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Council Post: Nine Ways Future Tech Will Influence Real Estate Transaction Processes

Tech developments have a major impact on every industry. From streamlining processes to eliminating certain tasks entirely, tech can be a great addition to any field. This is especially true for real estate.

To better understand how technology might influence real estate transaction processes, we asked a panel of Forbes Real Estate Council members to share their predictions for the future.

1. Reimagine The Title Transfer Process

I see blockchain technology reshaping the titling side of the real estate space. The way we currently do everything with in-person filing at the auditor’s office is incredibly antiquated. Blockchain will be a more reliable, secure and protected method of title transfer. I also think that the iBuyer-type platform will bring real estate wholesaling into a new light across all states and divisions of real estate. – Matt Motil, The Marie Paul Companies

2. Enhance Transaction Velocity

I believe technology will enhance the transaction velocity and simplify the acquisition and disposition processes. At the same time, it will also create a stronger demand for educated practitioners and intermediaries who are able to quickly and efficiently process the information to better advise their clients. – Alex Zylberglait, Marcus & Millichap

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