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Will Disney Delay More Films?

A major player is of course the global conglomerate Disney, which is responsible for the popular franchises such as Pixar, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, Disney Animation and more. Many films from Disney have already been delayed several times this year.
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Study Finds An Over Emphasis Of Criminality In Immigrant Representation On TV

The goal of studying through 97 episodes of television was to better understand how Hollywood generally portrays immigrants/immigration in some of its most popular programs; such as Orange Is The New Black, Madam Secretary, and The Conners. 
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John Boyega Resigns As Jo Malone Ambassador

A global campaign for Jo Malone’s ‘London Gent’ which saw the brand’s ambassador and face of the campaign, British actor John Boyega, cut out from the release of ads aired in China, has attracted widespread criticism.
The Oscars

Oscars New Diversity Guidelines

In the past years, the Academy Awards have been rightfully and widely criticised for a clear lack of diversity within its categories. Typically, nominations have favoured white male characters and storylines, in some years this has been starkly apparent with little to no actors from underrepresented groups nominated.
Cafe in London

This Cafe In The UK Uses Music To Help People Living With Dementia

Ripaljeet Kaur runs the ‘Hamari Yaadain dementia cafe’ in England, and claims that using music helps bring back memories for dementia patients.

Ripaljeet Kaur runs the Hamari Yaadain dementia cafe in England, and claims that using music helps bring back memories for dementia patients. Kaur is a senior dementia worker at the Yorkshire health and wellbeing charity, Touchstone. She specifically works with BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic) patients, and before the Covid-19 outbreak, once a week she would take her patients to attend a weekly music session at a cafe in Leeds. Read More…