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Odeon Theater

Cinemas Stagger Reopening of Chains As Major Film Dates Are Pushed Back

The UK’s largest cinema operator, Odeon, has been reported to have altered its reopening schedule as the return to normality continues to be hindered by both coronavirus spikes and the delaying of major film releases.

Thinking of Becoming An Instagram Influencer?

Given that many people have had a fair amount of time on their hands, it is no surprise that there has been a surge in new instagram profiles from those looking to cash in on the exclusive world of the Instagram influencer.
Group of Friends doing Cheers

Pubs in The UK Reopen For First Time Since Lockdown

Pubs in the UK have reopened for the first time since lockdown was announced in March, with the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson urging people to ‘act sensibly’ when visiting them.
Hulu with Popcorn

The Handmaids Tale Season 4 Will Return in 2021

Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel, The Handmaid’s Tale was first published in 1985. Set in a future totalitarian state, Gilead, once the United States of America, the novel explores the role of women.
On Air TV

Floella Benjamin Reflects On Her Career In Advocacy On Children’s TV

Floella Benjamin is a children’s TV presenter who’s used her career to advocate for children of all ages and backgrounds.

Benjamin became known for starting her show with a simple but positive statement: “I’m here today because I love you,” and would then proceed to ask her at-home audience, “hello, are you all right?” and pausing to wait for a verbal response. She believes that showing you care and actually meaning it is the real secret to success, especially in an industry that has children as the main demographic. Read More…