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National Anthem on American Flag

Lady Gaga Delivers Inspiring National Anthem Performance At Inauguration 

Gaga’s rendition of the national anthem is already being regarded as one of the most “exuberant renditions of the national anthem in pop music history,” drawing comparisons to Whitney Houston's iconic performance of the anthem at Super Bowl XXV. 

And Just Like That… Sex And The City Is To Return But Without Kim Cattrall

It is clear that this year has not started in the way we might have hoped, with continuing restrictions and uncertainty. We could certainly do with some excitement, on our tv sets at least! What better way than with the news that renowned tv show Sex in the City is going to return to our screens in a revival series being brought to us by HBO Max.

Disappointing Start To The New Year For Music Fans As The Grammy Awards Are Postponed Until March 2021

As we head into 2021, many have held onto the promise of a brighter year, which would see us return to at least some form of normality. In 2020 the Coronavirus took away so much from so many, from health and lifestyle through to business and industries. This was certainly the same for the music industry.
Netflix Home Screen

Netflix Reveals 2021 Film Slate, Will Deliver At Least One New Movie A Week 

This week, Netflix made good on its promise with the announcement of their 2021 film slate, which guarantees at least one new feature film every week. The platform went on to state that in total it would be delivering 71 new titles across a multitude of genres this year.
Warner Bros Media

Warner Brothers To Release Entire 2021 Movie Line Up On HBO Max

“The hybrid model was created as a strategic response to the impact of the ongoing global pandemic.”

Warner Bros announced this week that they would be putting their entire 2021 movie slate on HBO Max for each film’s first respective month of release. This system will make it easier for individuals to watch some of the most anticipated movies of the new year without having to leave their homes in the middle of a global health crisis. Read More…