Healing The Heart To Mend The Mind, Body, And Spirit | Teresa Anne Palmer

Teresa Anne Palmer is a nurse practitioner whose expertise is holistic cardiology with decades of experience helping others not only heal their physical ailments, but the emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual that attributes to their overall growth. She’s become a major advocate for helping others  identify and manage stresses that can have a major impact on one’s overall health. 

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Teresa Palmer Certified Nurse Practitioner

Teresa Anne Palmer MSN, RN is a certified nurse practitioner whose decades of experience has helped her assist a multitude of individuals heal their minds, bodies, and spirits. One of the biggest lessons she’s passed on to the people she’s helped is a focus on self-advocacy, self-love, and gratitude. 

As a nurse, Palmer has always understood the importance of taking care of one’s body, and consciously making decisions that will help one lead a healthy life. Palmer, like many of us, also came to realize that taking care of our minds, and emotions more specifically, is an integral part of staying healthy as well. 

Stress is a part of life that we all experience in multiple forms that can hinder how we feel overall. While stress can motivate us to overcome the difficulties in life, it can become detrimental to our overall growth, and health. This quickly became an integral piece to Palmer’s overall philosophy as a healer in all aspects of life. 

Accepting the things in life we cannot control is a key part of healing, however, showing ourselves compassion to accept these adversities can sometimes seem impossible. These are just pieces of the expertise that Palmer has built throughout her entire career. As someone with a natural inclination to help and heal others, she always knew her work would go beyond the hospital room.

“I’ve always felt that the heart is the seat of our soul and is the largest energy field in the body. It’s our superpower, and part of the reason for that is that it’s our greatest ally against stress. If we could look to our heart, it reflects everything that makes you peaceful in life.”

Teresa Anne Palmer is a Certified Nurse Practitioner and a Certified Yoga Therapist “with a special interest in medical conditions and expertise in stress recognition and reduction, and empowering individuals to take charge of their health and wellbeing. She earned her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Nursing from Seton Hall University.

Teresa is certified in Yoga Therapy through the American Yoga Academy and the Dharma Yoga Center and is certified in Functional Medicine and Complementary Care- Meditation. She also stands certified in Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship,” according to the International Association of Top Professionals, who honored Palmer’s illustrious career with the Lifetime Achievement Award in  2022.

Palmer’s story began at a young age as she was inspired to go into healthcare from the individuals she looked up to as a kid. One of her aunts was a nurse, who emulated what it meant to be there for others during some of their most vulnerable moments regarding their health. 

Palmer was also extremely close with one of her uncles, who unfortunately suffered from a heart attack when he was in his late 40’s. He recovered thanks to the amazing workers in our healthcare system, but also credited his healing to his strength and the belief he had in himself. This was an important lesson for Palmer to learn, as it planted the initial knowledge that healing is more than just a physical experience, it’s all encompassing. It also sparked a major interest in the complexities of the heart, and the many ways in which it works to keep us all alive. 

As her career in nursing and cardiology progressed, she was able to embark on unique experiences to further expand her knowledge, including the opportunity to travel around the world on medical missions.  

“I became a nurse and worked in cardiology and had the opportunity to go on a medical mission in another country. While I was there, I saw how people really connected to themselves and to their hearts, and how they showed themselves a lot of self-love, especially in times where their health wasn’t the best. The natural focus on self-care aided these individuals greatly, especially considering we were in a country without a lot of medical resources and technology. 

This journey inclined me to learn more about the holistic approach to medicine, because before my knowledge of medicine was very technology-oriented but being in a country that didn’t have the same resources that we do in the US and still witnessing the successful ways in which the population was able to care for themselves and improve their health, was eye-opening,” Palmer explained. 

The holistic approach to medicine goes beyond focusing on just the physical body. It embraces the mind, body, and spirit of an individual to ensure that their entire being is cared for and protected. Feelings of stress specifically can have a very profound effect on the body and its ability to function. 

Palmer especially understands the relationship between stress and our bodies. As an expert in cardiology, she’s seen firsthand how intense stress can overwork and impact the heart, and as a natural born healer, becoming an expert in alternative sectors of medicine was the natural next step for her to be able to help patients through any means possible. 

Teresa Palmer Certified Nurse Practitioner

“The mind, body, and spirit work together every day. We, as humans, are much more complex than just a physical body. We’re emotional and spiritual vessels as well, and ever since I went on my medical mission, I realized that this approach to medicine allows the individual to be more in tune to their body’s function; specifically, for me in my field, their hearts.”

Teresa Palmer Certified Nurse Practitioner

Stress being one of the most universal human experiences, and having some of the greatest impacts on our health, Palmer has utilized her knowledge to fully understand how stress specifically impacts our bodies and the ways in which we can combat it. This understanding has also allowed her to find ways in which we can combat the negative effects of stress through listening to our heart. 

“The heart connects directly to the vagus nerve, which is in the parasympathetic nervous system, which is reflected as peace and tranquility. It helps turn off the stress hormones, and this is just one way that the heart helps us manage stress. 

Simply put, if you take in and process emotions through your heart rather than your brain, which provides you with a pre-programmed response, the heart will give you time to sit with your emotions and allow you to process your given situation, rather than just react in the moment. 

By feeling emotions in your heart, you’re avoiding sporadic reactions in the moment and allowing yourself to break down and analyze what it is you’re going through, and what you can do for yourself to get through it.”

“Our behavior and perceptions, directly or indirectly, impacts the physical health in our bodies. All the emotions we experience in life help keep us well-rounded, even the negative ones, and allowing yourself the grace to sit with and feel them can reduce the levels of stress in our bodies that may have a negative impact on our health overall.”

Palmer has compiled all of the knowledge she’s gained throughout her career to become an International Bestselling Author through her newly revised book; “Heal Your Heart from Within.

Her journey to publishing has been long-awaited, but Palmer wanted to ensure that her book would convey not only all of the integral information she’s gained in the past few decades, but the personal significance of the knowledge she’s inherited. 

“When I wrote the book, I used material that I had actually been compiling for a long time. I’ve utilized the holistic approach to medicine since 2000, so I’ve been gaining and embracing the sector of medicine as it developed throughout the past two decades. 

When 2020 hit, healthcare providers were in a place where initially we didn’t have all the answers, so new ideas and experiences allowed me to have a really captive audience in my work when it came to combating the pandemic and overall difficulties of that year. People became a lot more reflective during that time, and through that came a lot of gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion, which in turn can help improve one’s immunity. 

So throughout this time I decided to try to reach as many people as possible through writing and publishing ‘Heal Your Heart From Within,’ because everyone was anxious and unsure about what the world would look like every day. I wanted to provide all the lessons and workings I’ve been taught regarding self-care and self-love while making the book itself personal as well, through stories of my life and my patients and the successes that have been reached through the work I was writing about.”

One of the biggest takeaways from Palmer’s book and career that she’s tried to convey to every person she’s helped is the allowance of grace to oneself in hard times. There’s only so much we, as human beings, can control in this life, and it’s important to show gratitude for the things we can control and the ways in which we cope with life’s stresses.

“Giving yourself love and turning to your heart to provide compassion and forgiveness to yourself, regardless of the situation, is the first step in overcoming stress. From there, you can use practices like meditation, yoga, intentional deep breathing, etc. that can help you internally reflect and break down what you need to do in order to feel better.”

Teresa Palmer Certified Nurse Practitioner

When it comes to coping with stress in our lives, Palmer advises that the first step to getting through it is to realize and accept what it is in your life that’s causing the stress to build in the first place. 

From there, you need to self-reflect on the steps that you can take to get yourself out of the situation. There’s only so much in life that we can control, so in situations that cause your body to feel overwhelmed and stressed out, you need to break down the parts that you can control and figure out how to manage that.

“It’s about giving yourself compassion during trying times. Life is unpredictable and uncontrollable, accept the things that you cannot control and allow yourself the grace to work through what you can control. Our hearts are our superpower, connecting the physical body to the emotional spirit, it’s the seat to our souls, so trust in it. 

Meditation as a practice is a great way to take time for yourself and can mean different things for different people. It doesn’t have to be sitting alone in silence and deep breathing, it can be taking a walk and taking note of the things around you that spark some level of happiness, essentially it can be anything that you do with the intention of remaining in the present moment, which can be your biggest ally when it comes to reducing stress, along with the heart. 

Self-care is self-advocacy. Working as a nurse, the average individual equates self-care with diet and exercise, and while those things are important, if you’re not truly connecting with yourself and the things in life that bring you happiness, those other modes of self-care won’t work. You need to find the happiness and gratitude within yourself if you truly want to grow and heal as an individual,” Palmer concluded. 

To learn more about the amazing knowledge and experienced Teresa Anne Palmer has shared throughout the years regarding healing in all forms, check out her website by clicking here. “Heal Your Heart From Within” is currently available through Balboa Press, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.