Five Marvel Characters We’re Still Waiting to See in the MCU

Three phases down and over twenty movies later, Marvel’s Cinematic Universe of films is showing no signs of slowing down. On the contrary, MCU godfather Kevin Feige is ramping up, with more movies and Disney+ exclusive shows on the horizon. With Endgame over and the Infinity Saga now wrapped, all eyes turn to the two recently acquired prizes, The Fantastic Four and The X-Men, to see how they will be incorporated into this universe of films. Setting those humongous properties aside for a moment, there are several other characters that fans are still waiting on. Some are rumored to be on the horizon, others have been teased, and one is still a dream…

Probably the most versatile character on this list, Namor can be a villain, a hero, a team-player, a solo-outer, or anything in between. There are a ridiculous number of ways to introduce him to the universe. Being the first mutant in Marvel history, he could be the backdoor to the X-Men. As King of Atlantis he has a natural ally and/or rival with Black Panther. A by the book solo outing could give the MCU their version of Aquaman (which grossed Warner Bros a shocking billion dollars at the box office), or he could appear in a Disney+ show.

Not that Marvel has any reason to worry about what Warner Bros. is doing with their DCEU, but if they wanted to beat WB to the punch with a “Green Lantern” movie (Green Lantern has never been made into a movie. Nope. Not once. Hasn’t happened.) then Nova is the way to go. As with most Marvel characters that are obviously rip-offs of DC heroes, Nova is an obvious rip-off of Green Lantern; he’s an intergalactic soldier working for a peace-keeping federation of heroes, sent across the galaxy to stop bad guys and so on. It’s Green Lantern, but it also has the potential to expand the “cosmic” side of the MCU as well as ease in a new batch of Guardians of the Galaxy if that’s a direction Feige wants to go after Volume 3 ends.

Well, the name’s not much to go on, but don’t let that fool you: Wonder Man is one of Marvel’s oldest heroes and is the oldest of theirs who has yet to see live-action representation. He’s a Lee/Kirby classic that was first used as an Avengers-level villain before being reworked into a good guy. He has history in the comics with Kang (a potential Avengers movie villain down the line) as well as Captain Marvel and would be right at home among the new wave of Avengers that Marvel is soon to be building toward. The only downside with him is his generic name which sounds (probably because it was) like a knockoff of DC’s Wonder Woman.

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