Real Estate Experts Say US Housing Market Is On Its Way To Recovery

Real estate industry economists are stating that the nation’s housing market is on a correction course with housing prices slowly moderating, and even declining, in some areas.


US Housing Market Is Slowing Down, Inventory Is High And Prices Are Lowering

The US housing market has been on quite the roller coaster ride since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, experts are saying that the housing market may not be crashing, but it’s definitely slowing down in terms of sales, mortgage rates, and inventory.

Ruth Edwards Realtor

How A Realtor Has Navigated Through A Difficult Florida Housing Market With Her Compassion And Grit | Ruth Edwards

With mortgage rates rising and inventory low, the real estate market is an incredibly difficult area to manage right now in many states like Florida. However, that hasn’t stopped real estate agent Ruth Edwards from tirelessly working with buyers — many of them first-timers — from finding a property that fits their needs.

Universal Parks and Resort To Build 1,000 Affordable Units Amidst Florida Housing Crisis

With Florida in the midst of a housing crisis that has seen rent in some locations increase by 37%, Universal Parks and Resort is stepping up by announcing the pledging of 20 acres that’ll be used to create a community of 1,000 affordable/mixed-income units, providing stability and work opportunities for those in need.

With His New Book, A Realtor Hopes to Help Potential Homeowners Avoid ‘Buyer’s Remorse’ | Kelly Hanson

Buying real estate can be an intimidating scenario, and for those unprepared, they could be in for a rude and confusing awakening that’ll ultimately give sellers the upper hand. With buyers’ remorse on the rise in the real estate industry, REALTOR® Kelly Hanson set out to ensure potential homeowners are aware of potential pitfalls – and stay happy with their purchase.

‘Follow Your Dreams’: How One Woman’s Road To Financial Success Is Inspiring The World | Theodora Uniken Venema

Throughout our lives, we’re raised on the idea that we’re meant to go to school, graduate, get a job, and work until retirement. Theodora Uniken Venema knew from a young age she was going to break that mold, and now wears many career hats to prove it. While she’s most well known for her successful career in finance, real estate, and international investing, it’s her passion to never give up on her own happiness that inspires the people around her.

Traditional Art In A Modern World: How One Multimedia Artist Uses His Talents To Create Stunning Custom Art | Richard Tewell

Mediums like stained glass have been thought of as a lost artform, which is why artist’s like Richard Tewell are dedicated to using their talents as multimedia artists to create beautiful custom art pieces for clients to beautify their homes.

How The Real Estate Industry Is Working To Combat Climate Change

Real estate accounts for nearly 40% of the energy-related carbon emissions in the world. Investors are now focusing on cutting emissions to net zero by refurbishing old properties and avoiding new projects.

How ‘Instagrammable’ Immersive Experiences Are Shaping Commercial Real Estate

Ari Rastegar is the CEO of Rastegar Property Company, a real estate company focused on value-oriented properties. Rastegar recently wrote about how these types of “instagrammable” locations will likely be a major player in rebuilding the industry as the pandemic comes to an end within the next year or so. 


Biden Administration Looking To Reverse Trump-Era Mortgage Policy

The Trump-era policy removed a lot of protections for those who were dependent on loans for their payments, as well as created the space for riskier loans to be dealt out.