Council Post: Shopping For New Tech? Ask These Five Questions First

Technology is constantly changing, leaving many companies questioning whether to continue using their current systems or invest in the latest tools on the market.

Having cutting-edge tech matters more to some businesses than others—and if you’re not a “tech company,” you may not think it’s necessary to jump on the newest device or software trends. However, there are many cases where it makes a great deal of sense to implement new technologies or systems into your business, especially if the industry around you is benefiting from using the systems.

To help you figure out whether a new tech is right for your organization, we asked a panel of Forbes Technology Council members about the most crucial aspects to consider when making your purchase decision. Here are five questions you’ll want to ask yourself before investing.

It always starts with business value and an aligned strategy. Technology for its own sake is never a good reason to invest a new tech. First, start with identifying the business opportunity, assign a value to it and then scope the technology solution to ensure it provides a positive return on the investment. – Rob Christner, Curi

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