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Disruptive Real Estate?

Disruptive technologies and innovations are ideas or products that alter the way in which consumers, industries or businesses navigate. One classic example is Uber, although the extent or label as ‘disrupted’ is contested, it fundamentally changed the approach to taxi services. As in many other industries, disruptive innovations can also be found in real-estate. Technology […]

Ten Books Hitting The Screen in 2020

The movie industry is ripe with book adaptations which are estimated to account for least fifty percent of Hollywood films. These adaptations normally prove hugely successful, consistently among the highest grossing films in the box office. Some stories are adapted again and again into film, this year Hugh Lofting’s 1920’s series Dr Dolittle will hit […]

Exercises To Fit A Stationary Lifestyle

Many people find their lifestyle becoming inevitably more and more sedimentary in a world of technological advancement. A large portion of the workforce’s day to day routine includes sitting at a desk and working from a computer. We sit in cars, or on buses and trains to and from the workplace, the shops, to run […]

Can Wildlife Join The Fight Against Illegal Hunting?

Trophy hunting, poaching and the illegal trade of animal products such as ivory, are still an unvanquished evil of society. Despite protests, laws or measures put in place to prevent or discourage such activities, it is still a horrifying problem facing many animals and endangered species alike. Beautiful creatures such as Rhinos, Tigers, Lions and […]

The Real-Estate Scene For Young Buyers

Generational name-tags seem to have taken place as an inherent and irritating tool in describing a whole group of people. Whilst they can be useful in neatly summing-up an age group and following trends of said group, they can be demoralizing in their treatment and broad-brushstrokes of such a varied group of people that are […]

Balancing Your Diet In An Unbalanced World

In a world where fad diets, new ‘don’t eats’ and newly discovered ‘superfoods’ crop up as quickly as a healthy cookbook, it can be hard to maintain a consistent diet. We all feel pressure to look and feel our best, whether for personal reasons or societal pressures, dieting is a concept revisited again and again by many of us.

Children and Smartphones

It is very common for a child nowadays to know how to use their parent’s smartphone, work Alexa, or spend their free time watching YouTube videos. Children born into the digital age are naturally going to be exposed to technologies that previous generations did not have.