Biden Continues To Dominate Trump In Electoral Polling Numbers As Pandemic Worsens

A record number of Americans have reported their disapproval of President Trump for his mishandling of the pandemic and protests throughout the country.

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In a 2020 electoral map rating conducted by National Public Radio, Trump has received overall poor scores for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, race relations, and economic recovery. States and voters who were previously pro-Trump have even turned against the President due to the fact that the US is one of the only countries in the world seeing such massive case numbers and deaths related to Covid-19; there have been 4.75 million confirmed cases and 157,000 deaths.

The analysis showed that several states have shifted their vote to work in Biden’s favor. Biden currently has a 297-170 advantage over Trump in the Electoral College, which is a pretty phenomenal head-start considering the election is just three months away. The biggest shifts that have occurred show Colorado moving from the “leaning democratic” category of how they’d vote to the “likely democratic” category; essentially meaning it’s guaranteed they’ll vote blue in November. 

Florida, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Pennsylvania all went from “toss-up” to “leaning Democratic” and Georgia moved from “leaning Republican” to “toss-up.” This means that if all of the states that are currently leaning towards Biden follow through and vote for him in November, he will secure the presidency. During an address outlining his economic recovery plan for families, Biden criticized Trump for his lack of ability to handle a national crisis. 

This man simply does not understand he can’t deal with our economic crisis without serving, saving and solving the public health crisis. He’s unable to explain how he’ll actually help working families hit the hardest.”

The Biden Campaign is fully anticipating the race to get much tighter as November gets closer. The campaign believes that even if Trump improves slightly with his handling of the pandemic his numbers could increase among his past supporters, regardless of the excessive damage that’s already been done as a result of his administration’s handling of Covid. 

If Trump wants to win, however, he needs to win every state that’s currently still in the “toss-up” category and shift the perspective of some states that are “leaning democrat.” While that may seem like a challenge, Trump was able to do exactly all of that in 2016. The states that are listed above, however, that have shifted to be more in favor of Biden, are greatly significant in terms of his potential winning of the ballot. 

The major turnaround from a lot of Trump supporters has been a direct result of his handling, or lack-there-of, of the Covid-19 pandemic that has now killed more Americans than World War 2. The administration has received major backlash from citizens, healthcare professionals, and other international leaders for their delay on testing and most significantly their focus on the economy over human lives.

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“You know, he’s [Trump] quit on you, and he’s quit on this country, but this election is not just about him. It’s about us. It’s about you. It’s about what we’ll do, what a president’s supposed to do,” Biden claimed.

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Besides the states listed above, there are a few others that will need to be closely watched for the next three months that could shift how the vote leans in November. For instance the 2nd Congressional District in Maine voted for Trump in 2016, and while Biden is currently in the lead for Maine, it’s still anybody’s game as he is only ahead of Trump by 3%. 

North Carolina is thought to be an essential state for Trump to win if he really wants a chance at catching up to Biden’s numbers as they currently stand. However, Biden currently has a lead over Trump with a 51% to 44% rating. The same argument can go for Ohio in terms of Trump needing to win, and as of right now the state is in the “toss-up” category of which way they’ll vote. While it’s expected that Ohio will vote in Trump’s favor, if the current divide in voting is still present in November it’s likely to sway more in Biden’s favor. 

Texas is another state that is expected to be fairly Pro-Trump, however, even in the 2016 election he didn’t get as many votes as initially thought. Trump is still currently leading in the polls in Texas, however, it’s too close to currently call how the state will vote, leaving them in the “toss-up” category. 

Finally, Iowa is another state Trump would typically be expected to win based on past trends, however, his approval ratings have dropped a significant amount within the past year alone. While he’s still leading in the polls in Iowa, this shift in supporters could speak volumes as to the many past Trump supporters who are rethinking who they want to see in the White House come next year.