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Actors Share How Their Mental Health Suffers When a Long Series Ends

In May, soon after the epic series “Game of Thrones” ended, Kit Harington checked himself into rehab. Page Six reported that the actor, who played Jon Snow on the show for eight years, was seeking help for stress and alcohol use.

One source said it was the ending of the cult show that made him realize he “just needs peace and quiet.”

Harington’s story is a recognizable one. Many actors and others in the public eye have struggled with mental health conditions and addiction, possibly because a creative life can lead them down that path. But a long series coming to an end seems to be a particularly common catalyst.

Matthew Perry had several stints in rehab as he struggled with an alcohol problem during the final seasons of “Friends” and after the show finished. John Hamm also spent some time in a treatment center for alcoholism just before the final season of “Mad Men” aired.

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