Carolyn Herbert

How A Wine Jelly Store Has Given Former Inmates Purpose, Responsibility, And A Second Chance | Carolyn Herbert

Even after finishing their sentence, an inmate has a long road ahead of them. Facing readjustment troubles and job insecurity, reentering the world is a whole new challenge they might not be prepared for. Luckily, Carolyn Herbert has their backs thanks to her company, Herbert’s Wine Jellies, which employs former inmates and helps them to learn money management, new skills, and make good on their second chance.

Climate Change

Climate Change Is One Of The Biggest Contributors To Inflation And Economic Failures

“Climatenomics” is a new book from Bob Keefe, a former White House reporter and director of Environmental Entrepreneurs. In the book, Keefe discusses how the climate crisis is changing international economies and driving prices up in almost all sectors of business.

Lynne Wadsworth Holistic Health and Wellness

How A Holistic Health Practitioner Helps Clients Use Their Brain And Gut To Produce A Better Mindset And Lifestyle | Lynne Wadsworth

For every woman, mid-life can be an intimidating period. Menopause and Perimenopause cause hormone disruption, bringing about migraines, mood swings, and weight gain. From these feelings come depression, anxiety, and self-loathing. However, with health practitioner Lynne Wadsworth’s natural counseling and diets, taking control of your life has never been easier.

Stone Sisters Pizza and Stone Edibles

How Three Sisters Are Helping Improve The Health Of Others Through Cannabis | Stone Edibles

The Stone Sisters have always had a passion for nutrition and making a positive change in the world through their love of people and healthy pure organic food. Which is why they decided to open Stone Edibles, where they provide nutritional cannabis infused delicacies for natural healing.

Elon Musk Has Plans For Twitter As The Company’s Largest Shareholder

The richest man in the world, Elon Musk, has become Twitter’s largest shareholder with a 9.2% stake in the company. Musk immediately took to Twitter to announce some of his plans for the social media site.

Through Losses And Changes, A Hardware Store Owner Continues To Overcome And Thrive | Nancy Grabusnik

After the loss of her husband, Nancy Grabusnik found herself in an unfamiliar field where women frequently deal with sexism. However, instead of backing down, Grabusnik and her family took the reigns and continued on his legacy.

How A Dance Store Owner Selflessly Helped Her Employees Overcome The Pandemic | Stephanie Foy

Employees are the life and blood of any good store, but some owners might not see them as more than just workers. So when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many went into an “every man for themselves” attitude. The Dance Line, Inc. store owner Stephanie Foy took it upon herself to ensure her workers wouldn’t be left vulnerable.

How One Woman Rancher Grabbed The Bull By The Horns And Succeeded In The Male-Dominated Agriculture Industry | Sherilyn Arnecke

Out in the lush prairie fields, a hard-to-escape notion is that women are not suitable for the role of ranchers. When buyers called the E4 Cattle Company looking for bulls, they were surprised to learn that a male wasn’t the head of the long-time family operation – it was Sherilyn Arnecke, the owner of E4 Cattle Company since 2006 and someone who doesn’t take kindly to assumptions.

Unemployment Claim

Weekly Jobless Claims In US Hit 18-Month Low

The Labor Department revealed this week that weekly jobless claims have decreased to almost pre-pandemic levels. People on state unemployment have also hit March 2020 levels when the pandemic was initially starting and shutting down multiple businesses.

Income Inequality

Confronting And Combating Inequalities In America’s Pediatric Healthcare Industry | Dr. John Leimert

America’s healthcare industry has long had its issues. Pediatric patients especially suffer when they’re born into lower income neighborhoods with little to no medical resources.