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Keeping Your Mental Health In Check In Times Of Crisis

Whether you are concerned for loved ones, yourself, financial difficulties, fear of the unknown or anything else in the uncertain fallout of the coronavirus, here are some ways to take care of your mental wellbeing.

Japan Offering Virtual Tours In Light Of The 2020 Olympic Games Being Postponed

The 2020 Summer Olympic Games were originally scheduled to begin on July 24th, but they will now be postponed 12 months as a part of a greater effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus.
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Are We Naturally Built To Fear Change?

As a species, we rely on people staying healthy and alive. It’s a race for the survival of the fittest and part of our natural instinct is to avoid disease and any threats to our health. This survival mechanism could in part explain why so much panic is occurring now.

Books For Refugees

In the wake of World Book Day as children put away their costumes, we bookmark another year of celebrating our favorite stories, magical worlds and complex characters.

Brandon Maxwell

How A Small Town Boy From Texas Started Dressing The World’s Most Influential Women

If you watched the MET Gala this past year, than you certainly must know who Brandon Maxwell is. Remember Lady Gaga’s iconic triple outfit change on the red carpet? That was all Maxwell, in fact he was the one handing Gaga her props to match each outfit, which he designed and conceptualized. Read more…