Council Post: Three Technologies That Are Transforming The Retail Space

As the new-age consumer gets increasingly difficult to win over, brands and retailers are investing heavily in technology to provide their consumers with unforgettable experiences across online and offline channels. After all, the consumer of today is omnipresent. They’re online, in-store and browsing online while they’re in-store.

One of the most powerful ways to offer customers unique experiences is through technology. Whether you’re looking to add an additional layer of convenience or an Instagram-worthy experience that will have customers asking for more, here are three technologies that can transform retail and take customer experience to the next level.

Augmented reality (AR) is essentially the ability to superimpose computer-generated images over a user’s view of the environment around them. AR has a number of use cases for retail, especially in the home and furniture segment. IKEA has made AR the centerpiece of its mobile apps, allowing customers to virtually try furniture in their households before they buy it, thereby enriching user experience and cutting down on returns from unsure customers in the process.

AR has the potential to change the landscape of fashion retail as well, especially in the footwear and sneakers segment. Recently, secondhand sneaker marketplace GOAT integrated AR into its app to allow their customers to virtually try on the company’s rarest sneakers.

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