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Music Festival

Remembering Woodstock: Seeing Past the Idealism

It may be impossible for an event like Woodstock to happen again today, but nothing, not even the original event itself, could live up to the fantastical mythology that has been created around it.
Fire in the Amazon

Fighting Fire With Fire: How Smoke From Fires In Africa Are Keeping The Amazon Alive

"There have been a total of 72,843 fires in Brazil this year, with more than half in the Amazon region. That's more than an 80% increase compared with the same period last year. The Amazon is also often referred to as the planet's lungs, producing 20% of the oxygen in the earth's atmosphere"
Opioid Crisis

Could the US Opioid Crisis Have Been Prevented?

On average, 130 Americans die every day from opioid overdose, and this number continues to rise. As such, many are left wondering why the government has been so slow to act, what additional actions can be taken to address the epidemic, and what factors contributed to the genesis and expansion of the crisis.
Baseball Game

DON’T Take Me Out To The Ball Game…

Has baseballs meaning changed so much that fans are giving up hope? It’s not only the older fans that are upset, but retired players as well feel that the game’s meaning has changed, minimizing the technical skills of the players and shifting the goal of the game to be about who can get the most home runs. 
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe?

The relationship we currently have with artificial intelligence is highly complex. But as technology inevitably improves, and artificial intelligence becomes even more deeply ingrained into our lives, the number of problems it creates will only expand.
The Universe

Why Millenials Are Turning To The Universe For Answers

Astrology turns the many distresses of the world that are put onto the individual, and makes it solely about their emotional experience. Humans are inherently selfish, so when we take all the stresses a person is experiencing, place responsibility for those stresses partially on the planets alignments, something scientific and concrete,  and then relate it back to their own past, present, and future, it provides relief.
Dr Allan P Gold Psychologist

A Legacy of Empathy: Shaping the Future of School Psychology | Dr. Allan P. Gold

In the realm of education, school psychologists stand as vital pillars not only in understanding students’ academic abilities but also in navigating their emotional and social challenges. These professionals blend scientific acumen with empathetic insight, creating environments where young minds can thrive amid adversity and change. One such influential figure in this field is Dr. Allan P. Gold, whose journey through personal and professional landscapes shaped his almost five decades-long career in school psychology.

Lecia Duke Lone Star Chocolatier

Lone Star Chocolatiér: A Journey Through Spiritual Awakening | Lecia Duke

In her memoir, Lone Star Chocolatiér, Lecia Duke weaves a narrative that spans the depths of personal struggle and the peaks of spiritual enlightenment. As a chocolatier and a lightworker, she explores the rich tapestry of human emotions and the mystical journey toward self-realization. Her book invites readers to traverse their own landscapes of the soul, uncovering the divine connection that lies within. Lecia’s story is a poignant reminder of the transformative power of spirituality and the enduring hope it brings, even amidst life’s most significant challenges.

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World News

‘Jesus And The Disciples Journey’ Pastor Revella Pugh’s New Book Offers Hope And Lessons In Faith | Pastor Revella Pugh

Pastor Revella Pugh is a shepherd of her ministry God’s Anointed House. She spends everyday helping others to find their purpose and maintain hope through their faith. More recently, she published her book Jesus And The Disciples Journey, which follows the Disciples journey as individuals, with Jesus Christ, and after His ascension into heaven. Beyond the lessons of the Bible, Pastor Pugh’s book offers the same thing her ministry does, a sense of strength, community, and confidence in their faith.

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Namibia High Court Overturns Law That Banned Gay Relations 

A high court in Namibia has overturned a law that previously criminalized gay sex in what is being hailed as a victory for LGBTQ+ campaigners after their continuous, and difficult, fight for human rights in African countries. 

States In The EU Announce Official Recognition Of Palestinian State 

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez made a formal announcement recently stating that “the establishment of a Palestinian state is the only route to peace.” The statement was made as a part of Spain, Norway, and Ireland formally recognizing Palestine as a state. 

Constant Flooding In Brazil Displacing Citizens, Causing Climate Migration

Ongoing flooding in southern Brazil has displaced nearly half a million people who are now considering moving to higher ground to avoid future devastation. This “climate migration” is one of the biggest Brazil has experienced.

Bogotà, Colombia Starts Rationing Water For 9 Million People

Bogotà, Columbia is currently experiencing a severe drought due to El Niño, as reservoirs have been pushed to record lows, according to reports. The city’s authority announced this week that residents would have to start rationing water as a result. 

U.S. News

Intuition and Healing: A Transformative Journey | Naomi Horii"

Empowerment Through Intuition and Healing: A Transformative Journey | Naomi Horii

The journey towards transformation is marked by moments of introspection, connection, and revelation, where the boundaries between the self and the infinite blur. As we navigate life’s challenges, spirituality can guide us toward inner peace, resilience, and a deeper understanding of our existence. Intuitive reader, healer and teacher Naomi Horii has dedicated her life to helping people uncover their innate strength, heal their deepest wounds, and reach more of their fullest potential.

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Heatwave Currently Impacting 65 Million Throughout US Midwest And North-East 

Around 65 million people are under heat alerts in the north-eastern and midwest states in the US this Friday. This early season heatwave is impacting US residents all throughout the nation.

Atlanta Remaining Under State Of Emergency Amid Water Service Troubles

“To the people of Atlanta, I do want to apologize that this has frustrated you and frustrated me this weekend. This is not the way the city nor the visitors, residents intended to spend our weekend, having to boil water and deal with low pressure or water outages in certain areas,” Mayor Andre Dickens said.
red lobster

Red Lobster Files For Bankruptcy After Shutting Down Dozens Of Their Restaurants

Red Lobster has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection just days after closing down dozens of their restaurants throughout the US. 

Military Families In Hawaii Heading To Court Over 2021 Jet Fuel Leak That Tainted Water 

The case itself regards an incident that occurred in 2021, when a US military fuel tank facility, that was located underground, poisoned thousands of people after leaking jet fuel into Pearl Harbor’s drinking water supply. 

Business News

Dr. Dorothea Gordon Eager Young Minds Special Education Solutions

Championing Equity and Inclusion in Education | Dr. Dorothea Gordon

Education is often hailed as a transformative force, shaping lives and futures with every lesson learned and every book opened. Yet, for many, access to quality education remains a hurdle, entwined with economic barriers and societal biases that can alter the trajectory of a young mind. These challenges are not merely academic; they are deeply personal, affecting individuals who recognize education not just as a pathway to opportunity but as a fundamental right.

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American Airlines CEO Said He Wants To ‘Rebuild Trust’ After Incidents Of Alleged Racial Discrimination 

American Airlines CEO Robert Isom recently stated he is taking immediate action to “rebuild trust” in the company after several recent incidents involving alleged racial discrimination.

Toyota Halts Shipments Of Vehicles Amid Auto Safety Scandal In Japan 

Toyota Motor and Mazda have halted shipments of some of their vehicles amid a safety test scandal currently occurring in Japan. Japan’s transport ministry has found irregularities in safety applications to certify certain models.

Nestlé Adds Sugar To Infant Milk Sold In Poorer Nations, According To New Report

A new report has found that Nestlé, the largest consumer goods company in the world, adds sugar and honey to infant milk and cereal products that are sold in poorer nations. This directly contradicts international guidelines that are implemented to prevent childhood obesity and chronic diseases.
barns and noble

Barnes & Noble Workers Organizing Union Drive For The Largest Bookstore Chain In The US 

Workers for Barnes & Noble, the largest bookstore chain in the US, are preparing for a nationwide union drive after six outlet stores voted to organize throughout the past year, according to reports. 

Culture News

Conserving Art Is Preserving History | Dr. Jan Cavanaugh

Art is one of the most universally accepted ways of learning about our world’s history. It gives the viewer the unique perspective of what it was like to live through significant periods of time. Dr. Jan Cavanaugh, PhD, MAC, has worn 3 hats: art curator, art history professor, and currently paintings conservator. As a Conservator of Paintings she understands first hand what it truly means to maintain the stories that art has told, and will continue to tell for future generations. In a growing digital age where we all have access to an unlimited amount of information in our pockets, it’s never been more important to preserve the mediums that tell our world’s stories.

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Open Letter In India Calls For Withdrawal Of Approval To Prosecute Booker Prize-Winning Author Arundhati Roy 

Last week, the Indian government approved the prosecution of…

Oxford University Set To Return 500-Year-Old Sculpture Of Hindu Saint To India

Oxford University has recently announced that it will be returning a 500-year-old sculpture of a Hindu saint to India.

Zyn’s Popular Rewards Program Called Out For Promoting Nicotine Addiction From Public Health Advocates 

Users of Zyn are now collecting their containers, which are equipped with QR codes that can be used to collect points. Each can is worth 15 points and consumers can earn up to 60 points per month. 
Prado Museum In Madrid

Lost Caravaggio Painting, That Was Previously Misidentified, To Be Shown At Prado Museum In Madrid

A lost Caravaggio painting depicting a suffering Jesus Christ wearing a crown of thorns is set to go on display at the Prado Museum in Madrid.

Entertainment News


Martin Kanja, AKA Lord Spikeheart, Is Leading A New Wave Of African Rock In Kenya

Martin Kanja, AKA Lord Spikeheart, is a metalhead from Kenya who is leading a new wave of African rock, with music that combines traditional African culture with metal.

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John Leguizamo Wants The TV Academy To Embrace Diversity And Change Ahead Of Emmys Voting 

Actor and Comedian John Leguizamo is calling on the Television Academy to embrace diversity and change ahead of the 76th Primetime Emmy Awards. Leguizamo took out a full-page advertisement in the Sunday issue of The New York Times to put out an open letter. 

ChatGPT Suspending AI Voice That Sounds Like Scarlett Johansson 

OpenAI, owner of ChatGPT, has now removed a heavily promoted voice option for the platform, that they named “Sky,” after many individuals reacted to the voice saying it sounded almost identical to Scarlett Johansson. 

Romeo + Juliet Is Coming To Broadway With Kit Connor And Rachel Zegler To Star 

Romeo + Juliet is officially coming back to Broadway. Acclaimed director Sam Gold is set to adapt the famous Shakespeare play with the help of Grammy winner Jack Antonoff, who will be doing the music for the production. 

Will Ferrell Talks Educating Himself On The Transgender Community At Sundance Film Festival 

Will Ferrell recently made an appearance at the Sundance Film Festival for the world premiere of his new documentary “Will & Harper.” 

Health News

Rosalind Cruz IV Drips & More

Healing from the Ground Up: A Holistic Approach | Rosalind Cruz, NP-C

In today's fast-paced world, where stress and processed foods dominate our lifestyles, the search for accessible health solutions has never been more urgent. Holistic medicine embraces the beautiful complexity of the human experience, focusing on the unity of mind, body, and spirit. This comprehensive approach to health emphasizes natural treatments, nutritious eating, sufficient water intake, and mindful living to foster overall wellness. Rosalind Cruz, NP-C, a dedicated healthcare professional with over three decades of experience in nursing, is at the forefront of this movement.

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Moderna And Merck Say New Experimental Vaccine Is Improving Survival Rates In Patients With Severe Skin Cancer 

Biopharmaceutical company Merck and mRNA vaccine developer Moderna are currently creating a new vaccine to help improve the quality of life and survival rates in individuals dealing with the most deadly form of skin cancer.

Scientists Create Vaccine To Potentially Help Protect Us From Future Coronaviruses 

Scientists have now created a vaccine that could potentially protect against a wide range of coronaviruses, including variants that may not even be known yet. 

FDA Says Traces Of Bird Flu Found In 1 In 5 Samples Of Pasteurized Milk 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stated that 1 in 5 samples of retail milk contains traces of the highly contagious bird flu. They also said that these findings may not be an indicator of an infectious risk to consumers.
dengue fever

Public Health Emergency Declared In Puerto Rico Over Dengue Fever Outbreak

Puerto Rico’s hot and humid climate makes dengue fever an ongoing risk for its citizens. This year, however, “cases have exceeded historical figures,” according to Puerto Rico Health Secretary Carlos Mellado. 

Lifestyle News


Clothing Made From Wood Pulp Fabric Is Not As Sustainable As Consumers Might Think 

Sustainable clothing has been on the rise in recent years in an effort to combat the fashion industry’s contribution to climate change and global greenhouse gas emissions. Fabrics, such as viscose, are made from tree-pulp, and are allegedly a more sustainable option than other alternatives, however, the deforestation needed to make the fabrics is a major issue.

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Study Finds That A Healthy Lifestyle Can Help Combat ‘Life-Shortening’ Genes 

Your genetic makeup plays a major role in shaping your overall health and lifespan. Some individuals are naturally predisposed to living a longer life, while others may have genes that will cause aging to be more difficult for them. 

Latin American Countries Label Ultra-Processed Foods, Inspiring Others 

Latin America is currently leading the world in a nutritional initiative that puts warning labels on the fronts of ultra-processed food packages.

Experts Weigh In On Children’s Fixation With Anti-Aging And Skin Care 

The children and young tweens of generation Z are becoming obsessed with their skin care routines, and anti-aging, despite being so young. Generation Alpha, which includes children as young as 10-years-old, are buying expensive skin care products that contain ingredients that could actually damage their skin in the future due to the fact that they simply don’t need anti-aging and other ingredients on their skin. 

Secondhand Clothing Sales To Make Up 10% Of Global Fashion Sales 

Secondhand clothing sales are currently on track to make up a tenth of all global fashion market sales.

Real Estate News


Real Estate Agents Weigh In On The Some Of The Worst States To Buy Property In Throughout The Next 5 Years 

When it comes to buying a new home, there are a lot of factors that come into play. Housing market experts and real estate agents recently spoke to the media about the current state of the US real estate market, detailing some of the worst states to buy a property in within the next 5 years, to hopefully provide some clarity.

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NASA’s Chief Expresses Concern Over China Seizing Real Estate On The Moon 

NASA administrator Bill Nelson recently spoke to Yahoo Finance regarding the modern day space race, and how China is set to beat the United States in their bids to get back on the moon. 

President Biden’s New Affordable Housing Plan 

The housing market in the US has been hitting historic lows within the past few years. Sales are slow, current homeowners are unable to move because they don’t want to lose the record low mortgage rates they got during the pandemic, and first-time homebuyers are finding starter homes to be less and less affordable. 

Most Expensive Home In The US Goes On Sale For $295 Million

The most expensive home for sale in the US has officially hit the market at a listing price of $295 million. The property is called Gordon Pointe, and is located in Naples, Florida, on the Gulf Coast within an enclave known as Port Royal. The property is also about 9-acres. 
for sale

45% Of Real Estate Agents Claim They’re Struggling To Pay Rent 

According to a monthly report from Alignable, 45% of real estate agents who own their firms stated that they’re struggling to pay their offices rent in the month of November. This is a 5% increase from October, and 10% higher than September’s data, citing a consistent increase. 

Science News


Scientists Developing Glowing Dye To Identify Cancer Cells In New Study

In a new study from the University of Oxford and California biotech company ImaginAb Inc, experts have found that fluorescent dye can be used to identify and spotlight cancerous tissues and cells otherwise invisible to the naked eye. This technique could reduce the risk of cancer returning.

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Covid Immune Response Study Revealing Potential Reason Some People Avoid Infection 

In a new study from the University College London, scientists have discovered potential differences in immune responses that could reveal why some individuals avoid infection from Covid-19. 

Scientists Worried About Bird Flu Vaccine Development As Cases Rise In Farm Animals Across US 

There are cattle in at least nine states that have been infected, as well as two people. While the two individuals only suffered from pink eye and quickly recovered, the spreading is relatively unheard of, raising concerns of another global pandemic. 
sea otter

Sea Otters Use Tools To Combat Food Competition Amid Climate Change, According To Study 

In certain parts of the ocean, sea otters are facing major competition for food, partially due to climate change limiting food supplies. However, they’ve adapted by utilizing “tools” such as rocks or even glass bottles to open tougher prey.

Climate Change Causing Bumblebee Nests To Overheat To Fatal Levels, According To New Study 

As global temperatures rise as a result of climate change, bumblebee nests are overheating and killing off large groups of bees, causing major concern over the future of one of Earth’s most essential pollinators. 

Sports News


Serena Williams Speaks Up In Support Of Caitlin Clark 

Serena Williams has spoken up in support of Caitlin Clark after the WNBA star has been criticized by both fans and fellow players.

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You’ll Need A QR Code To Access Certain Parts Of Paris During The Summer Olympics 

During this year’s Summer Olympic Games, the French capital of Paris will be split into zones for security and safety reasons. If individuals want to enter certain areas, it will be required that they have a pass on their phone in the form of a QR code. 

MLB Planning To Modify Uniforms Ahead Of 2025 Season Following Multiple Complaints 

Major League Baseball (MLB) is planning to modify its uniforms ahead of the 2025 season following complaints from both players and fans.

Former Lions Defensive Back Cameron Sutton Turns Himself In After Police Searched For Weeks 

Cameron Sutton has officially turned himself in after a weeks-long search for the former NFL DB (defensive back) who was wanted on a domestic violence warrant. 

Kansas City Chiefs’ Mecole Hardman Scores Super Bowl-Winning Touchdown: ‘I Blacked Out’

Mecole Hardman of the Kansas City Chiefs told CNN he “blacked out” after scoring the touchdown that would win the Chiefs the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. 

Technology News

US Government Issues Proposal To Boost Electric Vehicle Sales And Change Auto Emissions Standards

The US government is trying to change auto emissions standards so that automakers sell more electric vehicles, combatting the high levels of fossil fuel emissions in our atmosphere. With this new plan, the government is hoping that electric vehicles will make up two-thirds of all new car sales by 2032. 

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EU Launching Formal Investigation Into Meta Regarding Election Misinformation Before June Polls Open 

The European Union (EU) is set to launch a formal investigation into Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram. The investigation was prompted over the EU’s concerns that the tech giant isn’t doing enough to counter Russian disinformation ahead of the EU elections in June.

Facebook And Instagram To Start Labeling Digitally Altered Content ‘Made With AI,’ Meta Says

Meta, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, announced that they would be making major changes to its policies on digitally created and/or altered media. 

America’s Still Moving To Ban TikTok 

Last week, a key house committee introduced and approved a bill that is targeting the social media platform TikTok. The full House is set to vote this week potentially, and the White House has stated that President Joe Biden is also prepared to sign it.

Tesla Recalls Over 2 Million Vehicles In The US Due To Warning Light Issues 

Tesla is recalling over 2 million vehicles in the US, nearly all the vehicles sold in the US, due to some warning lights on the instrument panel being too small.

Travel News


Hong Kong, Beijing, And Shanghai Now Connected Through New High-Speed Sleeper Train Service 

A new high-speed sleeper train service is available in China for passengers looking to go from Hong Kong to Beijing or Shanghai. The new travel option officially began on June 15th.

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United Nation Reports Global Wildlife Trafficking Is Causing ‘Untold Harm Upon Nature’

A report from the United Nations has warned that more than 4,000 species of animals around the world are currently being targeted by traffickers, which is causing an unknown level of “harm upon nature.”

US State Department Issues Travel Advisory For Jamaica Amid Crime And Health Concerns 

The US State Department has issued a travel advisory for Jamaica among an influx of crime and health concerns.

Vietnam Opens New ‘Kissing Bridge’ As A Selfie Hotspot 

Last week, a new hotspot opened in Vietnam called the “Kiss Bridge” to give couples a chance to share a romantic moment with the beautiful Vietnamese sunsets. 

Virgin Atlantic And British Airways Face Complaints Over Alleged Misleading Sustainability Claims 

Virgin Atlantic and British Airways are currently facing formal complaints regarding accusations that the airlines are misleading the public over their sustainability claims and environmental credentials of aviation.