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Edward Colston Statue

Edward Colston Statue Replaced With Sculpture Of Black Lives Matter Protester

Black Lives Matter protests have been occurring all across the world for the past couple of months in wake of the untimely death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, and countless other black individuals at the hands of the police.
Harry Potter Books

JK Rowling Joins 150 Public Figures Warning Over Fear For Free Speech

Influential figures including authors, academics and activists have signed a letter criticizing the restriction of debate. This action stems from fierce criticism JK Rowling.
Girl with Social Anxiety

Will Cases of Social Anxiety Rise As We Ease Out of Lockdown?

As the world continues to take steps to ease out of lockdown, there are growing concerns of a rise in cases of social anxiety, as people struggle to get back out into the big wide world.
Popcorn and Remote by TV

Get The Best Seat In The House With These Online Theater Productions

With Broadway, movies, concerts, and other cultural establishments remaining indefinitely closed amid the Covid-19 pandemic, many are turning to digital forms of entertainment to get their fix.

Congressman John Lewis’ 80 Year Fight For Racial Justice

John Lewis is a civil rights leader who’s now served as a Georgia congressman for over 30 years.

Lewis is the third of 10 children and is currently 80-years-old. He grew up from a sharecropping family in Alabama, and in college he began his career as an activist by organizing sit-ins to integrate  lunch counters in the city of Nashville. He also is known for marching alongside Martin Luther King and is a survivor of a vicious attack by the Ku Klux Klan. Read more…