Bill Gates And Panel Of Over 150 Medical Experts Calls On US To Shut Down Amid Pandemic Concerns

The US has now hit 4 million positive cases of Covid-19, prompting medical experts to call on the government to shut down again.

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There have been 4,038,748 positive cases of the coronavirus in the US since March with 144,304 deaths; and those numbers are consistently increasing. Now, more than 150 prominent US medical professionals, scientists, teachers, and nurses have signed a letter to America’s political leaders, urging them to shut down the whole country again as a means of slowing down the spread of Covid-19. 

Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates has spent the pandemic using his foundations millions of dollars worth of resources and experts to solve the coronavirus pandemic. He also showed his support to the panel of medical experts and career leaders in America who all want the same thing; for this virus to stop spreading and for citizens to remain healthy and safe. 

According to the letter itself, America is currently on a path to lose over 200,000 citizens to the coronavirus by November. However, many states still remain open, including establishments that promote the gatherings of large crowds such as restaurants, bars, salons, and more. At this point, the coronavirus is set to be the leading cause of death in the US within the next month, according to the CDC. 

“Infection rates in the US are deeply troubling because in the summer, when it’s warmer, when people are outdoors more, actually it’s easier to reduce the infection than it’s going to be out in the fall, so we’re in a very tough situation.”

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been funding numerous potential vaccine developments, and as of right now the world is seeing many begin human trials. So while there is hope, Americans still need to do their part to curve the spread. It’s easy to blame the individuals who are going out to these establishments and ignoring the very daunting reality of this pandemic, however, if government leaders tell their citizens it’s okay and safe to go to these places, then it should be expected that they’re going to listen. 

Cases are beginning to plateau in certain states that have been seeing massive increases, however, case numbers are still going up overall. Texas, California, Arizona, and Florida were the biggest causes for concern this month, and while their numbers are beginning to steady out, the overall state of the country is cause for major concerns. 

One county in Texas along the US-Mexico border has issued a shelter-at-home order, forcing all non-essential businesses to close indefinitely. Los Angeles County also recently began shutting down after they continuously reported thousands of new cases weekly. The Governor of Washington, Jay Inslee, announced that the state would also be tightening their restrictions in support of the nation’s medical professionals who are dealing with this virus first hand.

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“If we let the virus get even more control, it will have an even more devastating impact over the long term in our economy, and certainly in our health, and the very lives of our loved ones.”

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One of the biggest debates as of late is in relation to beginning the 2020-21 school year. Vice President Mike Pence announced this week that he would be participating in a multitude of roundtable discussions with education and medical professionals about reopening America’s schools. 

Many individuals working in healthcare and education are adamant that reopening schools in the fall is a bad choice, and will likely lead to a massive increase in cases all across the country. Think about what the average public high school looks like in between classes; kids flooding the hallways, shoulder-to-shoulder, trying to get to their next class. Now imagine asking all of America’s kids aged from 5 to 18-years-old to wear a mask for 6+ hours of the day, especially considering so many citizens in this country have been protesting the mandating of facial coverings. 

The CDC recently announced new guidelines for what sending kids back to school would actually look like, claiming that they’re in favor of restarting the school year for the sake of the kids’ education. 

The reality is, this pandemic has shown everyone around the world that it will be impossible to make concrete reopening plans of any kind until a vaccine is readily available and on the market. States have opened, closed, and reopened numerous times, and even the countries that fully eradicated the virus, such as parts of China, are beginning to see cases reappear. What’s most important is that we all continue to listen to our healthcare providers, stay informed and continue to follow the health and safety procedures that our medical experts are telling us. 

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