Apple Watch and Iphone Activity

How Technology Is Helping People Live A Healthier Life

Thanks to a wide variety of technology, it’s never been easier for people to start making healthier choices in their day-to-day lives.

Two Girls Working Out at Home

How Everyday Activities Can Help Maintain A Healthy And Active Lifestyle At Home

Professor Emmanuel Stamatakis is an expert in physical activity working at the University of Sydney, who recently spoke with the media about how living an active and healthy lifestyle is much easier than the average person would think.

FetchaADate Meet Pet Owners

Niche Dating Sites Are Helping People Find Love In The Most Unique Ways | FetchaDate

Dating Apps that focus on individual passions are rising in popularity, one of the most unique being FetchaDate, a dating service used for pet-owners to find love.

Man with Dog

How To Protect Your Dog From This New Deadly Disease Spreading Through Ticks

The disease is known as canine ehrlichiosis, and has appeared in northern Australia causing major concern for the millions of dog owners in the country.

Pierre Cardin

Remembering Legendary French Fashion Designer Pierre Cardin

French Designer Pierre Cardin threw European fashion for a loop in the 1960’s and 70’s by introducing his futuristic and modern looks to the runway.

Santa on Video Call

Santa Claus Is Staying Safe By Video Chatting Nice Boys And Girls For Christmas This Year

Santa’s opting for a more “work from home” approach to speak to all the boys and girls who made it to the nice list this year. 

Botanical Vodka Is One Of The Newest Trends Shaping The Spirit Industry | Rosa Vodka

The liquor and spirits industry as a whole is constantly changing and looking for the next best thing. For Rosa Vodka, they believed a liquor made from the botanical essences of the Bulgarian Damascena Rose is exactly what the industry needed to shake things up, so they created one.


How This CEO Built Her Lifestyle Brand Around Her Brain Disorder

Blain is the founder and CEO of shapewear and lifestyle brand FBF Body, but before becoming she dove into the world of entrepreneurship she was working as an educator in Corporate America. When she was 30-years-old, however, she received a diagnosis for Chiari Malformation which changed everything. 

Self Care Today

Jackie Aina Is Putting Self-Care At The Forefront Of New Lifestyle Brand, Forvr Mood

After spending a decade as one of the internet’s biggest beauty gurus, Jackie Aina is ready to launch her own brand.

California Positive COVID

California’s Poorest County Is The State’s New Epicenter For Covid-19

Adolphe Edward is the CEO for El Centro regional medical center, which is one of the only two hospitals in the entire county; which houses 181,000 California residents.