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Dr. Dennis Law is an accomplished physician, producer, academic, and more, but beyond those impressive titles, he is a man of experience. His involvement in the arts, hospitality, and cultural endeavors led him to opening Canyon Madness Ranch, a luxury vacation ranch and lodge that embraces the natural wilderness amidst a 19th century sense of solace. Dr. Law’s creative mind created a getaway where embracing the present moment isn’t just encouraged, it’s required. 

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Dennis Law Canyon Madness Ranch

Dr. Dennis Law is a man who has worn many hats throughout his life, all of which has molded him into a creative mind with a motivation to never stop embracing the good in life. His interests in art, culture, entertainment, and hospitality followed him throughout his career as an established physician, and led him to a lot of new places and memories that he would go on to share with the world through his various positions. 

Dr. Law believes that every human being should have the opportunity to grow and take on new challenges, as he has throughout his entire life, and that was his mindset when it came to opening his own lodge known as Canyon Madness Ranch in Roy, New Mexico, a place where “extreme is their passion.”

Given everything that is happening in the world today, most people have found that they need an escape from the trials and tribulations of everyday living, especially within the past few years. As travel has picked up with the waning of the pandemic, many are looking for vacations experiences that are unique and potentially transformational.

“New experiences are always transformational, in any context. They make you think about life and existence differently. Ideally, in a way that will help you lead a better life for yourself, experiencing that first hand throughout my own life only motivated me to further spread that message.” 

Before he opened the wondrous Canyon Madness Ranch, Dr. Law had a long journey filled with a multitude of different opportunities that he never shied away from. As an individual, Dr. Law describes himself as a guy with unusual, eccentric, and diverse multicultural interests, and after learning more about his story, that’s putting it quite lightly. 

Growing up, Dr. Law was inspired by his father, a hard-working man who used his natural tenacity to climb the ladder of success and go from manufacturer to owner and CEO of a large multi-faceted enterprise. It’s safe to say that this motivated attitude was genetic, and gave Dr. Law the push he needed to pursue medicine once he graduated from high school. 

In 1973, he received an MD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and from that point forward he never stopped pursuing his passions. In 1978 he began working as a prominent general, thoracic and vascular surgeon in Denver, before retiring in 2001. 

Throughout his illustrious career as a physician, Dr. Law utilized his natural tenacity and motivation to constantly be the voice his patients needed while advancing the field from the inside. He partnered with a practice that founded the Flight for Life program in St. Anthony’s Hospital, a program that provided America’s first air ambulance system for trauma and other emergency services. 

As an established physician, Dr. Law took to teaching the next generation of doctors how to be the best they could possibly be, in and out of the hospital. Specifically, he taught as an Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery at the University of Colorado School of Medicine for about 20 years. 

While he was still working as a practicing physician, Dr. Law’s innate need to embrace life and all it has to offer led him to entering into both the real estate and the entertainment industry. In the 1980’s Dr. Law and his three brothers founded Global Pacific Properties, a commercial real estate investment, development, and management firm located in Denver, Colorado. 

The real estate enterprise was initially funded by the brothers’ father, Joseph Law, and together they were able to grow it into a highly successful business that now owns nearly two million square feet of commercial real estate. The company is now operated by Dr. Law’s nephew, Michael, proving once again that perseverance and hard work run in the family. 

While this was Dr. Law’s first professional experience in the real estate industry, it truly was just the beginning of his journey in the field. However, it would not be until his involvement with the entertainment industry that he would later realize he could combine all of his passion in order to create a space for all to come together and embrace his same zest for life and the present moment. 

Dennis Law Canyon Madness Ranch

“I grew up as a city boy in Hong Kong, went to college in Philadelphia, and moved to Denver after graduating. So a majority of my upbringing was spent in these larger cities, and I’ve traveled everywhere. I’ve been to Paris, Beijing, Rome, and was lucky enough to enjoy the luxuries of traveling to some of the world’s greatest places, so I wanted to get to a place in life where I could provide that same level of uniqueness to others, but do it my way.”

Dennis Law Canyon Madness Ranch

Dr. Law has always maintained a love of the arts in all contexts. Film, theater, painting, sculpture, and all the ways in which artists are able to express their creativity through their own preferred medium is something that Law not only admired, but embraced, especially when it came to creating Canyon Madness Ranch. 

His journey with the actual entertainment industry began while he was still a practicing physician. In 1996, Dr. Law produced Warriors of Virtue, a $30 million family feature film distributed by MGM in the US, and Warner Brothers and Columbia Artists worldwide. The film was recognized, at the time, for creating new standards for “high-flying action capability” in feature films, and inspired his future involvement in the industry in China and Canada specifically, where he started working on a children’s film, television series, and a unique series of Action-Musicals for the theater. 

Dr. Law quickly became a pioneer for theater in Canada through his introduction of Action-Musicals. At the time, he owned The Center for Performing Arts in Vancouver, which allowed him to fully embrace his creative side and dive into the world of theatrical entertainment. This was also around the time in which he retired from being a practicing surgeon, the year 2000. 

During his decade-long career in musical theater, he earned a nomination for Best Direction of a musical at the Canadian Dora Awards for the show Heartbeat. Beyond that, he earned a slew of nominations and awards for his shows Tang Concubines and Monkey King, according to a publication granting him a Marquis Who’s Who in America Lifetime Achievement Award.

Additionally, Dr. Law has been credited for writing, producing, and directing more than ten Broadway-scope dance musicals performed in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, and China. He also later produced a prize-winning CCTV children’s film, Xiwa, as well as the acclaimed television series, April Rhapsody, in China. 

Even after he took a step back from creating in a theatrical/entertainment setting, he still wanted to support the arts in any way possible. In 2018 he founded the Denver International Festival of Arts and Technology, and previously, in the fall of 2017, worked with the University of Denver to create the Joseph & Loretta Law Institute for Arts and Technology, named after his parents. 

The goal of Law’s venture into the arts is to help expand and teach present and future generations about the use of multicultural elements to enhance the arts for all international audiences. A major purpose for both the Festival and Dr. Law’s production’s is to not only embrace multiculturalism in entertainment, but it is also a necessity to add digital technologies to achieve the best overall result. 

Dennis Law also founded the annual Denny Awards International Electronic Music Competition that has since become a prestigious event in China, and in 2021 was live-streamed to 650,000 viewers during the finals of the competition.

The takeaway from all of these career excursions is that when Dr. Law finds an interest in something, he goes full throttle to make it the best it can be, and provide as many people as possible with a source of entertainment and joy. His own experiences with movies, theater, the medical industry, and real estate are what inspired him to be the best he could be in all aspects of life. 

“All throughout my life, my experiences have taught me about the importance of appreciating the many parts of the world that make it such a unique and diverse place. In every career endeavor I’ve taken on, I gave it my all, because success is not about making money, success is doing something that has contributed significantly to humankind.”

In addition to Dr. Law’s non-profit work in the field of arts and technology, he is an owner and a Director of many business entities in Denver, Colorado that deals with commercial real estate (, entertainment and hospitality (   His website,, lays out the many elements that make up his career and overall mission for the world. 

After decades in medicine, academia, entertainment, the arts, and real estate, Dr. Law founded the Canyon Madness Ranch in Roy, New Mexico. The 14,000 acre ranch itself embodies everything that he’s learned throughout his career and life, and works to remind guests to embrace the present moment and the world we live in. Life is difficult for everyone, but even when Dr. Law had to go through his own share of hardship, it never deterred him from creating a better, brighter world for himself and the people around him. 

Dr. Law’s process creating his unique ranch stemmed from his own memories of traveling in the past, and the present, while also emphasizing his love for nature, sports, and the arts. After exploring some of the world’s most famously beautiful locations and being able to be a creator in many different fields, he realized he wanted to provide a different and transformational vacation experience for his guests. 

Experiencing the getaway that Canyon Madness Ranch provides is impossible to compare with traditional vacations. Dr. Law spent the first six months of the pandemic, when it was at its height, living at the ranch during the early phases of its development, but the difficulties of 2020 made it extremely hard to move forward with hiring the best personnel. However, this time alone at the ranch gave him a better perspective to embrace his past, and helped him appreciate even more of both Nature’s wonder, and the value of a more simplistic and holistic lifestyle. 

“I found I was constantly enamored by the beauty of nature and the world around me. That time confirmed to me that the ranch itself gives those who stay there an entirely new perspective on life, which one could argue is the whole point of traveling in the first place. There’s a level of complete serenity and peace that I’ve never felt before this. When you go to a ranch and embrace natural living, farm-to-table eating, dirt roads, wild animals and nature, you’ll never be the same,” Dr. Law joyfully explained. 

If you haven’t been on this kind of adventure before, you’ll quickly recognize that it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, and one that’ll make you rethink your everyday life and how much the natural world has to offer.

Dr. Law is also no stranger to needing an escape from everyday life. As an established doctor, director, producer, artist, real estate investor, and academic professional, he’s always understood the necessity of taking a break and decompressing from one’s daily routine. 

Canyon Madness Ranch is a place that provides a 19th century type of solace with contemporary comfort. The lodge itself is cantilevered over a cliff overlooking the Canadian River Canyon.  With construction workers living a two-hour drive away, the construction logistics were a nightmare. Although Dr. Law believes it will be a feat difficult to repeat in the future, he believes the final result was worth all the Herculean effort.

Dennis Law Canyon Madness Ranch

“We thrive on our visitors and their personal experiences. Everyone is different, and everyone has a different take away after staying with us, and that’s what it’s all about. Throughout my whole life I made it a point to live in the present and believe in my own personal understanding of the world. Whatever I was doing and enjoying, I want to give that same joy to others.” 

Dr. Law’s offering at Canyon Madness Ranch is to provide a getaway for adventurous guests like no other vacation resort can offer.  The ranch’s Equestrian Paradise and Firearms Wonderland provide an “extreme sports adventure” not possible in any other vacation ranch anywhere in the world.  

These activities are created to bring guests both “back in time” and “back to Nature” in order to provide a transformational vacation experience never before available. The equestrian program is unprecedented in many ways, and the firearm sporting adventures are without parallel.  

In addition to these two bookend activities, Canyon Madness Ranch also offers a wide range of other sporting adventures, such as extraordinary hiking, bouldering, sport climbing, canoeing, biking, archery, and so much more. 

“Canyon Madness Ranch reminds you of a time in the Wild Wild West more than a hundred years ago while it provides twenty-first century comfort. While luxuriating in modern conveniences, live the lifestyle of those that migrated along these canyons during the 19th century. Very few if any vacation destinations can offer both serenity and excitement in a setting of breathless scenic beauty and modern-day luxury.  Canyon Madness Ranch is one of those rare places on earth.”

To make the ranch Lodge even more personal, Law displays artwork from his own personal collection.  His mission is to give guests the feel of a “personal touch” while they enjoy the Lodge’s hospitality.  

He believes in Canyon Madness Ranch as a vacation resort, not because he needs it to be a successful business, but because it’s deeply worthwhile for him to share this extraordinary experience with those daring enough to try. 

According to the ranch’s website, “Canyon Madness Ranch’s setting is stunning, remotely located in northeast New Mexico and sprawls across 14,000 acres of uninhabited, unspoiled southwestern terrain.  The modern, eight-guest suite Teepee Lodge sits perched on a cliff and cantilevered above the rugged Canadian River Canyon.  

The ranch is staffed with knowledgeable professionals who will ensure your time here surpasses expectations.  “Whether mounting a horse, loading a firearm, or trying your hand at some ranching, our expert guides help deliver an exciting, yet safe, time for guests of any experience level. 

Canyon Madness Ranch is a unique place where you can unapologetically indulge your passions. We welcome you to escape the madness of the city with its day-to-day stresses, and join us in embracing a rare but glorious breed of madness.” 

Dr. Dennis Law is the embodiment of a renaissance man, but one thing he’s always carried with him throughout his multitude of jobs and experiences, is a sense of appreciation for the world and all of its people, and the motivation to make it a better place. Through his work in medicine, real estate, art, entertainment, non-profits, and more, Dr. Law has become not just an inspiration, but a leader in what it means to live a fulfilled and joyous life. 

To learn more about the endless list of activities and amenities that this scenic destination has to offer, check out their website or by clicking here! For specialized bookings, prospective guests are welcome to call Ashley at 720-8789676 during office hours for inquiry or email

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