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Dr. Martens

Iconic Shoe Brand Dr. Martens Intends To Join The Stock Market

Other brands have created an iconic style that has established them as a go-to brand for that signature look. One such brand is Dr. Martens, whose classic boots are instantly recognizable across the world. It was recently reported that this infamous footwear brand is planning to join the stock market, which would mean a proportion of the shares in the business would be available for investors to purchase.
New York Stock Exchange

NYSE Delists Three Chinese Firms in Confusing Reversal

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has said that it will indeed delist three Chinese telecommunication companies after changing their stance on the matter twice previously. The decision comes just a day after US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told the NYSE chief that he disagreed with the earlier decision to reverse the removal of the three firms.

Billionaires Add $1 Trillion To Their Net Worth As Millions Of Their Workers Struggle For Survival 

Throughout the timeline of the pandemic alone, billionaires in the US have collectively increased their net worth by more than $1 trillion. Many of these billionaire’s US workers, on the other hand, have been struggling to deal with unsafe working conditions that leave them susceptible to potential infection.
Small Business working during COVID-19

Protected: New York Attempts To Offer Hope For Small Businesses Hit Hard By Covid-19

When the Covid-19 virus first hit the US, small businesses everywhere were worried about how they would survive both a global pandemic and an economic crisis.

Parler Sues Amazon For Removing App From Cloud Services Following Capitol Riot

Parler is a social network highly favored by far-right conservative parties that Amazon removed from its platform following the riot last week.

Amazon Web Services removed the Parler app from its cloud services this past Monday after the company claimed that the network wasn’t able to monitor the content on its platform, especially content that promoted or incited violence. Parler responded to this removal by filing a lawsuit against Amazon on claims that the company is targeting the app for political reasons and to reduce its overall competition. Read more…