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Council Post: Why Real Estate Agents Should Revive The Lost Art Of Door Knocking And Cold Calling

As a real estate agent, it is important to utilize technology and cutting-edge software when it comes to marketing a property or business development. It is an exciting time for agents as technology now allows us to market a property to thousands or even millions of people in the click of a button, utilize algorithms to directly target specific prospects and deploy software that automates our processes.

That said, it is important not to underestimate the power of traditional techniques. Plus, technology can be integrated with door knocking and cold calling in a way that makes these “old school” methods more targeted and effective.

I always tell my teammates and mentees, “You can delete an email in a second. You cannot delete a door knock or cold call.” Nowadays, email blasts are not particularly effective. Spam filters are sophisticated and people are inundated with hundreds of emails a day, most of which they ignore. Most importantly, none of these approaches allow for a human-to-human interaction.

The importance of human interaction (particularly, face-to-face) should not be underestimated. I have seen the effectiveness of this strategy firsthand in building trust and connection, and research supports this claim. For example, Forbes Insights conducted a study during the last recession (published in 2009) to investigate whether virtual meetings were as effective as in-person meetings. Although this study was conducted within the context of business operations and not sales, the results are extremely relevant. Findings showed that face-to-face contact was strongly preferred as it builds stronger and more meaningful business relationships, promotes more complex strategic thinking and is perceived as more persuasive. And we all know that nonverbal cues like eye contact, a strong handshake and so on are incredibly important to conveying confidence. Finally, simply being on the prospect’s doorstep shows a level of commitment.

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