Siamak Afshar Transforming Life Center

Overcoming His Addiction, A Treatment Center Program Director Now Committed To Helping Others Reach A Similar Clean, Powerful, And Promising Life | Siamak Afshar

Struggling with drug addictions can be an incredibly toiling and difficult challenge. Transforming Life Center CEO Siamak Asfhar knows this all too well, and strives to help others overcome their habits just like he did.


Inside A Neurologist Professor’s Progressive Research On Traumatic Brain Injuries In Veterans | Dr. James Russell Couch, Jr.

For many veterans, the fight doesn’t end when they step off the battle. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can cause significant cognitive, behavioral, and physical damage. However, thanks to research from experts like Dr. James Russell Couch, Jr., more analysis is being found on these afflictions while providing a pathway for better treatment and awareness.


Thanks To “Psych-K,” Those Lacking In Self-Confidence Are Able To Regain Inner Strength And Courage | Jeanne Northington

Confidence is a crucial skill that can impact so many parts of our lives, from personal relationships to careers. Unfortunately, whether from past incidents or anxiety, that self-esteem can be difficult to grasp. Luckily, life coach Jeanne Northington has helped clients to overcome their struggles thanks to “PSYCH-K,” a method that has seen plenty of success.

Hinna Chaudhry DMD

Why Communication And Passion In Dental Care Is Key To Helping Patients Overcome Fears And Anxieties | Dr. Hinna Chaudhry

Dentist cleanings are extremely important to a person’s health. However, due to various factors, it can also lead to traumatic instances that negatively affect a person’s view on dental health for years. Recognizing this barrier, Dr. Hinna Chaudhry has strived to make her practice one that can help to comfort and show patients cleanings are safe and necessary.


Acknowledging The Struggles Pregnant Athletes Face, Allyson Felix Starts New Intiative

Advocating for female athlete pregnancy and child care support, track star Allyson Felix announced a new initiative that will provide free child care to children of participants at the U.S. Track and Field Championships, along with additional select events in the future.

Dr. Ellen Jane Killebrew

Despite Gender Stigmas, A Cardiologist Overcame Obstacles To Bring Improved Care To Women | Dr. Ellen Jane Killebrew

Dr. Ellen Jane Killebrew isn’t a stranger to opposition. Throughout her life, she’s faced much prejudice in her journey through cardiology. However, she’s overcame every obstacle with a passion, all while teaching others the necessities of healthy eating and exercise.

How ‘Wrist Assured Gloves’ Sent Wrist Troubles Away and Kept Workout Passions Alive | Paula Wilbert

For Paula Wilbert, an injury to her wrists put a dagger into performing her favorite yoga and exercise workouts. However, a solution she found has not only put those concerns to rest, but transformed into a booming business.

Why Valuing Healthcare Workers Can Lead To More Productive Environments And Better Mental Health | Mikayla Treynor

Like many healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Mikayla Treynor felt burned out, unappreciated, and lost – until she made a change, showing how companies can reaffirm their loyalty to workers and ensure both more respectability and productivity going forward.

Nourishing And Healing Your Mind And Body Through Holistic Medicine | Margaret Munnerlyn

Modern medicine is so multifaceted that it can become overwhelming for one to figure out the best path of healing for their specific situation. Margaret Munnerlyn is a holistic herbalist who has devoted her career to helping clients find natural remedies to care for their body’s ailments. She has consulted for hundreds of people over the past 25 years, emphasizing that herbalism is a practice that uses medicinal plants as a basis of traditional medicine, which is why it’s so successful.

Inside A Psychotherapist’s Efforts To Destigmatize Mental Health In Different Communities | Jasmine Trangucci

Despite the serious effects of mental health, some refuse to receive treatment due to societal and cultural stigmas that surround it. Psychotherapist Jasmine Trangucci has made an effort to eliminate the negative perceptions while bringing stability to suffering communities.