Female Agent with Clients

Council Post: Why Building Rapport With Clients Is Important For Real Estate Agents

Working as a real estate agent means working closely with your clients. You talk to them, discuss with them, consult with them, give them advice — everything. But simply doing these things is not enough. When you work in an industry where your goal is to help your client find their dream home, your relationship must go beyond business, beyond real estate: There must be genuine friendship.

It’s my mission to build a good rapport with every client my team comes across. We have to get to know them, and they need to get to know us as their chosen agents. And if we achieve good rapport, both my client and my team can definitely benefit from it. Here’s how.

Rapport establishes trust between you and your client. The more you get to know your client, and the more they get to know you, the easier the process. They can trust that you will find the best home for them or that you will find their house the best buyer, and you can trust them to listen to your ideas and advice. With trust bridging you and your client, you can expect a smoother process and certain success in their real estate endeavor.

Building rapport means you truly care for your clients. You care about their wants, their needs, their priorities and their preferences. These things matter when it comes to something crucial as real estate, and when your client sees that you are not neglecting their opinions and thoughts, they will know they made the right choice by choosing you. By doing this, you can earn not only their trust, but also their respect.

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