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Emerging Home Décor and Style Trends For 2020

“Quick paint over those pastel walls, it’s 2020 and bold colours are in!”

The turn of a new year always brings with it new trends to ‘look out for’ in all sectors whether design, technology, lifestyle, fashion and so forth. Interior design is no different. It seems strange that January first would signal a change in tastes and popularity – and it doesn’t. The constantly moving and turning wheel of fashion, causes gradual style evolutions and movements that can be extrapolated from the previous year and forecasted into the coming. It goes without saying that it does not signal change for everyone because frankly, who has the time to redecorate every year? Nevertheless, whether you are looking for inspiration to freshen up your home, determined to finally transform your domestic space into that ‘dream home’ or excitedly decorating your first house, interior design trends can be a helpful mood board to inspire your ideal interior masterpiece.

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Unique Pieces and long-term design

Rather than a home’s style being a replica of page 12 of a favourite interior design magazine, more and more home-makers and designers are looking to individuality for inspiration. The desire for timeless design is making a stand in the design world, with a focus on expressing personality to create a happy and perfectly characteristic living environment. These designs can be added to, enhanced and altered over time but really reflect a desire for long-term home design that mirrors the owner.

Unique pieces that match an individual’s taste and personality fit nicely into this mindset and designer have seen a shift to fewer, higher-priced items. More and more people are willing to seek out one-of-a-kind pieces, whether from unique materials, handmade or vintage that really emphasise personal style and taste. Some mass-produced items, although attractive and affordable, often have a short shelf-life but a move to these pieces could demonstrate long-term design aims.


Living an eco-friendly lifestyle has seeped into many areas of our lives and the home is no different. Thoughtful, timeless design and well-chosen décor that is meant to last begins to indicate a move toward sustainability and away from mass consumerism.

More obviously however, there has been a growing trend in ethical purchasing. A growing number of people are considering whether products are sustainably sourced and made, what materials are used and how to make more eco-friendly consumer choices. This has can manifest in many areas such as up-cycling, purchasing vintage objects or second-hand furniture. It can also mean buying items that are made out of recycled goods, making more meaningful purchases to reduce the amount you throw away or even ensuring your purchases contain less single-use plastics.

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Colours, High-Contrast and Patterns

Where previous years saw minimalism, pastel colours and neutral styling, the expectation for 2020 is to see more colour, patterns and high contrast designs.

The use of bold colour is stepping into the spotlight. High-contrast can be anything from colour-pop cabinets in the kitchen, contrasting the countertop with the cupboards, to bold trims and painted hearths. There is a playful approach to this style with almost all rules out the window. The general notion is, as it says on the tin, be bold and pick some highly juxtaposing elements to really make a statement. Whether you paint the whole room deep blue to complement your light furniture, or accent the door frames with black against the white walls, pick some elements in your home and make them pop!

Colours aren’t the only thing to go bold and bright, patterns are also making a comeback. Whilst patterned wallpaper can sometimes be seen as a very old style, hinting at England’s Victorian era, when used in a modern room, can add a unique touch. Textured and patterned textiles can add an innovative flourish, whether from mis-matched scatter cushions or a unique rug. There are really no rules when experimenting with texture and pattern, just personal taste and this trend can really make a room come alive.

Individual trends

Whilst 2020 is seeing individual styles that refreshingly vary from home to home there will always be popular colours, styles and décor pieces from year to year. And this year is no different. For one, many designers are looking towards the colour blue for those color-pop needs, navy being ear-marked as a popular colour alongside some pinks.

Some designers expect the uses of colour and pattern to nod toward earthy elements, with colours extrapolated from nature and an increased use of floral patterns, especially floral wallpaper. The rustic look will take a backseat to a more sophisticated ‘English Farmhouse’ trend, with beautifully accentuated hearths and comfy furnishings. Minimalism could be pushed out by maximalist schemes as bold colours and patterns grow in popularity and the old mixes with the new as we see a stimulating mix of vintage elements within modern designs. All in all, a bold, unique and sustainable 2020 is well underway.

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