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Food Bank

Celebrities Rally Round To Help Tackle Coronavirus Pandemic

Celebrities from fashion, music and screen have come together to help the world tackle the Coronavirus pandemic by providing support for medics and food banks that are directly helping with the crisis.
Stack of Books

Six Books To Read Before They Are Adapted

Madeline Miller debuted her writing career with her first book Song of Achilles which won the notable Orange Prize for fiction in 2012. Years later she weaved her extensive knowledge into another magical tale from Ancient Greece.
Family watching TV

New Movies Being Made Available To Stream Early Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

Thanks to social distancing initiatives brought on by the recent coronavirus pandemic, many Hollywood movie studios are releasing their movies directly to streaming services for fans to watch at home during quarantine.
Man Listening to Music at Home

Musicians Come Together To Serenade Fans During Self-Isolation With Live ‘At-Home’ Sessions

Chris Martin from popular band Coldplay kicked off a heartwarming new concept of intimate live performances from home, designed to support the public as they battle with the impacts of the Coronavirus outbreak and particularly the challenges of self-isolation.

Lana Del Rey Mourns Her Loss of Patriotism on New Record

Del Rey’s newest album is her most mature—and perhaps her most pessimistic—to date.

Lana Del Rey is certainly a controversial figure in the music world. Public opinion of her character and music ranges from criticisms of a perceived lack of authenticity to appreciation of her unique and nostalgic blend of American pop culture with modern-day sentiments. Read more…