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Is It The End For TikTok?

Security fears surrounding several Chinese social media apps have continued to increase across the world, particularly with TikTok.
Unemployment Form

Trump and Biden Disagree Over Jobs News

There are two sides to every story and the unemployment rate across the country is no different. On the one hand, our unemployment figures are the highest since the Great Depression.
American Airlines Planes

American Airlines Announces Job Cuts

While there has been news that certain areas of the travel industry are reopening around the world, and hopefully gaining much needed business, things are not quite as positive on home soil.
Man Working at Home

With 3 in 4 Workers Wanting To Remain at Home, Will Office Working Become A Thing of The Past?

Since Coronavirus began to take hold in major countries across the world earlier this year, many workers have been adjusting to live working from home.
Streaming Service

Quibi’s Rise And Immediate Fall In The Steaming Industry

Co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg knew that Quibi was either going to be a home run or massive swing and a miss.

Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman were the two billionaires that launched Quibi, an experimental new entertainment streaming service that was meant to offer celebrity-filled fragmented “quick bite” shows; hence the name Quibi. Every episode on the app is 10 minutes or less. Read more…