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TikTok Deal Seen as a Positive Against Trump’s Trade War With China

In a move that saw President Donald Trump reportedly give his ‘blessing’, TikTok has struck up a potential deal that will allow the social media company to continue to operate within the United States.
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TikTok’s Future Remains Unclear After Walmart And Oracle Win Bid For Partial Ownership

President Donald Trump has been battling with video-sharing social networking platform TikTok for months now. Trump has claimed that the Chinese-owned app, run by company ByteDance, is giving personal user information to the Chinese government upon request.
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Pompeo Visits Suriname and Guyana

Mike Pompeo’s recent visit to Guyana and Suriname was the first visit to the two nations by a US secretary of state and was designed to elicit business from the nations leaders.
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How Has Coronavirus Affected The Economy?

The human cost of the current coronavirus pandemic has been highlighted often with figures of worldwide or America’s confirmed cases and fatalities being reported across the media, but what about the financial cost?

Billionaire Chuck Feeney Achieves Lifelong Goal Of Giving Away All Of His Money

After 38 years, Feeney’s philanthropic foundation has run out of the $8 billion fortune he started it on, and he was still alive to see the impact that money has made.

Feeney is an Irish-American business mogul who was able to make billions of dollars from his duty-free shopping empire. Ever since he was first titled a billionaire he was very public about his desire to fund different charities and universities across the world until the money completely ran out. Read more…