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Construction Workers

Pressure On U.K. To Curb Non-Essential Construction Work During Coronavirus

Uncertainty over whether self-employed construction workers should continue working on building sites across the U.K. has led to mounting pressure for a decision to be made over what should be considered ‘essential’ work.
Team Working Together

How Coronavirus Is Affecting America’s Workers

With the coronavirus outbreak affecting businesses not just across the country but the entire world it is understandable that American workers are becoming concerned about their employment.
Amazon Building

Amazon Coping With Warehouse Coronavirus Outbreaks In Over 10 Facilities

Amazon warehouse workers are currently enduring a huge wave of coronavirus cases appearing throughout the various factory locations in the United States. According to media reports, at least 11 facilities have reported having workers who tested positive for the virus.
Self-Employed Woman

Concerns For The Financial Security of American Self-Employed Workers

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt businesses across the world, there has been widespread concern for the financial security of self-employed workers. The rise of ‘Gig Economy’ in recent years has led to a surge in self-employed workers across all sectors.

How Warren Buffet Made his Billions

Warren Buffet: Investor and Philanthropist

Warren Buffett is on the short list of the wealthiest people in the world, joining the ranks of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos as figures who transformed their ideas into tremendous amounts of money. Read more…