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Council Post: It’s Not Enough To Show Up: How Purposeful Culture Drives Business

Imagine this: You’re interviewing a great candidate, who is quite possibly the next rock star at your organization, and are asked to describe your company culture.

HR professionals will sometimes reference these perks — and that’s exactly what they are — in place of describing culture to entice talent to join an organization. Perks are not culture. While these additional benefits certainly enhance the employee experience, a company’s culture is rooted in organizational success. Culture is the soul of an organization and the North Star that guides every aspect of an organization, from employees and policies to leadership and, yes, even perks.

Higher standards, greater expectations and a more competitive landscape pile stress on HR departments to ensure employees are happy and engaged at work so they remain productive and committed. Delivering a strong, purposeful culture based on more than just perks gives businesses the edge they need to not only recruit the best talent, but to retain their teams as well.

A multigenerational workforce may have differing opinions on the current political climate and what they need and want from an employer, but at the end of the day, we’re all people. Human beings from every generation strive to be the best versions of themselves they can be, and hold their employers to those high standards as well. Regardless of generation or industry, today’s workforce is asking for the same things: flexible work schedules, competitive salaries and benefits, and a positive work-life balance.

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