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Spotify's Big Investment In Podcasts

Spotify invested about half a billion dollars into purchasing podcast-related companies in 2019, and they’re just getting started.
Carbon Footprint

Is Your Business Doing Enough? How You Can Reduce Your Carbon Impact As A Business

Environmental impact is a topic that is highly discussed in the…
TikTok on Screen

How TikTok Is Transforming Brand Marketing Strategy

Since its rebrand from, TikTok has exploded onto the…
Business Men with Tablet

How To Successfully Upgrade Your Companies Technology

Now that the world has fully adapted into a digital age, where pretty much anything and everything can be accomplished via the internet, in order to run a successful company, you need to be successfully using online resources as well.

How Warren Buffet Made his Billions

Warren Buffet: Investor and Philanthropist

Warren Buffett is on the short list of the wealthiest people in the world, joining the ranks of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos as figures who transformed their ideas into tremendous amounts of money. Read more…