Artificial Intelligence

Council Post: How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Marketing For Any Size Business

Marketing is one of the most important functions of a company that is ripe for an AI transformation. Every company can benefit from a lift in their marketing results and streamlining their marketing processes. Consumers of all types are accessible via digital channels and marketers can get access to incredible amounts of data.

Smaller, more traditional businesses may consider AI a technology that is tailored to big companies or remains in the realm of science fiction. AI may seem too new and complex. In fact, less than 5% of companies polled in a recent study believe AI is highly mature.

To understand where AI can add value, we have to look at the three big parts of the marketing funnel: communications and awareness, lead generation, and prospecting and sales.

The funnel begins with awareness when the potential customer notices the brand’s existence. At this point, the goal of communications is to get them interested in the offerings.

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