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Facebook VR Entrepreneur Brings AR to Commercial Real Estate with Resonai

Resonai, an AI and augmented reality company, is betting on finding customers in commercial real estate.

Virtual and augmented reality have been highly hyped for decades, with mixed results. In real estate, it has mostly been used to visualize what future spaces will look like. Augmented reality experiments, like Google Glass, have had their stops and starts, with Google now focusing its efforts on enterprise applications for Glass.

Its Vera platform is being piloted in locations around the world. It creates a “digital twin” of a building, on top of which Resonai builds applications for navigation, maintenance, and other functions.

Emil Alon, Resonai’s founder, has started three different companies. The first, Collarity, developed machine learning algorithms. The second, Pebbles Interfaces, developed VR/AR sensing technology, and specialized in gesture control. It was acquired by Facebook for $60 million in 2015 to bring its tech to Facebook’s Oculus headset.


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