Best Horror Movie Streaming Services: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Shudder

It’s almost Halloween and this year there are more options for streaming scary movies than ever.

With streaming wars heating up, streaming search engine Reelgood crunched the data to determine the best streaming service for horror enthusiasts.

The rankings, which Reelgood shared with Business Insider, are based on the number of horror movies available on each service that are certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. To be certified fresh, films need to meet certain requirements, like maintaining a steady score of at least 75% and accumulating at least five reviews from “top critics.”

From the sprawling catalogs of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to Shudder, a service built specifically for horror fans, here’s where to turn to stream your favorite scary content this Halloween season:

HBO Now is the most expensive streaming option on the market, but this service and HBO Go contain only one horror move that’s certified fresh by Rotten Tomatoes: the 2018 blockbuster “Halloween.”

Cinemax streaming service Max Go landed fairly low down on the list, with only three horror movies certified fresh.

If you use Cinemax to stream, choose from “The Descent,” “Teeth,” and “Red Eye” for the best horror move experience this year.

If you stream using the FXNow app, the good news is that FX is home to “Get Out,” the Jordan Peele film that won the Academy Award for best original screenplay in 2018.

“Get Out” is certified 98% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and is not available on Netflix or Hulu, so FX streamers are in luck.

The bad news is that FX only has four other highly ranked titles, although they’re all fairly recent releases: “Don’t Breathe,” “Ouija: Origin of Evil,” “Split,” and “Goosebumps.”

Showtime clocked in with six certified fresh horror movies, including “Evil Dead II” and “The Babadook,” which each earned a Rotten Tomatoes ranking of 98% fresh.

Fandor, a subscription streaming service for films and documentaries, provides seven certified fresh horror movies to choose from, including two with 100% ratings.

“The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” is the most highly rated, but other popular titles include “The Phantom of the Opera,” “The Exorcist,” and a couple of vampire films.

The Epix library has eight certified fresh options for fans of horror to choose from.

That’s not nearly as many as streaming giants like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, nor does it compare to the range of options on Shudder, but streamers will still find plenty of familiar titles on Epix.

John Krasinski’s 2018 thriller “A Quiet Place” is a popular pick, as are “Rosemary’s Baby,” “Night of the Living Dead,” and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

Starz has 10 certified fresh horror films in its library, the most recently released being “Let Me In” from 2010.

Starz users can also stream the dark comedy “Shaun of the Dead” for some comic relief, as well as “The Blair Witch Project” for anyone looking for something more mysterious.

Criterion’s streaming service has 12 horror flicks available, most of them older releases like the 1954 version of “Godzilla” and “Night of the Living Dead” from 1968.

In fact, the only horror movies from the 21st century on the Criterion Channel are “The Love Witch” and “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night,” but this service has more to offer for anyone looking for slightly older horror options.

Hulu is the streaming giant lowest down on the horror list, with 14 choices for users to get in the Halloween spirit.

Hulu users have access to a good range of films, though, from the classic 1968 film “Rosemary’s Baby,” to “The Evil Dead” and “Evil Dead II” from the 80s, to “A Quiet Place” from last year.

Netflix clocks in just above Hulu, with 20 horror moves certified fresh.


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