The Curative Power of Faith, Spirituality, and the Bounty of Nature | Dr. Rev. Diana B. St....

In times of hardship and instability, believing in a higher power or hoping for a better tomorrow may make all the difference in the world. Dr. Rev. Diana B. St. Clair, a pastor and ordained minister, harnesses the transformative power of faith and alternative medicine to heal and protect people in need.

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Dr. Rev. Diana B. St. Clair Pastor Ordained Minister

Faith is a powerful force that can heal those who are suffering. There are countless examples of people overcoming adversity thanks in large part to their capacity for hope. For some, it may be a higher power; for others, it may be a collective consciousness or simply harmony with the natural world. Many people in ancient cultures, dating as far back as human memory can go, believed they could find healing in nature.

Dr. Rev. Diana B. St. Clair serves as a spiritual counselor and healer at Heaven’s Gate Prayer Ministry in Roanoke, Virginia. As a pastor and ordained minister, Dr. Rev. St. Clair has devoted her life to helping others through the power of faith and alternative medicine. She is also a caregiver and visiting pastor for elderly patients.

Nevertheless, her encounters with the spiritual world began at a much younger age. Dr. Rev. St. Clair had this innate sense that she was connected to a higher spiritual force since she was a young child. When she was two years old, she would see figures outside her crib that “scared her half to death.” As she grew older, she realized that she possessed a unique set of skills and abilities.

“When I was a child, and I used to go to church, I would see angels in church. I thought everybody was seeing the same thing that I was, and I always have seen them. And when I became baptized, it was all so real to me because of what I was seeing.”

As she entered her adult years and developed a greater sense of autonomy, she began forging her own path. She was working as a manager in a restaurant when she started having dreams and visions, foretelling that something would occur 15 years in the future that would cause restaurants to close their doors for an extended period. Dr. Rev. St. Clair dismissed it and shrugged it off. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, she realized that her visions had been accurate all along.

“I worked for Burlington Industries years ago and got my Bachelor’s in Management. Right around then, I lost my restaurant job. I had to make a living, so to support myself, I started doing home health care, and I went back to school and got a loan to live on. Then I always wanted to study psychology, but my father kept saying, ‘no, go to National Business College.’ I was doing what my dad wanted me to, not what I was supposed to do.”

Eventually, she decided to delve deeper into her psychic abilities and began visiting a United Metaphysical Church in her area. She connected with adherents and trained in a skill with the potential to aid others in need–Reiki.

“I saw them channeling and doing Reiki healing up there, and it opened the door up for me to start studying all religions.”

She felt compelled to rediscover her connection with her spirituality and learn more about the metaphysical world. She decided she wanted to pursue a higher educational degree to help her understand.

Now she holds seven degrees in various fields, including a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, a Master of Science in Psychology, a Doctorate of Philosophy in religious studies and a Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysics.

Dr. Rev. St. Clair ultimately learned that “the more I kept studying, the more the gifts opened up.”

She also found that the people around her had their own unique gifts.

“The more I kept studying it, the more people I met, and I was so intrigued by all the different gifts that people had. I knew that they worked, and I just wanted to know more.”

Dr. Rev. St. Clair has a broad perspective on the world and a healthy respect for the beliefs of other religions; this was one of the factors that prompted her to become a spiritual counselor and healer at an interfaith ministry.

“I saw that God is in every one of them; there’s not one that is more right than the other. It’s just the paths that people are on, and there’s something to be learned from every religion, whether it’s Buddhism, Hinduism, or Catholicism. I just started seeing that.”

Even though she was raised in the Christian faith, she could recognize many parallels between her religion and others. In addition, she believed that Jesus “had to have been a Reiki healer because how did he heal, how did he do the ‘laying his hands on’?”

“I believe in reincarnation, and I believe it from the Bible. It’s an ascension process of trying to reunite with the light of God. Religion is a lot of tenets that each group teaches their group, and it’s kind of a control system, whereas spirituality is your relationship between you and God and trying to make it back into the light with God.”

She studied the Native American medicinal uses of herbs, which she was able to connect to the teachings of the Bible.

Dr. Rev. Diana B. St Clair

“And the Bible mentions a lot about stones, like onyxes and rubies, and I started studying those. And there are all kinds of hidden secrets that really do work that we are not taught in school. I also learned that everybody is psychic.”

Dr. Rev. Diana B. St. Clair Pastor Ordained Minister

She eventually wanted to be able to heal people by herself, which is what brought her to learn Reiki healing.

“I was just led to it…I wanted to know how they heal. I could feel it on my body. I started meeting people and finding out who did Reiki, and I found an instructor. You know when it’s true because when they did that initiation, I saw King David visually, and tears ran down my face.”

Dr. Rev. St. Clair says Reiki initiation goes “through your crown chakra, and they are actually putting symbols in your body, which can never be taken out.”

During her time as a caregiver to senior citizens, working in home healthcare, and a healer in her day-to-day life, she is called by a higher power to help people—whether they are adherents of the Christian faith or not.

“When the spirit tells me someone is in trouble, I can put healing and protection over them…and I pray with different people and try to reach them because eventually, they’re all going to crossover.”

Dr. Rev. St. Clair realized how much healing the natural world holds, especially through its abundance of plants and flowers. In light of this, she attended the Heart of Herbs Herbal School and eventually earned her certification as a herbalist and clinician.

Independently, she also researched the transformative potential of crystals. Today, she “meditates and prays with them” and believes they can help people reach higher planes. Moreover, she looked into ways she could heal people from a distance.

“I’m able to heal through a candle. I can place energy anywhere in the world. I can heal people and help them go to their higher self.”

She wrote a book titled “The Gift of Healing: A Thesis of Knowledge and Insight Where Biblical Prophecy is Explained in Nature” with this knowledge so that others could use the wisdom she has gained. Notably, the book can also be found in the Library of Congress.

“And my intention was when I get to heaven, I want to do everything to know that I have pleased God. So I did the whole [doctorate] program, wrote the book, and published it.”

While investigating different cultures and religions, she became interested in learning more about her roots. She had already found out, in the past, something that proved to her that her spiritual powers were genuine.

“I was adopted when I was four years old, but my biological family has reunited, and my younger brother has the same gifts I do. He realized as a child that he had them.”

So, she ordered a DNA test kit. In her results, she found two genetic links that were astonishing.

The first was that she was “kin to Chief Geronimo.” Chief Geronimo was a prominent leader and medicine man from the Bedonkohe band of the Ndendahe Apache people who lived between 1829-1909.

He became famous for his unyielding opposition to Mexican and American attempts to forcibly remove his people from their tribal lands. Throughout his life, he avoided capture and exile to a reservation; during his final escape, a quarter of the United States Army was sent after him. He was the last prominent Native American leader to formally surrender to U.S. forces when he was captured on September 4, 1886. His final 23 years were spent as a prisoner of war.

He held a reverence for nature that Dr. Rev. St. Clair also shares.

“I learned that Chief Geronimo, they couldn’t capture him because he knew how to talk through the birds, through the trees, through the acorns. I started studying that, and I can hold an acorn on my chest and channel information through it. I can hold a tree and channel information through it. That’s how he stayed alive, and they couldn’t capture him.”

Mysteriously, she also belonged to a maternal haplogroup that related her to Princess Diana of Wales. She learned that they were connected through Princess Diana’s Indian great-grandmother. Dr. Rev. St. Clair felt “even more connected to the world” after discovering her family’s ancestral ties to these cultures.

“Only 14 people around the world have her great-grandmother’s DNA. And I wouldn’t have known it had not Prince William gotten his DNA done.”

How exactly this genetic tie came to be presents an intriguing question.

“I am curious how Diana’s great-grandmother got into my genealogy. It’s a secret there that’s not being told… there’s a secret baby back there, and that person ended up coming to America.”

Dr. Rev. St. Clair’s mother was German, and this individual came through her bloodline. The year they were born correlates with a year when there was no such mention of a child.

“I keep wondering what’s that secret back there that’s not being told.”

Dr. Rev. St. Clair continues investigating her fascinating connections to the royal who shares her name. She has a strong affinity for Princess Diana because of the independent spirit that she always radiated.

In the meantime, Dr. Rev. St. Clair continues healing people near and far by offering spiritual solutions and treatment for spiritual problems.

“All of us have had witchcraft spells and things put on us through the years, generational curses, and you have to get that stuff off of you.”

She relayed an interesting tip that Cinnamon can help break generational curses. It is accessible and easy to use, just as is table salt for spiritual protection.

“You want the best for everybody. You want everybody not to be struggling and going through hard times. You want peace on earth for other people.”

Dr. Rev. Diana B. St. Clair Pastor Ordained Minister