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Beauty in Balance

As the selfie craze drives people to alter their looks, doctors tell GN Focus how you can use cosmetic surgery to your advantage without going overboard

We’re living in a selfie-obsessed world. It all starts with a smartphone: You tilt the device just above your eyeline to get the right angle. You give your best pose — a sideways smile, pouting lips, or a dreamy stare — and snap! Afterwards, you choose a flattering filter, erase out unsightly blemishes and soften colours.

Then, with a single tap, you are ready to upload to social media, hoping to be liked several times over. Now, experts are showing concern about a side effect of the selfie age — Snapchat Dysmorphia, which refers to a trend of people seeking cosmetic procedures to replicate their filtered faces without the filters.

“Yes, social media has forced us to be self-aware of our looks,” says Dr Sanjay Parashar, CEO of Cocoona Centre of Aesthetic Transformation. “The awareness of what is possible has increased and more and more people are choosing cosmetic procedures. It is not wrong, as long as you know what is safe and what is crossing a line. Defining expectations and counselling patients about real possibilities is 90 per cent of my 60-minute consultation.”

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