Britney Spears Files To Have Accountant Replace Father As Conservator 

An attorney working for Britney Spears has officially filed to make the pop star’s new conservator her accountant Jason Rubin; a position that’s currently being held by her father. Lawyer Matther Rosengard made the official request in a Los Angeles court filing this week. 

The Los Angeles Times reported that Rosengart filed a petition to remove Jamie Spears, her father, as a conservator and replace him with Rubin. In a recent court hearing. Spears spoke for herself and stated that she wanted her father removed immediately, and would like to sue him for abuse. 

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Rosengart just recently started representing Spears after she was able to choose her own lawyer in a landmark decision made in her conservatorship case last month. Spears has been enduring this arrangement for 13 years now. 

The conservatorship means she has no control over her finances, estate, career, social media, or reproductive rights; she claimed in court that the individuals working in her conservatorship refuse to let her take out her IUD. 

After Spears delivered an emotional testimony last month that spread throughout social media, the icon has gained a slew of public support, including a message from Congress who invited Spears to the White House to better break down the issues with abusive conservatorships all throughout the US.

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Spears claimed that throughout her conservatorship she was forced to perform and take medication against her will. Her top priority has now become terminating the conservatorship, but mainly removing her father from the role of conservator. 

Spears also claimed that she would not be performing as long as her father still had control over her career and finances. 

“There’s a real question as to why Mr Spears does not voluntarily step aside today. Today. Does anybody really believe that Mr Spears’s involvement in the case is in the best interest of Ms Spears?” said Rosengart earlier this month in court. 

Spears is due back in court on September 29th, where a final decision over her father’s removal as conservator will be made.