A Lost Summer: Let’s Not Rock!

The British weather has been nothing if forgiving over the past few months. Whilst many are pining after a cancelled holiday abroad, others have been enjoying the sunshine from their own back gardens. Sitting back on your lounger can have you reminiscing on past summers and daydreaming about what might have been this year. With the safety of customers and attendees being paramount it is unsurprising that events such as concerts and festivals have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. Sadly, from larger events such as Glastonbury down to the smaller, day festivals, all will feel the effects of the pandemic we are currently living in as fields lay empty and silent. So let us remember those funny memorable moments that have us going back for more every year.

Who to go with:
Making sure you’re in the right company is key to an enjoyable day and evening. Do you choose the group of hard core party animals and risk being stuck with your drunken friend who can’t see straight before the main acts have even been on? Or do you go with the more civilized group who sneak alcohol in as a mini salad dressing bottle placed on top of a salad amongst the selection of cheeses for the posh picnic? Whoever you choose make sure you have a reliable friend, one you know you can count on, who won’t leave you, is happy to share the drink buying and walk miles when you need the loo.

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What to take:
Whether you’re a ‘take what you can carry’ type or a ‘less is more’ mover, at every festival you will see a variety of folks take to its fields. The posh picnics that turn into mangled stuff you loath having responsibility for later on in the night, seemed like a good idea at the time. As you look around, you admire your little area, camping chairs, pull out tables and full on spread of chocolate dipped strawberries. Suspiciously cracking open that bottle of ‘water’ that quite clearly holds something with a little more of a kick in it. You eye up the couple next to you and with a sympathetic look at their measly blanket on the floor you adjust yourself into the perfect tanning whilst looking cool at a festival position (after all it got out nice!). Later into the evening, that same couple, exhausted after partying hard on the front row, give you a sympathetic glare as you stand at the back surrounded by tipped over chairs, a broken table and a chocolate strawberry stain stuck to your bum.

What to wear:
Planning the perfect festival outfit takes time. You may have an idea of what you’d like to wear, but the reality is that the good old British weather is very unpredictable. There is the classic, blue ripped denim shorts, white vest, converse and khaki jacket/rain mac. With this outfit you ooze the festival look, you can strut around with an air of ‘I’ve been here before’. Finish the look with a headscarf or braid if you’re feeling really brave!
However the real funky festival goers are the ones that look like they’ve thrown an outfit together as they got dressed from their tent that morning but in truth have probably spent the last year planning each detail of flared trouser, cropped vest and matching beads. With each new generation we see a variety of new festival fashion, it makes us wonder what the fields of 2020 would have looked like.

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Where to wee!
Keen festival goers (particularly us females) will be familiar with that bursting to go for a wee feeling. Being torn between losing your place in the crowd (and sometimes losing your friends) to hiking off on a mile long journey to find the porter loo queue. What starts off as a disgusting experience, where you try not to touch anything, later turns into a thank god for these loo’s relief as you fully embrace the festival experience.
Those of you that thought ahead may have paid over the odds for a VIP loo, some may try their look with the security on these posh loo’s as the evening progresses. One thing is certain, never has going to the toilet been so expensive and divided music loving crowds so much.

The beauty of going to a festival will remain in our thoughts as the summer progresses. We must spare a thought for the industries responsible for these such events as many risk great losses to their business and livelihoods.

It is with anticipation we await future events. Let us use this time to plan wisely for our next festival adventure. Whether we stock up on the hidden pouches that allow for sneaking in alcohol in your bra or plan how to take the bare minimum whilst still having the essentials, we must also remember that for our own safety, things may look slightly different at future events.

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