From Radish Leaves to a Natural Hormone Balancing Formula: How Tenacity and Empathy for Women’s H...

Leanna Wilson has spent over two decades working to find natural, effective ways to balance hormone levels. She recognized early on that balanced hormones were the key to solving a myriad of health ailments, particularly those relating to women’s health. The years of research paid off. Leanna and her team at Nokomis Research found the solution. And they found it in radish leaves.

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Leanna Sue Wilson Sky Tree Naturals

The impetus for Wilson’s research into hormone balancing came from her work at a large teaching hospital. As marketing director, she spent a great deal of time with the hospital’s clinics. But it was their fertility clinic that really changed her life’s direction.

“I found myself getting particularly close to a doctor helping couples who were having difficulty in conceiving. I witnessed the real emotional and psychological distress that infertility can cause, and I felt a real sense of empathy.”

Wilson’s brain was constantly turning, trying to configure new ways to help these patients that wouldn’t be expensive, had no pain involved, and would provide real results. Given her background, she had a realistic view of how the world functioned, and she knew just how difficult finding those answers would be. But her drive, determination, and compassion for others have given her the ability to think bigger and never give up when it comes to setting new goals and finding new solutions.

“I couldn’t get their stories out of my head. That tenuous line between hope and heartbreak, it showed in their faces, cracked in their voices. Every visit to the clinic was both a wishful and a ‘grit your teeth’ kind of moment for them. And as I watched these young couples, these women, I felt a real tug at my heart. There had to be something, I thought. There had to be another way.”

And there was. Wilson found it in a centuries-old recipe for “fertility tea.” Made from ground radish leaves, this tea was believed to assist with fertility. If this was true, Wilson thought, if this could really help women, it would provide an inexpensive, non-invasive, and natural way of aiding in conception.

She was hooked.

Initially teaming up with a local university to test its effectiveness, the tea was used on standard-bred horses with astonishing results – both in fertility and, to their surprise, in libido. But the process was unwieldy, time-consuming, and expensive. It was absolutely crucial to determine just what was making this tea work. They needed to find the active ingredients.

It took a while, but through extensive research and analysis, Wilson finally had the answer. The answer lay in polyamines—specifically, the polyamines Spermine and Spermidine. These, she knew, were the key to enhancing the ability to conceive.

“This was an incredible ‘aha’ moment for us. One of those ‘OMG’ times when you can’t wait to crack open a bottle of champagne. We not only couldn’t believe we’d found it, we were surprised no one else had. Because it was all right there in the names—Spermine, Spermidine. But no, no one had ever connected the two. Not until now.”

Trials were conducted with conclusive results. Couples were finding their libido improved; men found positive changes in both sperm count and quality, and women found not only enhanced egg production but also relief from sexual pain disorder and the symptoms of menopause.

It was working.

Wilson knew that the names of the polyamines might be a bit of a turnoff. “But the name,” as she explained, “actually fits, since these two polyamines were first discovered in sperm. These polyamines are also found in pretty much everything, including our own bodies and in the food we eat – like cucumber, radishes, oats, and tropical fruits. Spermine and Spermidine are really little-known powerhouses of potential and absolutely vital in solving a myriad of health ailments.”

The identification of these two cell-regenerating polyamines, Spermine and Spermidine, led to Wilson’s creation of two patented products, the first of their kind. Developed specifically to work with the body, these products addressed the root causes of sexual dysfunction, not just the symptoms. Safe, economical, and extremely effective, the conclusive research behind the products laid the groundwork for Nokomis’ series of hormone-balancing therapeutics.

But there was still one question she needed answers to. She knew what the active ingredients were; she knew it was working, but she didn’t know why.

“And I needed to know. It’s just part of my makeup, I guess. I can’t leave questions unanswered. If I can’t figure something out, I’ll keep at it until I succeed. I’ve had many a sleepless night going over and over in my head why something happened, or worse, why it didn’t. I’ll lay there for hours trying to come up with the perfect sentence for an article I was writing or figuring out why my gazpacho came out as well as it did (it usually didn’t). And always, always, why was our formula working so well? I had to know.”

To expand her ability to find the “why,” Wilson and her team established a new company, Nokomis Research, a global healthcare research company committed to creating innovative, natural solutions to unique health challenges. And finally, those sleepless nights paid off. During trials and outcome studies, subjects noted a number of additional benefits they were experiencing from the Nokomis formula. They were losing weight, sleeping better, exhibiting greater energy, and feeling less stress. Again, the question arose, why?

“Research is a never-ending journey. There is always another question, another path. And that path isn’t always the one we start on. I started out as a political science teacher before moving on to marketing and healthcare. But I get bored easily. I need to be busy, and I need change. Scientific research is so focused, so intent; my mind needs more flexibility.”

Wilson started up Skytree Communications, a freelance copywriting company – which she still manages – to give her another outlet. Recently, she completed marketing-based websites for several environmentally focused groups and is currently editing/ghostwriting a book for a Green Beret out of Australia. Writing, she says, is one of her main passions. “I love to play with words, re-arrange paragraphs, construct dialogue. It’s actually a calming process for me, in spite of the fact that I’m a bit of a perfectionist.”

Her writing – and her compassion – extends into the world of film. She’s written a number of screenplays, all dealing – in some way – with the little guy, the underdog. While writing and producing a documentary on horse rescue, she came upon three thoroughbreds destined for export to Mexico, where American horses were sent to be slaughtered. She immediately arranged for their rescue and took them home, where she brought them back to health.

“They were in the most appalling condition. These beautiful, sweet animals had been so badly treated. They needed proper care and feed and a whole lot of love. My family kids me because I seem to collect animals who’ve been neglected or abandoned. At one point, we had five dogs – all rescued, all amazing pups, who truly made our life delightful. Right now, we only have two rescues, a Golden Doodle and a Great Pyrenees, very large dogs with distinct personalities. A bit of a handful, but a real joy to have around.”

Wilson’s now widened her business interests to include the protection of endangered species. As such, she started up a foundation, intent on assisting with their fertility by allocating products to zoos and animal welfare sites. She feels very strongly about preserving these creatures so that tomorrow’s children will see what older generations grew up with – polar bears, cheetahs, gorillas, all creatures on the brink of extinction.

But no matter where her mind or activities went, she always returned to Nokomis and the numerous research questions and “whys” it presented daily.

According to Wilson, Nokomis Research was “the first to equate the challenges of fertility and sexual dysfunction to an imbalance of hormones. And that was it, that was our ‘why’. Our formula was working because it balanced hormones. And it balanced hormones by protecting and regenerating cells.” Today, Nokomis is known not just for hormone balancing but also for its continuing work in polyamine-based cellular protection and regeneration.

Leanna Sue Wilson Sky Tree Naturals
Leanna Sue Wilson Sky Tree

“Everything we do, every product we create, must adhere to two principles: they have to be naturally based and scientifically backed. We use polyamines, naturally-occurring elements from plants, that restore and regenerate cells and tissues within the body, combined with the nutrient power of red radish leaf and select vitamins and minerals. Everything in our products is on the label and vegan certified.”

Leanna Sue Wilson Sky Tree Naturals
Leanna Sue Wilson Sky Tree Naturals

All Nokomis products are subjected to rigorous testing and intensive research. Clinical trials, extensive human observational studies, and toxicology studies are employed to ensure their patented formulations work not only effectively but also with absolutely no evidence of any detrimental effects on health, growth or overall well-being. Nokomis works closely with key medical and scientific experts worldwide to ensure the safety and efficacy of all their products.

“But it’s not easy. We’re a small company. We don’t have the kind of financial backing, power, and government connection that major pharmaceutical companies have. It’s very hard for even an established business to get a product off the ground. But for companies like ours, whose major focus is on natural supplements, it’s extremely difficult just to get it approved – especially given the new regulations. The double-blind clinical trials they’re now asking for are incredibly expensive to conduct. And that, definitely, is one of our biggest challenges.”

There is a great deal of talk about hormones today, particularly in the field of anti-aging. But Wilson worries that, in spite of that, people don’t really understand how critically important it is to balance their hormones.

Hormones are the body’s messengers, carrying information and instructions to every tissue and organ in the body. They aid in the recovery of injuries, ensure the maintenance of normal body processes, and monitor and repair every system in the body – blood, bones, muscle, and skin. But when they become imbalanced, according to Wilson, “when those pesky little messengers no longer do the job they were meant to do, the body begins to break down. Any deviation from normal levels – even a small one – can cause significant changes throughout the body, changes that become more common as you grow older.

“I like to compare the body’s hormonal system to an orchestra, a symphony orchestra playing the most complex symphony ever written. But what happens if the conductor drops his baton? If the violinist misses her cue? The music changes, and the harmony disappears. And that’s precisely what happens to you when your own internal symphonic orchestra – your hormonal system – gets out of sync. The harmony disappears. And when it does, it affects you—how you feel, how you look, how you manage your daily life. Our discovery makes sure that no cues are missed and no batons dropped. Because it doesn’t just alleviate the symptoms; it tackles the real source of the problem, and that’s cell regeneration.”

Spermine and Spermidine, the basis of the Nokomis formula, are cell-regenerating nutrients. As the body ages, these nutrients become depleted, and cell growth diminishes. In fact, 300 million old cells die every minute, leaving the body vulnerable to a myriad of health problems. The Nokomis formula regenerates what cells are lost and strengthens and protects the remaining cells, working gradually with the body to enhance the body’s natural hormone production.

Nokomis’ new patented products specifically address the root causes of hormonal imbalance. Sold under Nokomis’ Skytree Naturals label, these products target the hub of the hormonal messaging system, helping ensure specific core needs are met and symptoms alleviated. They essentially work as a daily vitamin, keeping the body healthy and combatting the ailments commonly associated with aging.

For Wilson, this discovery was more than an ‘aha’ moment. Quality of life could be significantly improved, and the aging process could be decelerated if hormonal deficiencies could be corrected. It was, in her words, “life-changing.”

“Imagine a naturally-based, inexpensive, and non-invasive supplement that could truly balance your hormones, reduce the stress on your body, and fight the effects of aging. This really was an amazing breakthrough and worth every minute, every penny we had expended.”

The feedback, according to Wilson, has been phenomenal. Women have found it especially effective in diminishing the symptoms of menopause. Some women have also noticed a reduction in the discomfort and inflammation of sexual pain disorders and endometriosis. Men have seen their sperm count and quality improved. Long-haul truck drivers, who require a lot of physical strength in their job, saw an increase in stamina and muscle strength. They also found that the use of the supplement helped them cut back their caffeine intake.

Wilson admits to being a bit of an insomniac and has found that their supplement actually helps her sleep better and wake up more refreshed. She’s also found that she has more energy and is less anxious and stressed throughout the day.

“Everyone is different, and everyone has a different hormone imbalance problem. For me, it’s lack of sleep and energy; for others, it could be hot flashes and the emotional turmoil of menopause, or the ongoing effects of Covid ‘long hauler’ syndrome, or even a lack of libido. Our product works to balance whatever hormones are deficient or unbalanced in each individual, targeting the offending little troublemakers and helping put them back on track.”

As to the future, Wilson reasons, “Life is all about change, and our skin is proof; it’s the first – and major – indicator of aging. As we grow older, the skin naturally becomes rougher, slacker, and more fragile. We’re working right now on a formula for skin, which we’re hopeful will be available soon. The concentration of Spermine and Spermidine is exceptionally high in skin and constitutes a prime defense against radiation damage, but it diminishes with age, stress, and exposure. Our new formula should not only help delay cell aging and provide UV protection, but also repair and soothe sun burnt skin and stimulate the production of collagen. I am really excited about this, and I can’t wait to get it out there.”

Wilson notes that they’ve been approached about selling the company – or even their IP – and that they would possibly consider it, but only if they were certain the new owners would follow through on their dream, maintain the formulas’ integrity, and keep the product at a price consumers could afford.

“We’re researchers, not marketers, and it would be nice to find a company that could take what we’ve found to the next level, to get it out into the public domain. And honestly, I’d like to take some time for myself. It’s been over twenty years, and I’m getting a tad tired. I’d like to travel, spend more time writing, and read all those books I’ve been hoping to get to. Just be, you know? I’ve just finished writing two rhyming children’s books that deal with endangered animals – Charlie and the Chatty Cheetah, and Toddy and the Giant Sea Turtle – and I’d like to continue that series. They were such fun to do. But then, as I said, research is ongoing. There’s always something that twigs at your brain, someone who says something you think you might be able to find an answer to, and you just have to check it out. That’s how we began our skin research. So, really, who knows what the future will bring?”

Today, Skytree Naturals – with its key patented ingredients – helps bring hormones back to an optimal state, thanks to the work and research performed by Leanna Wilson and Nokomis Research. Skytree Naturals offers its hormonal balancing products through its website,

Leanna Sue Wilson Sky Tree Naturals