, and other data without ever being detected. Pegasus has been at the center of several controversies over the past five years, which includes a lawsuit from Whatsapp after 1,400 of its users were breached.
Pope Silhouette

Joe Biden Meets With Pope Francis At Start Of European Tour

Kicking off his European tour, President Joe Biden met with Pope Francis in the Vatican on Friday. The two have met previously met three times, although this is the first with Biden as President. The two discussed climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, and fighting for the poor. The meeting occurred despite much criticism by U.S. bishops on Biden's LGBTQ and pro-choice stances. Despite the publicity surrounding the event, the Vatican cancelled their live coverage and instead plan to release edited footage to accredited media afterwards, much to the chagrin of the press.

U.S. News

California Wildfires Growing At Rapid Pace, National Forests Close As A Result 

Millions of acres of national forest space in Northern California are being closed due to dangerous conditions created by wildfires that have already destroyed hundreds of homes. The US Forest Service announced this week that it would be closing nine national forests stretching from Lake Tahoe to the Six Rivers National Forest. 

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Democrats Expected To Pass Biden’s $1.75 Trillion Climate And Social Spending Package This Week 

House Democrats are quickly trying to pass President Biden’s $1.75 trillion social and climate spending package this week. The package would give democrats a head start at making infrastructural changes before the Thanksgiving holiday.

 United Nations Health Expert Condemns US Over Threat To Abortion Rights 

Special rapporteur for the United Nations, Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng, is calling on the US Supreme Court to uphold the right to abortion in America. Dr. Mofokeng is arguing that the US is risking undermining international human rights laws and are indirectly threatening the right to a safe abortion for other countries around the world. 
Capitol in DC

New Court Filings Regarding Capitol Riot Reveal What Trump Is Trying To Hide From Congress 

The National Archives outlined, in a sworn declaration, more than 700 pages of handwritten notes, draft documents, and daily logs of former president Donald Trump’s top advisers in relation to the January 6th Capitol riot. The late-night court filings are reported to reveal all of the specifics of what Trump wanted to keep secret in terms of his efforts to overturn the 2020 election. 
Getting Vaccine

US On Track To Begin Vaccinating Kids Aged 5 To 11 By November 

According to Dr. Anthony Fauci the US is currently on track to start vaccinating children aged 5 to 11 by early to mid-November. An advisory committee with the FDA is meeting today to vote on the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for the younger age group. 

Business News

American Airlines

United Airlines Now Requiring All US Employees To Get Covid-19 Vaccinations 

United Airlines will now require all of its 67,000 US employees to get vaccinated against Covid-19 by October 25th or they will risk termination. This is a first for major US travel agencies that will likely ramp up the pressure for rival services. 

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CVS To Close 900 Stores Over The Next Three Years As Part Of Strategy Shift

CVS has announced that as part of a strategy shift, it will be closing 900 of their close to 10,000 retails across the country over the next three years, which averages out to around 300 a year. The amount of staff members that will be impacted by the closures isn't know, but they will be offered roles at other locations or different opportunities. CVS said that their stores will continue to play a key role in their strategies going forward, and compliment their "rapidly expanding digital presence." The company expects to occur an impairment charge of $1 to $1.2 billion in the fourth quarter of 2021 due to the closings.
Man in Prison

American Journalist Danny Fenster Sentenced To 11 Years In Prison In Myanmar

A military court in Myanmar has sentenced Danny Fenster, a 37-year-old American journalist from Detroit, to 11 years in prison, according to a statement from his lawyer. Fester has been detained in Myanmar for more than 5 months now. 

Shipping Company Maersk Reports 68% Rise In Revenue Despite Supply Chain Woes

Despite supply chain problems affected numerous companies worldwide, Denmark's A.P. Moller-Maersk posted record-breaking third quarter numbers. Maersk saw a 68% bump in revenue with $16.6 billion, while also bringing in a total profit of $5.9 billion. Maersk, the world's largest shipping company, is continuing to expand their operations by acquiring assets such as cargo plans and fulfillment centers.
Corporate Google Building

Alphabet, Google’s Parent Company, Earns $65 Billion In Revenue Thanks To Online Ads

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, posted that they earned $65 billion in revenue during the third-quarter, exceeding Wall Street’s initial predictions and doubling their expected profits thanks to online advertisements. 

Culture News

How One Artist Was Able To Transform Her Cancer Diagnosis Into Inspiring Works Of Art | Phyllis Shipley

A cancer diagnosis can bring your world to a halt. It’s a terrifying feeling that can cause anxiety, distress, and depression. But for artist Phyllis Shipley, it presented her with a different way to express creativity.

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Major Hollywood Union Votes To Ratify Contracts For Better Streaming Payments

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), a major Hollywood union, have ratified their new film and TV contracts this week after six months of contentious negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). LA locals rejected the deal in a popular vote. 

National Toy Hall Of Fame Inducts American Girl Doll, Risk, And Sand

The National Toy Hall of Fame has announced its newest three new members: the American Girl Doll, Risk, and sand, which now becomes the oldest "toy" in the Hall of Fame. American Girl Dolls have become a favorite for young girls due to their customization, styles, and diversity. The classic board game Risk encourages strategy and critical-thinking in order to successfully wipe our your global opponents and dominate territories, while sand has provided children with sculpting and building, opening up endless creative possibilities.

Banksy’s Self-Shredded ‘Love In The Bin’ Artwork Sells For $25.4 Million

In 2018, a piece by British street artist Banksy, "Girl With Balloon," sold for $1.4 million. A minute after the gravel hit the podium, the piece went through a built-in shredder in the victorian frame, creating an entirely new piece called "Love in the Bin." The self-shredded piece is now up for auction, and estimates say it could go from anywhere between $5 million to $8 million.

Abdulrazak Gurnah Awarded 2021 Nobel Prize In Literature

Abdulrazak Gurnah, a Zanzibar-native novelist, has been award the prestigious Noble Prize for Literature. Gurnah's works, which include Desertion, By The Sea, Paradise, and The Last Gift often deal with the themes of colonialism.

Entertainment News

Jamie Spears Will Retire As Britney’s Conservator, According To Court Filings

Britney Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, will eventually step away from his role as conservator to her estate once a proper plan is set in place, according to new court filings released this Thursday.

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Silhouette of Singer

Jake Gyllenhaal Has ‘No Interest’ In Drama Stemming From Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’ Release

The release of Taylor Swift's "Red (Taylor's Version)" has broken records - and caused quite a bit of drama along the way. Fans are buzzing about the song "All Too Well," which references Swift and actor Jake Gyllenhaal's breakup back in 2010. Despite the bad publicity, Gyllenhaal is reportedly doing well and paying no mind to the shade that Swift's song has thrown. Swift has been re-releasing her old albums as a way of regaining full control over her music due to the fact that her original recordings are in the possession of another recording label.

Almost 80% Of Americans Have Been Exposed To Misinformation Online Regarding Covid-19, Survey Says

Between social media and the plethora of news outlets reporting on the Covid-19 pandemic, many Americans aren’t sure what information to believe. New data from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that nearly 80% of Americans surveyed said they had heard of at least one of the falsehoods perpetuated by online misinformation and either believed it, or were unsure whether or not it was true. 
Popcorn and Netflix

Carole Baskin Suing Netflix For Using Footage Of Her In Tiger King 2 

Carole Baskin and her husband, Howard, are accusing Royal Goode Productions and Netflix of breach of contract by using footage of the couple in the trailer for the sequel to the Netflix hit series ‘Tiger King’. 
Music Awards

Morgan Wallen Banned From 2021 American Music Awards Despite Being Nominated 

The 2021 American Music Awards announced that they won’t have…

Health News

Pentagon Announces Vaccine Mandate For Troops Starting In September 

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin issued a memo this week detailing his request to president Joe Biden to require all US troops to get vaccinated against Covid-19 by mid-September. 

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Dr. Fauci Says Early Reports On Omicron Covid-19 Variant Are Encouraging 

US health officials stated this Sunday that while the omicron variant is rapidly spreading throughout the world and country, early reports suggest it may be less dangerous than the delta variant, which is continuing to impact hospitalization rates across America. 

President Biden’s Vaccine Mandate For 100 Million Workers Officially Being Enforced

Back in September President Biden announced that he would be working on creating multiple vaccine mandates to get more Americans vaccinated. On Thursday, the administration started the process by releasing mandates for over 100 million workers. 

WHO, CDC Warn Measles Outbreak Possible After 22 Million Infants Miss Their Vaccines

According to both the WHO and CDC, the chances of a possible measles outbreak have increased after 22 million infants worldwide missed their measles vaccines in 2020, 3 million more than in 2019. While the U.S. saw a significant drop in measles cases from 2019-2020, many outbreaks may have been underreported due to COVID-19's disruption of the health care system. Measles cause 140,000 deaths in the U.S. in 2018, and averages about 60,000 deaths a year worldwide.

Covid-19 Deaths Surpass 5 Million Globally As Pandemic Progresses 

More than 5 million people have now died from Covid-19 during the two year span of this pandemic. The world is continuing to battle this virus, its highly infectious strains, and any new mutations that may appear. 

Lifestyle News

Meet The French Drag Pair Who Are Redefining The Wedding Dress Market 

James and ViviAnn Du Fermoir-de-Monsac are redefining the current vision of an “ideal bride,” which is often portrayed in the mainstream as someone thin, white, and able-bodied. The two meet with their clients in full drag as a means of creating a safe atmosphere where everyone can feel accepted for who they are. 

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Food Bank

Food Banks Struggle To Feed The Hungry As Prices Rise

Across the country, food banks are struggling to keep up as food prices rise and supply chain issues continue, and families may need to prepare for smaller portions or substitutes as the holidays approach. Feeding America saw a 31% increase in the total food distributed in the first quarter of 2021, and could continue to see demand rise.

Meet The ‘Psychic’ Tik Tok Pug Who’s Captured The Attention Of Millions

Move over, horoscopes. Tik Tokers have become obsessed with Noodle the pug, a dog that apparently has psychic abilities. Every morning, Noodle's owner, Jonathon Graziano, picks him up out of his dog bed. If Noodle falls back down, it's a "no bones day." If he keeps standing, it's a "bones day." What was a silly ritual for Graziano and Noodle has since become a worldwide phenomena, accumulating in millions of views and TV appearances.

Are “Smart” Headbands The Newest Stress-Relieving Technology Of The Future?

Speaking with BBC, a USA bobsled member praised an EEG headband that detects and presents your brainwave results. The headband then helps your brain to stay engaged while also becoming more calm. While the headband and app have become popular among athletes, some critics question the device's usefulness and worry about negative effects it could have on its users.

Finnish Firm Seeks Funding For ‘Performative Sneakers’ Made Of Coffee Waste

Finnish footwear firm Rens is working on creating performative trainer sneakers that are made from recycled plastic bottles and used coffee beans. 

Real Estate News

Mattel Family Barbie Penthouse On The Market In Los Angeles For $10 Million

A 3,200-square-foot Century City residence formerly owned by Mattel founders Ruth and Eliot Handler has just been listed for $10 million. The property was initially acquired from the Handler’s in 2012 by developer and designer Nicole Sassaman for $3 million.

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Home For Sale Sign

According To Studies, Home Prices Are Rising Faster Than Incomes

According to studies, home buying is becoming more difficult due to average home prices greatly growing higher, while the average income has only slightly improved. Since 1965, the median home price has increased by 118% to $374,900, while the average income has increased by 15% to $69,178. Home buyers now need an income of $144,192 to afford a house, which is $75,014 higher than the average household income. While many real industry industry experts see the growth slowing in 2022, a complete stoppage isn't likely.
Pay Rent Reminder

Billions In Renters Aid Still Available For Struggling Americans 

Six months ago Congress allocated more than $45 billion to the renters’ crisis which was triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic. Most of that money is still available today, in fact, only about a fifth of it has been used so far. 

Zillow Pauses Buying U.S. Homes As It Works Through Backlog

Zillow, the popular online real estate listing company, as announced it will stop purchasing homes until the end of 2021. Zillow, which got into the house-flipping business in 2018, purchased 3,805 homes in the second quarter. However, only 2,086 of the houses were sold. The company cites labor shortages as one of the biggest reasons for it falling behind, and stated that a stoppage will allow them to focus on their current contracts and inventory.

House Flipping Is Heading Upwards, But Profit Margins Are Down

The real estate market saw an increase in home flipping in the second quarter of 2021, as 4.9% of all homes sales were from flipping. However, despite a 2.5% increase in the total gross profits of house flipping, the return on investments are just 33.5%, which is down from 37% in the first quarter.

Science News

White House Discussing Covid-19 Booster Shot Plan Amid New CDC Data

Top Biden administration health officials have decided that most Americans will need Covid-19 booster shots after reviewing a new set of data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The data showed a drop in vaccine efficacy over time after several months of observation and collection. 

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Space Debris Could ‘Completely Wipe Out’ International Space Station 

This week a Russian missile test blasted a decommissioned Kosmos spy satellite into more than 1,500 pieces of space debris, alerting the seven-person crew on the International Space Station (ISS), who were woken up to an alarm for potential emergency collision with the debris. 

Study Reveals Whole-Genome Sequencing Can Improve Childhood Cancer Outcomes 

According to a pilot study performed by doctors in Cambridge, reading the full genetic code of childhood cancers can help doctors improve an overall diagnosis. The code can also help doctors learn about how tumors grow and how to find the most effective treatment therapies for specific tumors. 

Elephants Are Evolving To Have No Tusks In Response To Poaching

During the Mozambique civil war from 1977 to 1992, the elephant population saw a 90% decrease due to heavy poaching by both forces needing money for weapons and supplies. Now, scientists say that conflict caused an evolutionary change - female elephants are being born without tusks. Tuskless females would have had five times the chances of survival during the conflict than tusked females. While having no tusks could prove useful for the elephant's future preservation, the ecosystem around it could change dramatically as a result.

Scientists Discover Western False Asphodel Wildflower To Be A Carnivore

According to a new study published, it was found that the western false asphodel wildflower (Triantha occidentalis) has found to be carnivorous. Using its sticky stems and glandular hairs, the false asphodel is able to absorb nutrients from their prey. Very few carnivorous plant lineages have been found in recent memory, so a discovery of what is referred to as a "cryptic carnivore" is notable.

Sports News

Paralympics Bar All Fans From Attendance Due To Covid-19 Concerns

Just as all fans were recently banned from the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, organizers for the Paralympics this year announced that all spectators will be barred from the event due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Bryce Harper, Shohei Ohtani Named NL, AL MVPs

Right fielder Bryce Harper and designated hitter/starting pitcher Shohei Ohtani are walking away with baseball's most prestigious award - the Most Valuable Player. Harper won the NL MVP over Juan Soto and Fernando Tatis Jr., while the two-way Ohtani won the AL MVP unanimously. Harper batted .309 with 35 home runs, 84 RBI, 101 runs, and 100 walks. Meanwhile, Ohtani batted .257 with 46 home runs and 100 RBI, while also pitching to a 3.14 ERA and a 9-2 record.
Baseball Field

As Major League Baseball Continues To Negotiate A New CBA, Is A Lockout On The Horizon?

Major League Baseball's collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with the MLBPA is set to expire on Dec. 2, and according to numerous sources, it appears a lockout is on the way. A lockout would come at an important stage of MLB's calendar year, as free agency — which features several notable superstars on the market — would come to a halt, as would all work across the league.

Las Vegas Raiders Release Wide Receiver Henry Ruggs III, Who Faces Felonies After Fatal DUI Crash

The Las Vegas Raiders announced late Tuesday evening they have released 22-year-old wide receiver Henry Ruggs III following his DUI crash that left a woman and her dog dead. Taken into custody, Ruggs is being charged with two felonies - a DUI causing death, and reckless driving. Ruggs, a former Alabama standout and 2020 first-round pick, will now be facing anywhere from two to 26 years of prison sentencing, and could see more felonies pressed as the situation continues to unfold.
Hockey Stadium

Chicago Blackhawks Owner Wants Sex Offender Off Cup Following Abuse Scandal Report

Following the investigation report that Chicago Blackhawks management disregarded a sexual assault in their 2010 championship run, owner Rocky Wirtz has asked the Hockey Hall of Fame to take Brad Aldrich's — the offender — name off the Stanley Cup Trophy. The scandal has rocked the NHL in recent weeks, as the fallout continues. Former Blackhawks head coach Joel Quennville resigned from his position as Florida Panthers' head coach, while Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman has stepped down from his role.

Technology News

This Company Is Using New Technology With Nature To Combat Excessive AC Use

The heat waves in the US have become more and more common as climate change has worsened in recent years. SkyCool Systems is a relatively new company attempting to combat the harmful greenhouse gases emitted from excessive air conditioning use throughout the country through new technology. 

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Billionaire Businessman, Orlando Bravo, Claims The Metaverse Will Be Big, And Should Be Invested In 

Puerto Rican billionaire businessman Orlando Bravo, co-founder and managing partner of the private equity firm Thoma Bravo, claimed this week that the metaverse will be the “big word of 2021, and is a big time investment.” 

Yahoo, Epic Games To Pull Out Of China Among Citings of “Challenging” Environment

In the midst of China's technology crackdown, Yahoo announced it was ending operations on Nov. 1. Epic Games, the creator of the popular video game "Fortnite," announced it was also pulling out of China, and will end the game's servers on Nov. 15. China has enforced a number of harsh regulations against not only tech companies, but also their own citizens - Gamers under 18 are forbidden to play video games on the weekdays, and will only be allowed three hours of play on the weekend.
Laptop Google Search

Google Introduces New Tool To Help Minors Delete Their Photos From Search 

Google is now making it easier for minors or their parents to delete photos from search results within their devices. 
Apple Logo

Apple Reveals New 14″ and 16″ MacBooks, AirPods, And Music Streaming Plan

Apple held their "Unleashed" virtual event on Monday, and unveiled a number of new products. The eye-catchers were the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros that use M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, which provide more cores, memory, and faster graphic processing. Also showcased were the third-generation AirPods, which are sweat and water-resistant; and a cheaper Apple Music streaming plan, which goes for $4.99 a month, $5 less than Apple's regular subscription plan

Travel News

Demand For Air Travel Dropping Exponentially As Delta Variant Continues To Spread 

The demand for air travel has begun to plummet as the delta variant of the Covid-19 virus continues to spread rapidly. According to reports from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), cancellations have been on the rise this month alongside less passenger loads and lower air fares. 

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Airline Violence Rages On As The Work Environment For Flight Attendants Is Deemed “Hostile”

For flight attendants, caring for passengers has suddenly become a dangerous occupation. The total amount of unruly passenger incidents has hit 5,114, about 5.6 incidents per 10,000 flights. Violent assaults have left attendants bloodied and hospitalized, and many employees are exhausted "both mentally and physically." These incidents have led airlines to enforcing stricter punishments against violators, stopping the serving of alcohol during flights, and alerting authorities. Meanwhile, Transportation Secretary Peter Buttigieg has said a no-fly list for violent passengers is on the table.
Travel Ban

US Lifts Pandemic Travel Ban For International Visitors 

This Monday the US lifted restrictions on travel from a long list of countries which will allow tourists to make long-delayed trips and reconnect with their family members living in the states, more than a year and a half since the pandemic began. Some of the countries included on the list are Mexico, Canada, and most of Europe. 

U.S. Issues First ‘X’ Gender Mark On Passport

The U.S. State Department has announced the first issuing of a passport that carries an "X" gender marker, instead of just having "M" or "F." The passport was issued to a Colorado native, who identifies as intersex and they/them. The United States joins countries such as Canada, India, Australia, Denmark, Iceland, and Nepal that have issued three-gender passports. While some LGBTQ+ members are praising the decision as giving them more rights, others may not use the new feature due to possible, additional harassment.

Hawaii Set To Welcome Back Travelers On Nov. 1

Hawaii governer David Ige has announced on Twitter that starting on Nov. 1, Hawaii will welcome back both essential and non-essential tourists. Due to the state's uptick in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in late August, Ige made the request for non-essential travelers to stay away. That severely hurt Hawaii's tourism industry, as it saw millions lost in revenue. Meanwhile, Hawaii's "Safe Travel" plans will continue to remain in place.