Allie Beth Allman Is Confident The Real Estate Industry Will Survive The Coronavirus Pande...

Allie Beth Allman is known as the grand dame of Dallas real estate.

Allie Beth Allman is known as the grand dame of Dallas real estate. She’s most famously known for being former President George W. Bush’s Dallas real estate agent, and now, she’s using her platform to keep the public informed about the state of the nation’s real estate industry amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Allman was born and raised in Graham, Texas. She spent a majority of her teenage years participating in beauty pageants, which led to her becoming a cheerleader at Texas Christian University, where she would then be scouted to become the poster girl for Fort Worth’s Pangburn Candy Company. 

Not surprisingly, when it comes to becoming a real estate agent, Allman claims she “never dreamt” of doing it, and was just “in the right place and fell into it.” In 1982 she began selling homes, and after three years in the industry, she opened her own agency in 1985. Ten years later she sold her company to Henry S. Miller, who’s also a famous Dallas commercial real estate mogul.

Fast-forward to 2004 and Allman did the same thing all over again. In 2015, she sold her second agency to Warren Buffett, but her name remained in the company’s title. During those 11 years, Allman was able to build her most recognizable list of famous clients yet. Her list of notable clients included the Dallas Cowboys’ coach Tom Landry, who she knew through his wife Alicia; her and Allman were best friends at the time. Having Landry as a client gave her access to a multitude of other famed individuals in the sports industry; Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman, and former Cowboys coach Jason Garrett to name a few. 

“She knows every house in Dallas, including those long crunched by a bulldozer. She has listed many a millionaire’s estate, including the 10,500-square-foot White Rock Lake mansion built by oilman H.L. Hunt, now owned by a prominent Dallas attorney. Last year, Allie Beth Allman & Associates, which has 386 associates, closed on transactions logging a total sales volume of $2.1 billion,” [Forbes].

In 2009, after George W. Bush left the White House, Allman quietly found him and his wife their Dallas home in Preston Hollow; it’s been reported that Allman and her husband literally drove to the White House to drop off the keys. 

Now that Allman has established herself as one of the most successful, and recognizable, real estate agents in America, she’s trying to manage how to work in such an interactive industry during a pandemic that warrants everyone to stay home. She recently spoke with the media about the coronavirus pandemic and her experiences so far living in Dallas, where residents have been placed under quarantine since the end of March.

In general, real estate transactions have decreased 30% within the past month, however, Allman claimed this was supposed to be a very strong spring season for Texas real estate. Her agency had an extremely strong first quarter, but once this virus began spreading and more states began enforcing quarantine policies, obviously things took a major turn. 

Allman went on to state, however, that her agency has still seen a lot of closings, which is thanks to her team of 200 individuals working remotely online every day. She’s expecting a 30% loss in revenue, but is confident in her company’s ability to cope with worldwide hysteria, as it’s something she’s done before. 

“For sellers, my advice is if you can afford it, sit tight. Everyone is home now and on the internet, really looking at real estate. Get that house on the market and get up that virtual tour, do virtual tour open houses. Polish up your profile. People moving to Texas, people living in town, they will all be doing it through the virtual tour, and more pictures.”

Allman went on in her interview to emphasize that we all need to obviously be listening to what our government and healthcare professionals are telling us right now. It’s imperative that we all remain quarantined and at least six feet away from everyone if we need to be out in public. Allman’s biggest concern is the young people of America who seem to be blatantly ignoring the severity of the situation. 

In terms of keeping herself occupied, Allman says it’s not that hard for a real estate agent who isn’t able to actually be in any other property besides her own to stay busy, as there’s plenty of work to do. She works for 12 hours a day, and recommends taking multiple breaks to think of positive and creative outlets to direct your energy. 

Allman claims that the virus has also indirectly benefited the Dallas real estate industry, as a lot of international residents moved to America once this virus began spreading for safety purposes. A few weeks ago, before lock down measures were more seriously enforced, she sold a house to an entire family who moved here from India so that they would be better protected and able to find a place to immediately quarantine themselves, which is exactly what Allman was able to do for them. 

Allman was able to find that family two potential places to lease, and performed the entire transaction virtually, keeping all parties involved as safe as they possibly could be given the circumstances. 

This family had the means to go anywhere in the world; they chose Dallas because of our great medical centers and security, even though they have their own security. When it comes to keeping herself and her entire staff motivated, Allman says it’s all a matter of remaining organized and having a positive attitude. 

“I had to organize and shift around my home office a bit. We [her staff] have a ten-minute huddle every day for our agents that I lead, and really people do not seem down; they are grateful they are not sick. We are turning this lemon into a lemonade, and that’s just what we need to do, by staying at home, by doing more with your family.”

While it’s unclear when this pandemic will come to a close, we all need to remember that it will, in fact, come to an end eventually. Industries like Allman’s and all the companies within them, no matter how small, will recover as long as we continue to stay quarantined and practice healthy lifestyle choices to protect ourselves from this virus.