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Al Research the Games: Deepmind Beats Nearly AllComers

When DeepMind, Google’s AI research outfit, set out to demonstrate its latest breakthrough, it had to confront an added twist: how do you set your robot free to play games on the internet without anyone realising they’re competing against it?

Data Is Fueling Changes in Aviation Engineering

Airline passengers are easy to upset, often rightly bemoaning delays and disruptions. But for the operator, with a plane on the tarmac grounded by mechanical failure, the frustration is even more intense. The Federal Aviation Administration estimates this inertia equates to an eye-watering loss of at least $150 per minute. With optimal reliability and an […]

Boost For Disney+ As It Leads Streaming Brand Awareness

Disney+ is leading subscription intent and brand awareness in the US, when compared to rival, soon-to-launch services from Apple, WarnerMedia and NBC, according to recently released research from Hub. The firm polled 2,016 US consumers in August 2019 about their likelihood to subscribe to some of the incoming TV streaming offerings, and it is clear […]

Why Being John Malkovich Is Still Apt 20 Years On

Imagine for a moment that it’s 1999, and the whole world has a direct portal into the mind of Bill Clinton. The idea would be dismissed as ridiculous, of course – science fiction, or perhaps if you were Monica Lewinsky, vindication. But 20 years later, the entire planet has a portal into the mind of […]

Why AI And Analytics Could Mean A Rethink For Law Firms’ “Billable Hour”

In the face of client budget cuts, competition from new legal services providers, and the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the traditional law firm billable hour model could be coming to an end. But if predictive analytics and AI kill off the billable hour for good, commentators believe it may save a profession that has […]

Unique Experiences Will Dominate Traveler Demand Into 2020

Travel trends are changing apace, driven by a desire for new, exciting and unique dining and drinking experiences. The latest research from leading commercial real estate and investment management firm, JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle IP, Inc.), demonstrates that some significant shifts are occurring in travelers’ preferred styles of dining, drinking and snacking. It’s estimated that […]