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Council Post: In Business, The Mental Game Is The Only Game

In business, the mental game is the only game you really need to worry about mastering. Get that right and chances are much improved that the planets will align themselves in your favor.

Regardless of the measure of success you achieve, merely surviving the ups and downs of a career as an entrepreneur will require good measures of resilience and mental toughness.

Here are some attitudes you will want to train yourself to take on.

Don’t transfer the responsibility for the success of your business to your team. Delegation is not about letting go. It is about leveraging your own time and getting more done. Begin your day by saying “I take full responsibility for the success of my business.” If things don’t work out, don’t blame others. That habit de-powers your internal motivation. Instead, take the full weight of all results on yourself. It is empowering! Intentionally taking responsibility for results will insulate you from depression and disillusionment. It will give you the fuel to come at the problem from a different angle, improving your odds for success.

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