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And Just Like That… Sex And The City Is To Return But Without Kim Cattrall

It is clear that this year has not started in the way we might have hoped, with continuing restrictions and uncertainty. We could certainly do with some excitement, on our tv sets at least! What better way than with the news that renowned tv show Sex in the City is going to return to our screens in a revival series being brought to us by HBO Max.

Disappointing Start To The New Year For Music Fans As The Grammy Awards Are Postponed Until March 2021

As we head into 2021, many have held onto the promise of a brighter year, which would see us return to at least some form of normality. In 2020 the Coronavirus took away so much from so many, from health and lifestyle through to business and industries. This was certainly the same for the music industry.

We ‘Salute’ You Jesy Nelson as She Makes Decision To Leave Little Mix

As a member of the girl band Little Mix, Jesy has not always had it easy throughout her career suffering with her mental health and anxiety and further to recent speculation and her extended break, Jesy has made the announcement that she has decided to officially leave Little Mix.

How The Elf on The Shelf is Brightening A Covid Christmas

We are now firmly into the countdown to Christmas and the excitement is officially building. After a year of turmoil brought about by Covid-19, Christmas has been a bit more uncertain this year with people across the world worried about Christmas being cancelled. Many have taken to spreading Christmas cheer earlier than normal, some as early as October!

How You Can Spread Christmas Cheer From Behind Your Mask

Masks are looking to become a normal occurrence for the foreseeable future, with the UK government announcing that even with the breakthrough of a vaccination available wearing a face covering could remain a part of our daily lives for a few years to come. What does the wearing of masks mean for our ability to spread cheer throughout Christmas and the new year?

Spotify Wrapped Launches for 2020 Revealing Our Most Loved Music

“Spotify wrapped: Year in Review” has become a looked forward to fixture of the end of the year. It compiles personal user information, such as the songs, albums and podcasts, that have been enjoyed throughout 2020 by each user.

What Will Christmas 2020 Look Like?

No matter where you are in the world, 2020 is known as the unprecedented year, bringing uncertainties to many. It has also brought a year of revelations. But how has a year that has seen the world stand still, kept us apart from loved ones and seen us stay at home changed our perspective on Christmas and the important festive season.

Looking Ahead To 2021 as The 63rd Grammy Awards Nominations Are Announced

As we come to the end of an eventful year that continues to hold many uncertainties for the entertainment industry particularly, we greatly welcome the announcement of the nominations for the upcoming Grammy Awards 2021.

The Impact of the Pandemic on Our Mental Health

As we countdown to the final weeks of 2020, we come to realise that although times may still be tough and full of uncertainty, we have nearly made our way through an extremely unprecedented year. Mental health and anxiety have been gaining prominence in recent years, rightly moving up our list of priorities, and this year has been no exception.

Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ Causing A Royal Stir

Series 4 of immensely popular “The Crown” has now started airing on streaming giant Netflix. The revered drama series is based upon Queen Elizabeth II and the life and times of her reign, and this season has brought to the spotlight the life and untimely death of Princess Diana.