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Antonio Vendome NYC Uses His Real Estate To Embrace Humanity

Antonio Vendome, popularly known as ‘Nino’, is a real example of a person who carries the American dream in his heart. At barely 10 years, Antonio Vendome NYC was doing shoe-shining, but he since has risen to become a renowned real estate developer and investor. His dream was to be carried through by his daughter Raquel Vendome when she decided to quit her career in early childhood education to chase the dream of her father. She has since taken over Vendome Property Management throughout Manhattan and Queens. She has injected her creativity into Vendome projects to realize the most successful Urban Glass House, SoHo art galleries, Habitable Sculpture among other serious real estate investments. With Raquel by his side, this serious business magnate is unstoppable.

The Urban Glass House is uniquely built and features a state-of-the-art gym, bike storage, a structure that was inspired by Philip Johnson’s architectural creativity. After the passing on of Philip, Vendome advanced his creative spirit with the coming in the Habitable Sculpture. Besides, Antonio Vendome has other major investments such as the Studio Vendome and the art galleries.

Antonio Vendome NYC and Raquel Vendome both have a firm belief in giving back to the community. Shortly after the 9th November attack, these two incredible realtors exemplified their good heart of giving back by starting the Vendome’s Canal Street restaurant. They have helped the victims of the incident by offering psychological help and food substances, making a huge impact on humanity. Relying on their prominence in the real estate industry, Antonio Vendome has focused on developing and managing their real estate business in an impressive manner that has boosted the look of New York City.

After the 9/11 US attack, Antonio Vendome decided to give back to the community by donating a substantial amount of his resources to the victims through a Fund, besides organizing a “commando Cooking Operation” that helped the relief workers eat free meals. This was a clear demonstration of his tremendous generosity and the spirit that grows in the human race. The New York Historical Society was impressed by this unique gesture of the love for humanity by preserving some of the items offered by the restaurant owned by Vendome in order to provide the coming generations with inspiring stories amidst circumstances similar to the 9/11 tragedy.

The move to come to the help of the victims and relief workers after the attack has since earned him and his business enough praises from all spheres, including the Smithsonian Museum, Dr. Joseph Scelsa, the founder of the Italian American Museum. His restaurant in the City of New York remained open for 24 hours in order to feed all who needed something to eat. Scelsa says Vendome demonstrated overwhelming love for one’s fellow men through his philanthropy, something that earned him recognition from the Community Board. He looks forward to helping more other people realize their dreams, even when there seems to be no hope.As both a curator and a historian, Vendome has been honored by both individuals and organizations. The evidence of his compassion and love for humanity is endless so much so that his actions have been kept alive in many museums and historic places in the U.S.A.Antonio Vendome is not only a real estate mogul but also a kind-hearted man whose generosity is undoubted. Antonio Vendome has used a big portion of his hard-earned incomes to leave an indelible mark in the history of mankind as the only person who stood up at the time when the victims of the 9/11 needed help.

Raquel Vendome, a daughter to Vendome lives to spur the dream of her father in ways you cannot imagine. From establishing lucrative business ventures to planning property acquisitions, Raquel Vendome learned the art of hard work and echoed her father’s spirit to become one of the youngest real estate investors on the face of the earth.


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