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After this past year, it’s safe to say many of us have been left uncertain when it comes to our path in life.  Many have been turning to their faith to help guide them through these troubling times, including Pastor Revella Pugh, who shepherds God Anointed House, a ministry focused on helping others find their purpose, and live a truly fulfilled life through their faith.

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The pandemic alone has given all of us the opportunity to reflect on our lives and the path we are currently on. With lockdown, many individuals turned to their faith to help them get through the feelings of uncertainty that the past year has brought on. 

Studies have shown that in times of tragedy, positive religious experiences can help individuals see hardships as an opportunity to grow closer to their faith, and can create a sense of connection to not only God, but the community as well. In fact, one study showed that 28% of Americans claim to have a stronger connection to their personal faith because of the pandemic. 

Pastor Revella Booker Pugh shepherds God’s Anointed House, a Ministry in Cleveland, Ohio that believes in using the guidelines for a better life as illuminated by the Old and New Testaments. According to the ministry’s vision and purpose statement, “these guidelines are designed to bring a greater sense of purpose and to increase perpetual faith on an individual level. The people committed to these principles will live a more fulfilled life and will be able to serve and bless their families, communities, nations and the world through righteous living and holy interaction.”

“It’s all about perpetual faith. Faith that will see you through every obstacle, endeavor, and circumstance in your life. The message I want to send into the world is all about holding onto the faith that you do have, because everything we’ve endured in our life is a test that is meant to bring us closer to our faith and God.”

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Pastor Pugh about her ministry, and how she’s worked her entire life to spread the positive messages of faith and God: “I’ve been in Cleveland for about 22 years now, amplifying this message about the importance of maintaining faith as a means of reaching your full potential with God’s Anointed House. The power of my faith, the ministry, my family, and God allowed me to stay on the right path, get to where I am today, and continue to live a life of positivity and gratitude. 

God’s Anointed House itself was established eight years ago, and our mission statement is all about being as holy as God intended and relying on your faith to guide you through times of trouble. We went through a lot to get the House up and running the way it is today, and the work is nowhere close to finished, however, I know that in this moment this is exactly where God wants me to be and sharing this message through this publication is the next step to whatever the future holds for us.”

Before Cleveland, Pastor Pugh was living in Boston where both her and her daughter, Bethany attended college.  Bethany, graduated from Harvard and Pastor Pugh graduated from Cambridge College where Pastor Pugh received a degree in Masters of Management in Business Administration.  Not knowing at the time this degree in Business Administration was “God’s plan in taking us through all of the business aspects of the Ministry.”

“During my time in Boston, a message from GOD came to me personally and told me there was a Ministry awaiting me and my daughter. In 1999 we moved to Cleveland, and when we finally settled in, I had one of the most awesome spiritual awakenings of my life.  We had been looking for homes, and this spiritual awakening was upon me so strongly I knew we had found the home where GOD wanted the Ministry to be established and that’s where our story began.

When the ministry initially opened, Pastor Pugh explained to me how they had a major focus on helping as many homeless individuals as they could. They provided shelter, food, clothing, and any other assistance that they could think of. “We would buy multitudes of supplies and to take to the various shelter locations when needed and keep their names and locations in the event further assistance was needed. We always kept our doors open for those in need. As our Ministry has grown, we’ve been blessed to connect to the community we live in.  We deliver Christian literature to the City Hall, policy department and other groups within the community to further the work of the ministry.” Pastor Pugh explained. 

“Everything that led up to God’s Anointed House’s doors opening felt like a premeditated plan that I was following and I loved it. My degree in Business helped me get through all the logistics of what it actually meant to start my own ministry, and my faith in general is what turned it into what it is today.”

Pastor Pugh and I began discussing the past year, specifically in regards to the pandemic, and how it’s changed the way people have viewed their faith in God, for the better:

“There’s been a lot of individuals discovering their faith throughout the past year of the pandemic. It can be overwhelming to open yourself up in that vulnerable way, so when I talk to individuals who aren’t used to being in a Church setting, during our services I make sure my emphases is on faith in God reaching those who are in doubt and wavering in their faith, especially the young adults.

Young people can be some of the most skeptical, but also most curious individuals when it comes to faith, and I encourage that kind of thinking because it emphasizes our message even further. It’s good to be challenged, but then as the challenger it’s your job to listen carefully to the young adults as you try to guide them into having the faith in God they need during their life time.  

The pandemic has given us the opportunity to step back and learn how to appreciate the things we do have. When we focus on the positives that have come out of the past year, we begin to realize that this was a way for humanity to grow closer and work together for the greater good. Lockdown gave us all time to reflect, and a lot of people used that time to reconnect to their faith, talk to God, and return to Church in search of some clarity after a year of so much loss and unknowing. We have to hold onto the things that keep us grounded here and maintaining that spiritual faith and connection will keep us all going,” Pastor Pugh explained. 

When it come to religion, regardless, of what you believe, just know God is real and is guiding you down the right path in life, as long as you are choosing to listen to Him.

“I just want people to know that perpetual faith works. People don’t understand the power of their own minds especially when it comes to connecting to something bigger than them. A force like God and the faith that exudes through the walls of God’s Anointed House is so powerful and healing, especially when you truly believe in yourself and the connection that you have to that faith.”

“I know for a lot of people it’s easy to dismiss the power of faith in God, but we need to work together to learn how to accept each other for the ways we view life, and how we get through it. For example, I do live my life according to scripture which says, love thy neighbor as thyself.  One day, one of my neighbors walked outside with a cane. I asked him what happened, and he explained to me that he had a pretty bad fall and needed the support; this was one of the first conversations we ever had. I told my neighbor that I was going to pray for him, and he looked at me kind of like ‘okay thanks?’ but listen, the next time I saw my neighbor, he had no cane and was walking proudly.  A similar situation occurred again with one of my neighbors.  She had fallen and had a cast on her leg.  I prayed for her and the cast was removed in a shorter than normal time.

For me, that’s clear evidence of the power of perpetual faith in God regarding God’s divine healing.  It’s important that we accept that at the end of the day, we all just want to get through life happily, and be healed from anything that appears along the way, and God does that for me, and countless others,” Pastor Pugh exclaimed powerfully. 

“God takes care of the people who accept Him in their life. When you open yourself up to that faith, it becomes so much easier to make the right choices for your happiness and overall well being. No matter how much money you make, you can’t buy your way into heaven, you have to go through the front door, and that’s through God.”

“We are a prophetic  ministry, meaning we hear from God directly and He’s been guiding us down our life’s path based upon prophetic messages from others and the words in the Bible.  Believers who have been on this journey for a majority of their lives are working hard to get young people to see GOD is real, the prophetic is their guiding force in life and that faith in yourself, faith in your journey and faith in GOD takes you to where you need to be.

One way that we like to further spread our message and reach out to others is through our God’s Anointed House annual celebration where multiple churches from out of town come, and we celebrate and network regarding the amazing work we all do through our faith. It’s truly inspiring to see the amount of individuals using their connection to God to better the planet, and more often than not we give each other ideas for our own ministries to adopt, it’s all about spreading that positivity through our perpetual faith.”

Another major part of God’s Anointed House’s online presence is their Daily Devotionals, which work as daily faith-based affirmations to help readers get ready to take on the day and overcome any hardships in their life.

“On a personal note, I read those devotionals every single day. Every morning these messages work to inspire you to continue on your path for the day while leaving you with an attitude of acceptance and love of faith. I love how inspiring the messages are and the fact that they’re shared online helps us spread the message even further regarding the power of perpetual faith.

I think on another personal level, I feel such a connection to this ministry, my faith, God, and spreading this message because of what I’ve been through in my own life. I used to be one of the most depressed individuals, and when I started going to church, running this ministry, and focusing more on my connection to faith, the path I needed to take to better myself became so much clearer. It’s the support and sense of community within those ministry walls that just makes you want to cry. It’s so joyous and loving, and I just want the rest of the world to feel the power of that,” Pastor Pugh proclaimed.  

One of the biggest messages Pastor Pugh left me with was the focus on finding one’s purpose. She exuded passion as she expressed to me how so many individuals think their life has no purpose, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. While it’s important to live in the moment, Pugh believes that sometimes we need to look at the bigger picture in terms of the future to better understand that our plan is set for us, we just have to have faith. 

“People need to also understand that their life isn’t all about the path in front of them. They need to learn to look beyond that path and see that God’s already at the finish line waiting, you just need to trust the process and live your life committed to that journey and the faith that will guide you down there.

Everyone has a gift. Everyone has a purpose in this life. When we go through the trials and tribulations of life, more often than not it’s because we don’t know what our purpose is, or we think that we don’t have one. Everyone knows what they want in their life deep down, it’s just so easy to get distracted and thrown off the path of faith. Remind yourself that you are not alone, you will always have your faith, and you will always have God inside of you, guiding you, as long as you want Him there, and even when you don’t. 

“At the end of the day, I was raised with faith in my life, so it comes easily for me. My goal in life now is to use my platform, the voice of God within me, and the power of my faith to further spread the messages of God’s Anointed House. You have a purpose, you wouldn’t have been born if there wasn’t a reason for you to be here. Parents need to teach their kids from birth that they were meant to be here, they have meaning and a purpose in life to grow and be the best that they can. Keeping that faith in yourself, and in God, will take you to exactly where you need to be.”

To learn more about God’s Anointed House and the amazing work they do to spread positive messages of faith into the world, check out their website here!